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Clue hunter outfit, bug fixes + more!

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You can now obtain the hunter clue outfit same way as the Wiki.

Added Sarachnis & Nightmare displays to POH

Fixed safespot at Olm

Bug fixes Desert Treasure quest

Quest improvements & fixes Necromancer quest

Fixed Kalphite Soldier for slayer

Fixed Infernal pickaxe showing wrong buff in chat

Harmonised nightmare staff fix

Fixed mage arena 2 spawning alot of NPCs if you spammed your hot/cold at the spot of the boss

Fixed Aerial fishing favorite teleport

You can now set traps at chin area in ::dz2

Added more staffs that can autocast

500+ donators now get superior bones noted

Removed in combat restriction for GWD altars

Can now pick up pet stray dog from POH when you store it

You are now able to revert hasta to spear and other way around at Otto

Vote lottery now also gives a mystery box as reward + made it every 12 hours again

Took off death storage for UIM for now

Removed some NPCs and changed combat stats that shouldnt attack you at level 3

Added a bank to Oarania altar


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Aside from other ppl being able to have my outfit, its fucking beautiful :')

P.S. JK I dont actually care XD I hope too see everybody rockin the clue hunter outfit! Dopest cape in game!

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