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Christmas event, nightmare zone edits, bug fixes & more!

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Christmas event:

Merry christmas everyone! Here is our christmas event of this year!

The home has been updated to a christmas theme!

Talk to Sir Renitee at home to start the mini-quest.


Help him find the 3 missing map pieces!

After you complete the mini-quest you will be able to kill Yeti's.

The Yeti can drop a key which you can use at the chest in the Yeti zone to get christmas goodies!


You can obtain gp, all type of christmas cosmetics &

the best reward from the chest is a new pet, a cute penguin!


You will also be able to gather snowballs at home and throw these on other players, you will receive snowball points

for throwing snowballs which you can use in the snowball shop!



Donators are able to grab a present from underneath the christmas tree at home.



Nightmare zone:

Rock cake now damages you while using absorption potion

Fixed the prayer bug inside Nightmare zone


Changed Scythe price from 400m to 555m in the traveler shop

Fixed Hydra's claw price in traveler shop

Fixed slayer unlock: Duly noted

Fixes done to stone chest

Dragon hunter crossbow and lance now properly work at Olm


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Wooooooooot, hell yeah! I love Xmas cuz it's my birthday month, thank you for the updates and 'updates' 🙂

Edited by Fe Nezuko
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