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    Added pet list The "rating" of each pet determines how hard a pet is to obtain & has a higher chance to obtain higher level pet perks when fully released. In a future update, you can level your pet using a pet scroll on your pet. Each level determines a new pet perk, with a max level of 5 per pet. Type one of these commands to open the interface: ::pl ::petlist ::pets 6c719821b7727467746350c1a587f4ab.mp4 Misc/fixes Added fruit stall Fixed all food obtained from food stall (able to be eaten, cut like pineapple.. etc) - Lemon - Lime - Strawberry - Papaya (restores energy) - Strange fruit (restores energy & cures poison) - Jangerberries (gives stats) - Cut pineapples with a knife for pineapple slices which can be eaten. Fixed farming issue caused by farming contracts Added 3 new custom pets as event reward for the HCIM event Added title "event winner" Every entry at the vote gambler will now give increase by 1.25m instead of 100k Added new items to broadcast Revenants now also broadcast with KC Lots of small fixes & improvements in TOB Added TOB timers for all bosses & overall (Dont mind these timers, these were done using the perfect necklace for testing!)
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