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Mobile function button, mobile edits, tourny fake xp & more!

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Added mobile function button


If selected, tapping it will cause the mobile keyboard to appear.

If selected, tapping it will cause the inventory interface to be highlighted red, and tapping an item will drop it instantly.

If selected, tapping an object acts as the desktop's right-click. If players change the function or disable Single-tap mode via the Controls interface, they must touch & hold in order for "right-click" options to appear on an object.


Freeze timers & Vengeance timer

Added freeze timer & vengeance time in chat so mobile users can benefit from it aswell considering its a runelite plugin.




Fixes done to tournament

Can no longer melee Galvek

Vorkath safespot fixed & fixed Vorkath sometimes going out of bounds

At tournament you will no longer gain XP, only fake XP will be shown

Fixes done to farming patches



From discord #updates:

 Increased overall droprate in Theatre of Blood

Changed the timer in the interface

Added killstreaks to vyrewatches with announcements

Fixed tournament player amount broadcast

Fixed Grand Exchange shortcut

Fixes done for new quest

Fixed ::slayer command

Wielding dwh now works on gwd door

More XP counter interface fixes, you can now properly choose a color & more

Spin flax XP fix (gave too much magic XP)

Added watchman

You can now hit zulrah before form change

Pet perks & pet list edits, the pets that do have a benefit right now can be shown in the interface when you click the pet.

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