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    The Gauntlet The newest challenge for PvM is finally here. We present to you, The Gauntlet. This training ground was designed by the elves to train their mightiest warriors during the God Wars will be open to anyone who proves their worth and unlocks the city. Inside, you enter a race against time to collect the materials you need to prepare youself for the final fight. Forge your own crystal armour and weaponry by defeating crystalline monsters and gathering resources before facing the terrifying crystalline Hunllef. Items obtainable from The Gauntlet: The Gauntlet will provide a chance of gaining tradeable crystal armour & weapon seeds & various other goodies! Ofcourse Youngllef the pet aswell. You can obtain a Enhanced weapon seed, which you can use at any singing bowl in Prifddinas to create a Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen! You can access Gauntlet either by typing ::gauntlet or through the teleport interface in the "minigames" section! Normal Gauntlet requirements: Level 60 attack, level 60 magic & level 60 ranged. Gauntlet has a bunch of titles too! Corrupted Gauntlet will be released a bit later, with a event! Corrupted Gauntlet release will also have Blade of Saeldor and Bow of Faerdhinen (c) version. Lumberjack when fully equipped gives extra mermaid tears yield during the crystal tree event Wearing full Prospector increases yield during shooting star event More useful info in the opening tutorial Gargoyle auto smash fix Lots of Theatre of Blood fixes Changed drop viewer interface, added The Gauntlet in it Renamed slayer chest messages Added correct pet to Skotizo Corporeal beast now ignores cannon damage (as in no reduction of damage) Cave horror now stops doing its special attack while using protect from melee Added Youngllef dialogue & information Performance fixes added for creating maps Added sounds to low and high alchemy Dwarf cannon damage fix (doesn't exceed 30/35 damage now) Added Blade of Saeldor degrading Multiple fixes done for Grotesque Guardians Added ::boosts to show current events on! (Will be worked on some more)
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