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Cannon fix, Blood/swamp bark, golden prospector, DZ3, Hiscores, Bug fixes & more!

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Added Swamp & bloodbark armour

- The scrolls needed to create them are available in the skilling stores
Fine cloth added in slayer & skilling store and you can now also create splitbark armour




Fixed tournament viewing orbs



Added golden prospector to skilling shop



Fixed dwarf cannon NPCs running away/appearing behind wall
Re-enabled bunch of dwarf cannon spots that were disabled because of the bug
Increased XP Dwarf cannon

Trading post:

With trading post you can now search specificly for players offers
Doesnt show your own offers anymore in the list


Donator zone 3

Donator zone 3 got a new map with lots of new extras!
- A smithing area with close smithing & anvil & bank!
- And much more announced as we go!


Misc/new additions/bug fixes

Fixed bracelet crafting

Shooting star varrock mine now shows actual location

Can now bury raurg bones

Home stalls now give just coins

Increased superior rate event

Changed TPs dice and donator zone 3

Fixed ladders leading to gem mine in Shilo village

Fixed GIM storage

Increased XP dwarf cannon

Changed dagannoth respawn time to match Runelite

Changed aggressive level Prime

Changed clockwork message

Fixed FP items dropping too early & removed unnecesary messages

Bonecrusher necklace fixed

Added Shilo Village furnace

Added no charges message for bonecrusher when you reach 0 charges

Reduced discord clue spam

Changed create anti venom+ at horse shoe mine achievement to
anti venom at horse shoe mine

Increased droprate for uniques in TFP

Previous updates posted on Discord:

- Trident now adds to collection log

- Added Dragon Chainbody to collection log

- Fixed aggressive level for farmer

- Fixed issue with item charges not working properly after previous update

- Renamed Relleka slayer cave to Fremennik slayer cave

- Inadequacy received a bunch of edits

- Edits done to highscores to support XP rates

- Added message in chat when a totem/shard piece is dropped in Catacombs

- Superior slayer monsters now 100% drop totem pieces in Catacombs

- Fixed Dragon Harpoon

- Fixed bludgeon special attack animation

- Some fixes done to Rick's head puzzle

- Hiscore edits

- KBD heads now 1/127 - x100 XP rate

Hiscore updated by Hello:

+ Filter by Game Mode & (NEW) XP Rate!

+ Display XP Rate under the Experience Column (main page & compare page)

+ Display XP Rate next to player Name (lookup page)

+ Replaced Ugly RS3 Skill Icons to OSRS

+ Further fixes to Page Counter

+ Fixed random occurrence of thematic line break above and below game mode options




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