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Bug fixes, mobile XP counter & more

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Fixed Experience counter for mobile users

Broadcast whenever player logs in about the new update

Added recipe to create enhanced crystal key from singing bowl

Disabled side panels temporary

you can now also claimvote with ::cv

Message ::vote added

Changed some text inside tournament

Fixed leaf-bladed sword and mystic smoke staff

You now need 60 Woodcutting to enter WC guild

Revenant weapons now also announce in discord

Fixed Port sarim underwall tunnel shortcut

Bug fixes Pyramid Plunder & Increased gp rewards from plunder overall

Fixed Al Kharid mining climbing spot

Added donator zone 1 2 and 3 in Teleport interface > Misc

Edtis done to broadcast messages

Fixes at prifddinas so players cant access a no-clip zone

Added animations to Wilderness key boss

Bryophyta edits

Made a hint more clear for a wilderness key

You can now obtain dark acorn from Wilderness keys & mystery box (Used to make squirrel pet more dark)

Fixes done to guards and Paladins in Ardougne

Decreased droprate dragon pickabe KBD from 3.5k to 1.2k

Zulrah edits:
Increased accuracy snakelings
Decreased attack distance snakelings
Bunch of other small zulrah edits & improvements

Olm edits:
Spec prayer orbs attack fixed
Bunch of other attacks received a small improvement overall

New items added to Sigmund:
Dragon Pickaxe for 4m

Armadyl helm for 3m
Armadyl Chestplate for 8m
Armadyl chainskirt for 8m
2m for Serpentine Visage
30m for Nightmare Eldritch Orb
10m for Elder Maul
1.5m for Abyssal Whip
4m for Abyssal Dagger
800k for Dragon Boots
1m for Black Mask(10)


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