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Barrow pets, discord, fixes

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Added barrow pets of all barrow brothers

The pets will be available to obtain really soon!




You can now give your ice gloves, goldsmith gauntlets and cooking gauntlets
to NPC at blast furnace and he will keep it for you, you can obtain it back at anytime.



Added ability to exchange Pyromancer pieces and tome of fire for burnt pages



Discord announcements for events
- Active volcano
- Shooting stars
- Crystal trees
- Wilderness bosses
- Wilderness hotspot
- Fountain of goodwill


Misc/bug fixes

Tome of fire beyond 0 charges fixed

Added tool leprechaun to lletya

added colour to text for totem drops

fixed issue with lighting fires in rogues den

Increased clue rate for barrows

Removed broadcast for ancient shards

Lottery rewards now go to bank (except UIM)

added cakes back to cake stalls

Bucket now removes and adds properly in Blast Furnace

Multiple blast furnace edits

Multi zone dagannoth lighthouse

Kandarin headgear 1 2 and 3 fixes

Added fishing spots to Al Kharid and fixed various spots around world

Fixed enchanced crystal key creating

Increased droprate to hit unique table Elven crystal chest

added anti-safe spot for rune dragons

You can now cut hollow trees for bark

Wyvern shield combat check

Multiple Grotesque guardian edits

Lots of work done to Rise of the six, should be available soon! 🙂


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