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  1. Your Name: volt (kurt) Age: 27 as of May 9 Your Location: all of the usa drive all day Average Amount Of Gameplay: everyday all periods of day Which role would you like: Support staff whatever helps our community Why Should I Receive This Position: Posting my app for server staff or help hope to continue to support and help our beautiful server and serve our community in anyway needed Staff Experience: I have slight experience in being player staff in some small rsps's would love to help and advertise and grow luna love this as my home Rs/Rsps Experience: I have been playing rs since 2013 and private servers since 2017 Goals: Make this server grow singlehandedly if I have to but I won't cause we have an amazing community handle and deal with all drama fairly and become acquainted with all new and growing players personally Weaknesses: I don't have a a set schedule with work I'm on and off all thru the day/night Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggressive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would ask the guy to pm me and set a place to meet me show him what he is asking about and warn him about flaming chats and kindly tell him if there is any more issues please contact me directly or any other staff You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I would message luna on discord aswell as talk to him and make sure he knows what he is doing is wrong and let him know I have contacted luna and try to work with him and tell him or her the right way to handle it so when luna gets involved he or she will either understand or luna can proceed from there . A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response. I would tell him a few ways to make money and or depending on person give or loan him something of mine but I would not flood the server with free items for every player more along the lines of guide him how to make it himself If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? First would be a warning depending on severity 2nd would be a 24 hour mute 3rd would be a ban and after ban for set time based off severity then it would turn into perm.ban or ip-ban Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? Yes
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