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Tombs of Amascut progress, new items & bug fixes

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Tombs of Amascut

The development for Tombs of Amascut has officially started and its already looking quite nice!

What we've done so far:

- Added all possible items obtainable from the raid, they are all fully functioning now.

These items include:

Lightbearers Ring

Tumeken's Shadow

Osmumten's Fang

Elidinis Ward

Masori armour & the (f) variant

Keris Partisan upgrades

ToA pet

Divine rune pouch

(Most of these items have been tested already and are fully ready to go including the hidden buffs etc!)

- Added a proper map generation & party creation

- This means all the maps spawn properly upon entering and delete on leaving when party is empty

- Added all possible boss spawn locations in every room

- All objects in the raid now works properly, think about all teleport crystals, barriers, barriers checking wether puzzle is complete or not, end boss room

- Added all NPCs that have chat function etc in raid, like at the end boss the NPC to start the fight

- Added all Invocations in an enum with its respective raid difficulty increase & what its supposed to do

- Finished Zebak & Zebaks puzzle room already!

- Added proper npc scaling system

- Get all information regarding the raid, think about animations, graphics and yes sounds too!

- Lots of work done for the backbone of ToA

- Work done to the party interface

- Added ;;toa

- Added functionality for invocation board at ;;toa, the camel bank & scoreboard

And many many more improvements and updates regarding Tombs of Amascut. We plan to do multiple betas for this raid in world 1. And participants in the beta will get rewards!

We expect to finish the raid somewhere in September.

Yes the raid will be 1;1 and will have all Invocations.






Done some work to Theatre of Blood

Fixed Wintertodt trading in Pyromancer etc for burnt pages with Ignisia

Fixed some map clues with incorrect dig spots

Fixed an issue with some tasks from Konar

Fixed chop oak in Varrock diary issue

Changed some things about the vote gambler

Other fixes to improve server in terms of lag issues etc

Replaced a creature in nightmare zone with Black Demon



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