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Pest Control shop, loot notifications, emotes & bug fixes & more

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Added loot notifications
you can turn it on in Settings
Keep in mind: The loot notifications currently supports high alch value!


Pest Control:
Added XP & packs from the Pest Control shop


Changed dialogue elite void guy a bit

Fixed a issue we've had for a while:

Players sometimes suddenly got a high task amount for slayer. This is fixed.

Players sometimes lost their Pest Control points from the store, this is now fixed.

- We changed the way your slayer task amount & Pest control points are saved.

Due to this your slayer task has been reset and also your PC points.
(You dont lose your streak, just the task you are currently on!)

Added 2 new emotes, obtainable through the diaries:
Smooth dance - Wilderness hard
Crazy dance - Varrock medium


Edits done to Necromancer boss:

Multiple edits to fix the dead bug issue
Reworked & changed damage output both nightmare and the phase 2 minion
Removed Rada's blessing 4 (because of diary release)

Donor store changes:
- Removed Sanguinesti staff
- Removed Twisted Bow
- Removed Inquisitor's mace
- Removed Statius's warhammer

+ Changed price dice bag from 100 to 90 points
+ Scythe is in store temporary till TOB release or if players want to see it removed sooner
+ Added enhanced crystal key
+ Added Dark Tome

If there are more changes you would love to see make sure to leave suggestions!

KQ head inside Construction now shares the same dialogue as OSRS

Pet box is now tradeable

White 2h sword is now untradeable

Fixed Kandarin helm 4 for males

Added additional tick at Corporeal Cave reading if you are in combat or not (to enter)

Kalphite Queen loottable has been editted to match OSRS a bit more

Added Taxidermest at Canifis with OSRS dialogue

Moved boss points in quest log

Fixes done to Pyramid Plunder switching room/leaving (sometimes players got stuck right as timer ended)

Added counter when you kill black knights telling you your total points

Fixed loot abyssal whip
Fixed catch impling
Changed "loot barrow chest wearing full dharok" to "loot barrow chest and obtain barrow item wearing full dharok"


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