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  1. Alright! Will add in next update! Edit: added Magic Fang & Staff of the Dead
  2. GUIDE: Money Making by Frozen Loner #1 - Dragon Bones Dragon bones sell for 50-70k each. Green dragons are pretty weak and are super easy to farm. Dragons drop noted bones if you donate at least $10 for the Bronze Donor rank. With teleports to and from these green dragons you can easily bank and drink from the pool before teleporting back for more bones. All you need is some dragon hide armor, a rune cbow, anti-dragon shield, and anti fire potions to get started. Top Locations: - Instant access by using the blue Luna portal at home to teleport to either Eastern or Western dragons, but I suggest West because it's only level 15 wilderness so you can easily escape a PK'er. - The myth guild is also a great place for green dragons, you can get there if you don't like the wilderness by using the Fairy Tree at home. #2 - Revenant Caves This is a massive money making location, and it's not hard to get started. This is a very dangerous location due to being a PK hotspot, but as long as you bring a glory amulet and know your escape routes it's not too bad. Just be prepared to die and don't bring too much stuff with you. Having 89 agility will be the fastest escape possible from most pk'ers if you get tele-blocked, otherwise you'll have to run north to the cave entrance and try to escape that way. The best part about killing Revs is that all revs share the same drop table, and you can kill them at really low combat levels. The higher level revs drop loot at increased rates so it in my opinion isn't worth going here immediately, but you do have a small chance at really good loot from even the Revenant implings. #3 - Thieving This is probably the easiest way to get quick money for a new player. Thieving gives cash and items, which can then be sold either to the Sigmund NPC, or put on the Trading Post for other players to buy. Top Methods: Elves Tzhaar Rogues Den Bank Vault The bank vault is a pretty fast way to collect gems. These sell at a pretty decent rate on the trading post at home, so it's not a bad strategy. Blood Shards in Darkmeyer These are pretty rare, but sell for 80-100m each. Very great money for relatively low effort, if you have the thieving level. You will need to do a quest to get here, but it takes about 5 minutes to finish. #4 - Slayer Slayer is an insane money maker -- if you get lucky! I personally don't like doing slayer for money because it takes a ton of time and effort. High level slayer also takes high level stats, so this isn't a good pick for new players. I'm not going to go into detail with the slayer method, because it's one of the most popular guides online. #5 - Herblore Not many players can make the high level potions, but everyone wants them. Saradomin brews and super combats sell like hotcakes! Sara Brew: 81 Herblore Toadflax Crushed Birds Nest Vial of Water Super Combat: 90 Herblore Torstol Super Atk/Str/Def Potions Anti-venom +: 94 Herblore Torstol Anti-venom Divine Super Combat: 97 Herblore Crystal Dust Super Combat Potion #6 - Mining & Smithing Ores, and more so Bars, sell quite easily depending on which they are. If you're selling ores I would go with coal, otherwise you'll want to sell mithril bars and up. The best location for mining is definitely the motherload mine. #7 - Barrows This is a relatively easy minigame. You don't need to be super strong or have really good gear. It will definitely help, but isn't necessary. Barrows gear sells for 6-8m a piece, so it's not the best method, but it's a pretty decent one depending what loot you pull. #8 - Fletching I don't really suggest doing fletching specifically for money making, but if you're trying to reach level 99 or just making yourself a stockpile of bolts and arrows, this skill can net you a large stack of gold if you sell your fletched items on the trading post. #9 - Tournaments This is one method that can get you great gear super early like the fighter torso, mage book, barrows gear, dragon knives, and more. Tournaments are free, instanced minigames that give you temporary gear and skill levels in order to fight other players for a blood money prize. Blood money can be exchanged for gear at NPC shops, or sold directly to other players on the trading post. Blood money typically goes for anywhere from 100-200gp per 1 blood money. Blood Money Shops: The Nieve NPC at home offers various items and gear in exchange for your blood money, most notably the fighter torso. The Blood Merchant NPC appears as an event in the Wilderness. This NPC's shop changes every time it reappears, and usually has a mage book, barrows gear, dragon knives, and other high tier items. However, trading this NPC is risky because doing so will give you a high-risk skull and you will lose everything on your person should you die.
  3. LUNAORS Price Guide by Frozen Loner This guide will be updated weekly to bi-weekly depending on how volatile the market is. =============== DONOR SCROLLS =============== These prices are pretty consistent; unlike items, the price for scrolls shouldn't fluctuate too much and are considered non-volatile investments. $10 Scroll = 30m $25 Scroll = 120m $50 Scroll = 250m XP/Droprate/Pet Scroll = 8m 1 Blood Money = 150gp (10k bm = 1.5m) =============== ITEMS =============== These prices are purely suggestions. The prices listed are just average listings from the trading post. As the prices are quite volatile and based on supply/demand I will attempt to update them on a weekly basis, and thereby they may not reflect current pricing at all times. All items will not be listed, but I will update the list as I gain new market information and statistics. Armadyl Helmet = 20m Arcane Spirit Shield = 320m Armadyl Chestplate = 40m Armadyl Platelegs = 40m Armadyl God Sword = 55m Armadyl Crossbow = 40m Archers Ring = 8m Abbysal Whip = 8m Abbysal Dagger = 20m Abyssal Bludgeon = 350m Ancestral Hat = 100m Ancestral Robe Top = 500m Ancestral Robe Bottom = 500m Bandos Chestplate = 50m Blood Fury = 90m Bandos Tassets = 60m Bandos Boots = 10m Bandos God Sword = 30m Berserker Ring = 8m Dragon Boots = 8m Dragon Hunter Crossbow = 300m Dragon Claws = 175m Dragon Hunter Lance = 225m Dragon Warhammer = 400m Dragon Harpoon = 1m Eternal Boots = 45m Elysian Shield = 1.2b Fury = 5m Ghrazi Rapier = 500m Imbued Heart = 25m Kodai Wand = 85m Mage Book = 3m Magic Fang = 15m Pegasus Boots = 45m Primordial Boots = 40m Sanguinesti Staff = 2b Serpentine Helmet = 20m Saradomin God Sword = 40m Seers Ring = 8m Staff of the Dead = 25m Tentacle = 7m Torture = 40m Torment = 40m Twisted Bow = 1.2b Vitur Scythe = 1.8b Warrior Ring = 2m Zamorak God Sword = 20m Please note, if you disagree with the above prices, feel free to charge less or more based on your own preferences. These prices are an average benchmark for market value, not a set-in-stone requirement. Also remember, the usability of an item does not solely determine its price; the rarity of the item also accounts for value! =============== RESOURCES =============== The prices for resources fluctuate more than the prices for items. For the sake of this guide I will only be listing a limited number of resources which generally have consistent market value. Any other items price should be determined based on the effort required to obtain the resources by the seller and the demand and necessity of the buyer. Dragon Bone = 60k Gold Ore = 1k Uncut Emerald = 5k Wyvern Bone = 60k
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