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Update #15 Active Volcano, Ice Queen, Max hit dummies, Wilderness changes, Bug fixes.

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Active Volcano
A Wilderness Event every 45 minutes you can mine the boulder at the place in the picture below to obtain Blood Money.

Be careful for the falling rocks, you can dodge these!


Wilderness changes
Players In Wilderness in questlog will now show <5 less than 5 and only counts up if there are 5 or more players in Wilderness.
Bounty Hunter will now be toggled disabled as standard for everyone, you can enable it to do BH in the questlog


You can now combine easy to elite clue scrolls to obtain a master clue.

You can now get roots from clearing tree patches.
Added max hit dummies undead and normal at home


You can now enter Ice Queens dungeon to receive Ice Gloves by killing her.
The Ice gloves are added as preparation for the soon to come Blast Furnace.
And also handy in other situations ofcourse!

You need a Rune Pickaxe to be able to mine the rocks to get to the ladders.
The place is filled with ice giants and the Ice Queen does barrage spells as attacks!


Replaced Tbow scythe and sangui staff from donator store with new items for now.


You can now get roots from clearing tree patches.
Zamorak GWD boss correct stats now
Removed the option for normal accounts to de-iron when you're not ironman
Updated combat moss giants combat
 Combat dummy doesnt give XP anymore

Added stopwatch to runelite (coming soon)
Attempt at fix nulled drops


Alot of work done on Blast Furnace, Mage Arena 2 and Nightmare (Coming soon)

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7 minutes ago, The Weak said:

Great update as always.

Oi btw i said im going to bed like 2 hours ago wtf is wrong with me😒

Yeah LOL I feel that XD

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