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  1. oh this one time on christmas day I ate so many clementines, and then i had quite a few drinks and i threw up so much it was unbeliavable. Orange everywhere :DDD hahaha.
  2. Hopefully this year we will have a white Christmas!!! No snow christmases kill my festive mood ;))
  3. Zulrah should work fine, only thing is you have to drink anti venom before you start so you become immune as it doesnt cure yet.
  4. Hmm time to get that zenyte
  5. very nice guide !
  6. Lukenzo


    Frequently Asked Questions Q: I cant login what do I do? A: Please ensure you are registered on the website and you are using Email to login. If it still doesnt work, please contact member of staff. Q: How can I get gold? A: You can get some quick gold by voting for server and thieving. You can find money making guide here. Q: How can I vote and claim rewards? A: Type in chat ::vote to vote for the server and ::claimvote to claim your rewards! Q: How can I donate? A: ::store ingame or follow this link. TBC, Feel free to edit.
  7. You should make a quick guide on how to Create/Edit your signature. Cool beanz Edit: Dont think the forums has the Signature function enabled. @Luna
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