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  1. Lullaby

    Hydra Guide

    Hello, this is my Hydra guide. To everyone that wants to kill Hydra for variety of good drops to create the following items: Brimstone ring, Ferocious gloves & the Dragonhunter lance. First you need to understand how Hydra is attacked and killed. The easiest way to deal damage to Hydra is by using ranged, blowpipe, dragonhunter crossbow, tbow and armadyl crossbow are good options. During the fight Hydra changes colors based on how much health he has left. Each color besides the last color (black) should be attacked while Hydra being on the vents on the floor(Marked by colors in pictures) Attacks that Hydra does: Green: 3 times ranged,(Mechanic) 3 times magic repeat Blue: 3 times ranged, 3 times magic (Mechanic) repeat Red: 3 times ranged, 3 times magic (Mechanic) repeat Black: *The opposite attack red Hydra dealt*. Switching attack style after every hit ( Ranged-magic-ranged-magic (Mechanic) repeat) You can lure Hydra on the vents by following the steps below: I have created easy to follow colored steps for you to learn Hydra Green form Start off at tile 1 and shoot Hydra so that it moves onto the vent. Once hydra has used 3 auto attacks it will spit a toxic mechanic to the tile you're standing at. Simply move to tile 2 when it happens and switch your prayer. If your dps is low and Hydra does the mechanic again, walk 3 tiles north again. While Hydra switches colors hit 1 more time and move to tile 3 Blue form hit Hydra once from tile 3 and move to tile 4 to drag him onto the vent. Depending on how fast you killed green hydra he will do a mechanic after 3 consecutive attacks (ranged or magic) The blue hydra has an electro mechanic, 4 *electrodes* spawn in the middle and come towards you, when hitting you you get stunned and dealt damage. You can avoid this by waiting for the *electrodes* to spawn. and then running to tile 5 if you do this too fast and the electrodes are about to hit you, move to tile 6* Red form Lure red hydra to the vent by running to tile 5. When red hydra is on the vent, move to tile 6 to have red hydra mechanic go easier, Again, after landing 3 consecutive attacks (ranged or magic) Red hydra will start the mechanic. Red hydra mechanic Red hydra will box you in with flames seen in picture below. Once hydra put down the flame walls a small fire will start coming towards you, hitting your rapidly if you stand inside of it. To avoid taking damage from this mechanic wait on tile 6* for the flame to come near you, run to tile 7* so that it has to move all the way there. Again, when the flame gets close to you on tile 7* move to tile 8*. This way you will avoid the damage of the flame but also lure red hydra back onto the vent. When having dealt enough damage hydra will turn black as it's doing in picture below. Black form: Hydra will hit you with the opposite attack style Red form used last. Thus; if red form last used a ranged attack black form will most likely start off with magic (this is a little buggy) Black form will hit 1 ranged 1 magic 1 ranged 1 magic attack constantly. Doing the Green form mechanic after a few hits. Simply move 4 to 5 tiles away from where you're standing to avoid taking damage. You can easily pray against these attacks, once you see the magic attack flying towards you, protect from ranged, when you see the ranged attack coming towards you, click protect from magic. Congratulations! You are tick praying protection prayers against a boss! Black form hydra doesn't need to stand on any vent, it doesn't matter where you finish him off. Good luck and have fun! Thank you for reading my first guide, let me know what u think. If I've forgot to cover something feel free to tell me below! ~ Lullaby
  2. If you're low on money, this is my go-to build for wilderness PK. Alternatively, you can replace the blessed spirit shield with a mage's book. If you're worried about switches, and also don't want to risk much, here's a tele blocking build for you. This is probably the easiest build to use in my opinion. If you don't have a firecape, use an obsidian or whatever you have. A dragon dagger can replace the granite maul, but you lose out on around 6 damage. Now this is my main deepwild build. It is quite expensive so I don't recommend using this if you are worried about money. I sometimes swap the ahrims for zuriels. This is my revenant caves build for when I'm in and out, this is a risky build so I only use this if I'm making a single pass or I've already scouted caves. I focused on dps here, and it's not good for a fight against a PK tribrid build. Here's a more affordable main build for deepwild. If you don't have firecape as always you can swap for obsidian or etc. This is a lower cost build that packs an insane punch. I like using this a lot, but it's pretty situational. You'll need the firecape & berserker ring for this one, it's not something I'd swap out.
  3. Hello, this is my attempt at making people run Chambers of Xeric. To everyone that wants to learn Cox or run it in the future, here is my guide at Olm. I will not (yet) cover the other rooms in Cox, because they are quite easy. If demand is there I can make a full Cox guide in the future. To start you have to understand how Olm is attacked and killed. There's the Left hand (mage hand) The head (Range it) & the right hand (melee hand). Olm has 3 phases if you are in groups of 7 or less and 4 if you are in groups of 8 and more. (I will have to check with Luna if this applies on LunaPS, if not stick with 3 phases. Each phase you will have to kill the Left hand (mage hand) and the right hand (melee hand) . You kill these by using the right Combat Skill against them. At the 3rd (Last phase) you want to kill the Left hand(mage hand) & the right hand (melee hand) almost simultaneously, because if you don't they will respawn with full health. After killing both Left hand(mage hand) & the right hand (melee hand) on the 3rd (Last Phase) you will be able to deal damage to The head (Range it). After killing the head Olm is dead and you will be able to get your loot from the chest near the exit, don't forget to grab your items in the stash unit. Phases During each phase, Olm will be able to do auto attacks (ranged and magic) and also special abilities. These are the following possible phases: Acid, Flame & Crystal. You're going to want to pray either ranged or magic, and changing prayer to the right one as Olm is using auto attacks, this is not like Jad, but quite random. Olm special abilities Crystal Burst: Olm throws a crystal seedling under every player in the chamber. A few seconds later, the crystals burst and shove the player to a nearby tile if they are on top of them for moderate damage. The left hand will briefly show a crystal icon when using this attack. Lightning: Shoots out lightning running north and/or south of the chamber. Getting hit by a bolt of lightning electrocutes the player, disabling their overhead prayers, dealing moderate damage, and binding them. The left hand will briefly show a lightning bolt when using this attack. Swap: Olm teleports the player(s) for damage. With one person inside the chamber, Olm will instead choose a random tile in the chamber. With two or more, Olm picks those two (or a random two if more) to teleport. To avoid damage, stand on top of the targeted tile/player. The further you are from the target, the more damage is taken. The left hand briefly shows a swirl when using this attack. The following attacks are Phase-unique. Acid: Acid Spray: Olm spits out several pools of acid around the chamber. Standing on top of an acid pool deals 3-6 damage per tick and inflicts a weak poison effect on the player. Acid Drip: Olm covers a player in acid, causing them to generate acid pools under them. Standing still will deal damage and moving will generate more pools, though it is not much of a deal in small groups. The pools are identically the same as the spray attack. Flame: Deep Burn: Olm shoots out a green fireball at a player, causing them to yell "Burn with me!". The targeted player takes 5 damage every few ticks, dropping stats by 2 each time this occurs, for five hits. If it spreads to other players, it will reset the timer and newly infected players will initially yell "I will burn with you.". Fire Wall: Olm shoots out two walls of fire at a player to trap them. If the player is on a tile that would be occupied by the fire wall, they will leap out and take light damage from it. After the walls are placed, the player(s) trapped inside will take heavy damage if they are not freed. To free the trapped player(s), cast a water spell or Humidify on a segment of the wall to douse the flame. This can be done outside or inside the wall. Crystal: Falling Crystals: Olm lets out a cry, targeting one player with a red aura. Spiked crystals fall from above, dealing damage to anyone in the targeted tile. Crystal Bombs: Olm shoots out a crystal bomb (up to three at most; two for smaller groups). The bomb explodes after being deployed for several seconds, covering a radius of four tiles. The minimum amount of damage dealt is 15. The closer you are to the bomb, the more damage is incurred, up to 60 at the center. You should now have a base understanding what attacks and abilities Olm can do, you are not expected to be able to do this first try. You'll learn along the way and that is good & fine! There are various Mechanics to kill Olm I'll have an attempt at trying to explain the 3+ people method. Earlier in the guide I have colored the Left hand (mage hand) The head (Range it) & the right hand (melee hand) With the picture below I want to try and explain where every individual in a 3 man raid should stay and stand. This image was taken as if Olm is at the blue/yellow/red squares. When you are assigned mage you are killing the Left hand (mage hand) somewhere within the blue marked tiles while using magic. When you are assigned melee you are killing the right hand (melee hand) from the top, most left red marked tile, as this is the only tile in the area to melee it from. When you are assigned head runner you are moving from the left to the right yellow marked tiles doing this requires a bit more understanding of Olm as you're the one dividing Olms attack to each player. Killing the Left hand (mage hand) & the right hand (melee hand) are quite simple, since you only have to stay within your colored tiles until your hand is dead. After killing your hand turn over to the other and help there. The Left hand (mage hand) will most likely be killed first, since the person altering Olms head direction will be Maging it while turning the head. The ''tricky'' part about this method. The runner that moves from the left to the right yellow marked tiles will have to turn the head, because the mager that is killing the Left hand (mage hand) & the meleer that is killing the right hand (melee hand) will be standing in their colored area's.(this is only possible if they stick in their area) If the Olm head looks to the Left hand (mage hand) he will not be able to damage the meleer on the right hand (melee hand) and vice versa. What the runner is trying to do is to do 2 spells on Left hand (mage hand) from the left yellow marked tiles, run back to the right yellow marked tiles to cast 2 spells on the Left hand (mage hand).(repeat this until Left hand (mage hand) dies) This way Olm will turn his head from left to middle to right & from right to middle to left all the time. Making sure everyone takes 50% of the damage they would without using this method. * to all that know olm, yes, I've marked the left yellow tiles 1 more tile west, since currently in LunaPS that's where Olm turns his head left* You can continue the method above when both hands are dead in the 3rd (Last Phase) but keep in mind you are ranging from your colored tiles, like this the runner can also divide the damage taken. Your inventory for Olm will consist +/- 4 restores, 1 Overload, 1 Prayer enhance, your runes(runepouch) a melee spec weapon, your melee, magic & ranging gear & filled up with Sara brews. I do not know if I've covered everything about this 3+ man mechanic that I know of, but I guess we'll find out coming days & weeks. *Of course there's melee & magic skipping, but that is something for in the future, as it's quite hard to understand. Thank you for reading my first guide, let me know what u think. If I've forgot to cover something feel free to tell me below! ~ Lullaby
  4. GUIDE: Money Making by Frozen Loner #1 - Dragon Bones Dragon bones sell for 50-70k each. Green dragons are pretty weak and are super easy to farm. Dragons drop noted bones if you donate at least $10 for the Bronze Donor rank. With teleports to and from these green dragons you can easily bank and drink from the pool before teleporting back for more bones. All you need is some dragon hide armor, a rune cbow, anti-dragon shield, and anti fire potions to get started. Top Locations: - Instant access by using the blue Luna portal at home to teleport to either Eastern or Western dragons, but I suggest West because it's only level 15 wilderness so you can easily escape a PK'er. - The myth guild is also a great place for green dragons, you can get there if you don't like the wilderness by using the Fairy Tree at home. #2 - Revenant Caves This is a massive money making location, and it's not hard to get started. This is a very dangerous location due to being a PK hotspot, but as long as you bring a glory amulet and know your escape routes it's not too bad. Just be prepared to die and don't bring too much stuff with you. Having 89 agility will be the fastest escape possible from most pk'ers if you get tele-blocked, otherwise you'll have to run north to the cave entrance and try to escape that way. The best part about killing Revs is that all revs share the same drop table, and you can kill them at really low combat levels. The higher level revs drop loot at increased rates so it in my opinion isn't worth going here immediately, but you do have a small chance at really good loot from even the Revenant implings. #3 - Thieving This is probably the easiest way to get quick money for a new player. Thieving gives cash and items, which can then be sold either to the Sigmund NPC, or put on the Trading Post for other players to buy. Top Methods: Elves Tzhaar Rogues Den Bank Vault The bank vault is a pretty fast way to collect gems. These sell at a pretty decent rate on the trading post at home, so it's not a bad strategy. Blood Shards in Darkmeyer These are pretty rare, but sell for 80-100m each. Very great money for relatively low effort, if you have the thieving level. You will need to do a quest to get here, but it takes about 5 minutes to finish. #4 - Slayer Slayer is an insane money maker -- if you get lucky! I personally don't like doing slayer for money because it takes a ton of time and effort. High level slayer also takes high level stats, so this isn't a good pick for new players. I'm not going to go into detail with the slayer method, because it's one of the most popular guides online. #5 - Herblore Not many players can make the high level potions, but everyone wants them. Saradomin brews and super combats sell like hotcakes! Sara Brew: 81 Herblore Toadflax Crushed Birds Nest Vial of Water Super Combat: 90 Herblore Torstol Super Atk/Str/Def Potions Anti-venom +: 94 Herblore Torstol Anti-venom Divine Super Combat: 97 Herblore Crystal Dust Super Combat Potion #6 - Mining & Smithing Ores, and more so Bars, sell quite easily depending on which they are. If you're selling ores I would go with coal, otherwise you'll want to sell mithril bars and up. The best location for mining is definitely the motherload mine. #7 - Barrows This is a relatively easy minigame. You don't need to be super strong or have really good gear. It will definitely help, but isn't necessary. Barrows gear sells for 6-8m a piece, so it's not the best method, but it's a pretty decent one depending what loot you pull. #8 - Fletching I don't really suggest doing fletching specifically for money making, but if you're trying to reach level 99 or just making yourself a stockpile of bolts and arrows, this skill can net you a large stack of gold if you sell your fletched items on the trading post. #9 - Tournaments This is one method that can get you great gear super early like the fighter torso, mage book, barrows gear, dragon knives, and more. Tournaments are free, instanced minigames that give you temporary gear and skill levels in order to fight other players for a blood money prize. Blood money can be exchanged for gear at NPC shops, or sold directly to other players on the trading post. Blood money typically goes for anywhere from 100-200gp per 1 blood money. Blood Money Shops: The Nieve NPC at home offers various items and gear in exchange for your blood money, most notably the fighter torso. The Blood Merchant NPC appears as an event in the Wilderness. This NPC's shop changes every time it reappears, and usually has a mage book, barrows gear, dragon knives, and other high tier items. However, trading this NPC is risky because doing so will give you a high-risk skull and you will lose everything on your person should you die.
  5. Guide temporarily removed.
  6. Hey ladies and gentlemen, this guide is for new players seeking help and this will most certainly help you! First of all you can start with voting! You can earn 6 vote points every 12 hours! You can save up points to buy vote mystery boxes to sell or open yourself, 1hr double xp scrolls, 30minutes 25% pet drop rate scroll or 30 minutes double drop rate scroll and much more! You can find the portal slightly north east of home, this will take you around important areas in the game. This is optional if you want an early 99 and some skilling materials, you can go ahead and do wintertodt mini game! , you require 50 firemaking before entering and make sure you speak to ignisia so be allowed to enter! it's easily soloable at level 3 (10hp) for fast kills you can light the 2 nearest braziers but its recommended to just light 1 and get fast firemaking levels, the more points you get the more crates you get! Make sure you bring 4 - 5 cakes within your trip as he may occasionally deal damage but when you get at least 1 warm piece just bring 1 - 2 cakes. By the end of getting 99firemaking from wintertodt you will have 60 - 68 construction, 50 - 60 woodcutting and some materials! So let's start where you have no gp, the best way in my opinion as a starter is to get 55 thieving, you can get that by thieving stalls (South West of home) level 1 for bakery stalls, level 20 for silk and level 50 for silver stalls. Once level 55 you can thieve ardougne knights (ardougne City teleport) which can earn you from 2m to 3m an hour! This is great for starter cash which can help You get all the supplies you need for combat. I recommend killing sand crabs (training teleport) for afk and best xp for a low level, I recommend 55 to 70 in each combat before slayer so you can head straight to chaeldar for decent slayer xp and points, if your task is too hard or too time consuming you can always talk to turael to make your task easier and shorter so you can get the task you want. If you are looking for good prayer xp there are a few ways of getting dragon bones by getting 83 hunter to catch dragon imps which can drop from 70+ dragon bones by chance, buy from other players or kill green dragons for fast and guaranteed dragon bones of course (make sure to bring an antifire shield/dragonfire shield or antifire potion) The best altar in game is the chaos altar as it has a 50% chance to save a bone sacrificed, found in wilderness or donator zone (there's a bank right next to chaos altar in donator zone) or just go to a player owned house but for good xp from there you must light both incenses but you require 1 clean tarromin per incense. Want to get two vital untradeables early game? Head on to competing in tournaments! These occur every 30minutes with different varieties of setups stated in tournament, You can earn a fighter torso, It costs 150k blood money and then there's salve amulet (10% extra accuracy and damage on undead great at revenant) you earn 10k blood money per tournament win, 2nd place 6k and 3rd place 3k. And finally there are revenants, you can have a chance on earning vesta, statius, zuriel and morrigans pieces (you can earn these from any moster in the wilderness, the higher the level the monster is the higher chance but still very rare! Revenants can drop a lot of supplies and materials which you can use for yourself or sell to other players but this earns great money. I hope you find this helpful and Thank you very much for playing Luna RS and enjoy playing!
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