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Pyramid Plunder fixes & sceptre, the frozen prison, bug fixes & more

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Boss Points
Can now be obtained through Vorkath and Cerberus.
Removed from Corp and Nightmare

Pyramid Plunder

Sometimes players got stuck at pyramid plunder trap, this is now fixed

The Pharaoh's sceptre obtained at Pyramid Plunder now gives you 30% more GP looting inside the pyramid

Pyramid Plunder received a buff overall for GP & items sold at Simon. Also a XP increase.

Fixed Pyramid plunder teleport issue

Reduced requirements for The Necromancer quest

91 fishing to 43
87 hunter to 35
83 crafting to 62
You now need to give two bluegills & two green d'hide shields instead of Greater sirens and black d'hide shields.
To make it easier for players to get access to the new upcoming raid.

Fixed Wilderness Course rope swing

Marks of grace now drops faster

Zulrah loot fix for slayer casket & coin bag

Divine reset if you use rejuvenation pool

The Frozen Prison
What has been done to raid?
- New boss added
- Multiple edits done to raid in regards of boss scaling and fixing bugs
- Barriers now work & delete when certain bosses are killed
- Loot is now added
- Multiple edits done to starting the raid, leaving
- Worked on the raid event before the raid starts
- All the items obtained from raid are now done

And probably way more I cant think of right now. Alot of work been put into the raid!

Im planning to run a few test runs with players and release soon!

How will loot work?
The highest damage dealing player will have a 10% chance to roll the unique table.
Everyone else has a 1% chance (which is still 1/100)! at rolling the unique table.

You will also roll the table twice of the normal loottable containing alot of great loot listed soon!


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