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  1. Quest Requirements: 500k GP, 10 noted gold bars, Level 25 Village. 1. Go to Luna teleport portal, click on cities, scroll down and travel to Keldagrim. 2. Speak to Tati about quest in the mining shop in Keldagrim. 3. He will direct you to Nolar who will be near the crafting stall and speak to him. 4. He will ask you for 500k GP and 10 noted gold bars. Bring Nolar the items and he will direct you back to Tati. 6. Speak to Tati and he will direct you to the library. 7. Go to the library, climb upstairs and search the bookcase, once you find it return to Tati and speak to him. 8. Once you speak to him you will finish the quest. Thanks for using this guide Congratulations!
  2. In Ardougne Medium Diary you have to complete a lap of ardougne rooftop agility. That should be an elite task since you can only access that course at 90 agility.
  3. IGN: Jevrock Loot: Tanzanite Mutagen
  4. Staying up late by the fire and watching christmas movies!
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