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Kraken fish explosives, Postie pete, Afk zone edits, more!

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You can now use fishing explosives at Kraken to instantly spawn the boss



AFK zone

You can now mine the rock for AFK mining!


Alt checker is added to the afk zone

Rats are added to the afk zone

Changed prices in shop

Bank chest at afk zone with a timer attached to it

AFK tree no longer drops nests



You can now obtain Postie Pete as a pet! Available from the village chest at 95 village.

You only have to open the chest 10 times to obtain it!


You can no longer create a character with multiple spaces in the name

PK leaderboard temporarily disabled until further notice

Fixes done to the lag

Added multiple new items & changed values village chest


Other information:

More work has been done to Theatre of blood and we expect a beta test day for the raid soon!


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1:1 sexyyyyyy explosive. Its the attention to detail. Actually amazing as always 🙂

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