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  1. At current dragon bone prices (25k each), you can earn 4-6m per hour with little to no effort or skill levels!
  2. Gonna be a gold-plated AK, gold dog-tag necklace, and pet Optimus Prime
  3. If you're low on money, this is my go-to build for wilderness PK. Alternatively, you can replace the blessed spirit shield with a mage's book. If you're worried about switches, and also don't want to risk much, here's a tele blocking build for you. This is probably the easiest build to use in my opinion. If you don't have a firecape, use an obsidian or whatever you have. A dragon dagger can replace the granite maul, but you lose out on around 6 damage. Now this is my main deepwild build. It is quite expensive so I don't recommend using this if you are worried about money. I sometimes swap the ahrims for zuriels. This is my revenant caves build for when I'm in and out, this is a risky build so I only use this if I'm making a single pass or I've already scouted caves. I focused on dps here, and it's not good for a fight against a PK tribrid build. Here's a more affordable main build for deepwild. If you don't have firecape as always you can swap for obsidian or etc. This is a lower cost build that packs an insane punch. I like using this a lot, but it's pretty situational. You'll need the firecape & berserker ring for this one, it's not something I'd swap out.
  4. Beast guide! Very helpful and easy to understand. Look forward to the other raid rooms as well!
  5. I also got my cat for Christmas when I was young he's ancient now
  6. Alright! Will add in next update! Edit: added Magic Fang & Staff of the Dead
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