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    Nex: The Fifth General Nex has officially been released! Long ago, in the Second Age of Gielinor, the land was ruled by a tyrannical ancient god. At the height of his power, one of his closest allies overthrew him and the most loyal followers were imprisoned by powerful magics – including Nex, his faithful general. Years later, at the height of the God Wars, a mysterious individual fooled a group of Saradominists into freeing Nex and her allies. This unprecedented threat forced the armies of Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos to unite and drive their foes back into the Ancient Prison – but in the process, the magical protections sealing Nex and her bodyguards inside were damaged. This leaves Nex’s prison somewhat… vulnerable. And while officially speaking, the followers of her old master have been purged from Gielinor, certain nefarious types would be happy to see Nex freed once more. Items obtainable from Nex: Torva Armor: Zaryte Vambraces: Zaryte Crossbow: Ancient godsword: Ancient Ceremonial Robes This set consists of a Mask, Top, Legs, Gloves and Boots. It has the same stats as Monk Robes and will be added to the Collection Log. Ecumenical Key Shards Ecumenical Key Shards are untradeable. 50 shards can be converted into one key. If you’re capped out on Ecumenical Keys, you won’t be able to forge a new one. Mobile edits: Fixed issue with keyboard brightness & overall improvements done for keyboard to ensure keyboard working properly on most devices Fixed issue with things appearing for mobile that shouldnt appear Mobile client will now remain active, screen wont go inactive if not used while game is open Removed options on left up side of the client Fixed issue with prayer information appearing above prayers for mobile users Other small fixes Other fixes: Re-added discord announcements Increased amounts potion pack Re-did XP fire spirit bonfires Fixed diaries that did not work Fixed grotesque guardians Fixed certain diaries showing wrong title Crystal chest, Larran chest, enhanced crystal chest now properly adds in collection log Added more clue items to collection log Fixed issue with tome of fire not being able to take out pages Fixed hide roofs & attack options Fixed issue with super mystery book Reworked questlog for better stability for server Multiple other fixes to fix server lag Changed mvp system slightly so mvp has higher chance at unique in TOB Slightly made the tob event better Fixes reported on discord past weeks: Fixed ability to create your own keybinds in the advanced settings interface Fixed issues with certain diaries The traveler next to Sigmund now shows 30 items every 12-16 hours instead of 12 Fixes and improvements done to Vet'ion Fixed wizard that teleports you to runecrafting Fixed Carpenter & golden prospector and can now be worn again Multiple fixes done to create a better overall experience for Luna (think about less lag etc) Fixed Kalphite lair Journal edits Tome of fire fixes Advanced settings interface fixes Multiple collection log fixes Fixed callisto trap still causing damage after boss died Fixed super book issue Fixed galvek map Added missing clue items to Collection Log Added wilderness bosses drops to Collection Log Fixed slayer issue Fixed staying online for a considerable amount of time Changed multple icons of announcements Added new GIM icon Added preset statues at dz1 & dz2 & tob Added Phantom Muspah to slayer bosses (Sorry will be added soon, had to be added!) Fixed Blighted saradomin brew Fixed AFK dust & made stackable again Fixed issues with advanced settings interface Added ability to disable prayer filters Made all voidwaker parts & wildy weapons tradeable Fixed broken NPC around world (Aubury, Abbot langley & more) Reworked parts of slayer & varpbits/varps Poison spider now does ranged attacks Updated all items to latest protection value Rise of the Six fixes & more small edits and fixes Re-added clan chat to discord
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