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LUNAORS Price Guide by Frozen Loner


This guide will be updated weekly to bi-weekly depending on how volatile the market is.


These prices are pretty consistent; unlike items, the price for scrolls shouldn't fluctuate too  much and are considered non-volatile investments.

$10 Scroll = 30m

$25 Scroll = 120m

$50 Scroll = 250m

XP/Droprate/Pet Scroll = 8m

1 Blood Money = 150gp (10k bm = 1.5m)


These prices are purely suggestions. The prices listed are just average listings from the trading post. As the prices are quite volatile and based on supply/demand I will attempt to update them on a weekly basis, and thereby they may not reflect current pricing at all times. All items will not be listed, but I will update the list as I gain new market information and statistics.

Armadyl Helmet = 20m

Arcane Spirit Shield = 320m

Armadyl Chestplate = 40m

Armadyl Platelegs = 40m

Armadyl God Sword = 55m

Armadyl Crossbow = 40m

Archers Ring = 8m

Abbysal Whip = 8m

Abbysal Dagger = 20m

Abyssal Bludgeon = 350m

Ancestral Hat = 100m

Ancestral Robe Top = 500m

Ancestral Robe Bottom = 500m

Bandos Chestplate = 50m

Blood Fury = 90m

Bandos Tassets = 60m

Bandos Boots = 10m

Bandos God Sword = 30m

Berserker Ring = 8m

Dragon Boots = 8m

Dragon Hunter Crossbow = 300m

Dragon Claws = 175m

Dragon Hunter Lance = 225m

Dragon Warhammer = 400m

Dragon Harpoon = 1m

Dragon Pickaxe = 30m

Dragon Axe = 10m

Eternal Boots = 45m

Elysian Shield = 1.2b

Fury = 5m

Ghrazi Rapier = 500m

Imbued Heart = 25m

Kodai Wand = 85m

Mage Book = 3m

Magic Fang = 15m

Nightmare Staff = 550m

Pegasus Boots = 45m

Primordial Boots = 40m

Sanguinesti Staff = 2b

Serpentine Helmet = 20m

Saradomin God Sword = 40m

Seers Ring = 8m

Staff of the Dead = 25m

Tentacle = 7m

Torture = 40m

Torment = 40m

Twisted Bow = 1.2b

Vitur Scythe = 1.8b

Warrior Ring = 2m

Zamorak God Sword = 20m

Please note, if you disagree with the above prices, feel free to charge less or more based on your own preferences. These prices are an average benchmark for market value, not a set-in-stone requirement. Also remember, the usability of an item does not solely determine its price; the rarity of the item also accounts for value!


The prices for resources fluctuate more than the prices for items. For the sake of this guide I will only be listing a limited number of resources which generally have consistent market value. Any other items price should be determined based on the effort required to obtain the resources by the seller  and the demand and necessity of the buyer.

Dragon Bone = 60k

Gold Ore = 1k

Uncut Emerald = 5k

Wyvern Bone = 60k

Edited by Frozen Loner

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On 11/19/2020 at 9:38 PM, Jevrock said:

Please add toxic staff


Alright! Will add in next update! 

Edit: added Magic Fang & Staff of the Dead

Edited by Frozen Loner

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