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  1. Mysti

    game error

    Ah on Mac - I don't have a Mac myself but I've checked with our Admins, and Hello has suggested this: 1. Open Finder App (file explorer on mac) 2. At the top of your screen (taskbar) Select "Go" and choose the option "Go to Folder..." 3. The Luna cache is likely stored in "~/Library/Caches", so youll type that in and hit enter can you let me know how you get on with this?
  2. Hey! Is this happening on PC or Mobile? If PC, can you check if it says World 1, or World 447 in the bottom left corner of the client. If it says World 447, you will need to go to C:\Users\(PCName) and delete .luna, .runelite and .runelite-luna
  3. Mysti

    game error

    Hey! Is this happening on PC or Mobile? If PC, can you check if it says World 1, or World 447 in the bottom left corner of the client. If it says World 447, you will need to go to C:\Users\(PCName) and delete .luna, .runelite and .runelite-luna
  4. 100% vouch! I can definitely see you being a great addition to the team, good luck!!
  5. I'd recommend posting this in our Discord (https://discord.com/invite/vJq2nBkA) in the suggestions channel
  6. Hey bud, sorry for the late response! You can get PKP points by killing players in the wilderness. They are also tradeable, so you can buy pkp tickets from other players, and use them on Lenny. To claim ::vote rewards, you need to type ::cv.
  7. Hey KFC Cannon - apologies, I think this might have been down to unfortunate timing as we were releasing an update around this time. Please can you try again, and if you get stuck drop a message in https://discordapp.com/invite/4AtP5PgA
  8. Amazing application, I 100% support this! Jake always goes out of his way to help others, he's friendly, approachable and would make a great addition to the team! +1
  9. Your Name: Sam Age: 25 Your Location: U.K Average Amount Of Gameplay: 6-14hrs a day Which role would you like: Support Staff Why Should I Receive This Position: I consider myself friendly & helpful, and I'd love to do my part in helping this awesome server grow, and community flourish! Staff Experience: I was a manager of an I.T support team for ~3yrs before getting a promotion to a new role. I've also been an officer in a few guilds on MMORPGs (Archeage, Lost Ark) Rs/Rsps Experience: I started playing Runescape in 2006, played on a few private servers probably around 2013ish, and have been playing osrs on/off since servers first launched Goals: I want to improve as an individual, developing my personal skills as much as I can Weaknesses: My biggest weakness right now is my sleep, I average 3-4hrs sleep each night. In the last few weeks it's something I've been working on, I've lowered how much coffee I brew each day, and I've gone >4 weeks now of not smoking which has helped a lot. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: First of all, if someone is repeatedly asking the same question, I'd try and answer it differently to help them understand better. However, if they become aggressive and toxic towards other players, then I'd give them a few warnings and move the conversation to pm to deescalate in help chat. If they continue being aggressive and toxic, I will hand out punishment deemed appropriate for the situation. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I'd initially reach out to them to gain a better understanding of what/why, and where appropriate escalate to someone more senior. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I don't mind helping people out, I give away a lot of free items, but usually to people who aren't asking for it to be free. I don't want to completely ruin someone's experience by removing the grind out of their gameplay, so I prefer to give tips on the best ways of making GP or getting those items. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? It really depends, one punishment does not fit all crimes. I'd initially give warnings first, and attempt to deescalate the issue, following that if they continue, then action accordingly. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? Absolutely! Lead by example!
  10. *Voice of Slayermusiq1* Hi, and welcome to my guide! The purpose of this guide is to help newer players get into bossing. I'll be covering every boss (excluding wildy bosses & raids for now), and how you can defeat them. I strongly recommend using CTRL+F and searching for a specific boss you're trying to learn. Throughout this guide, I am going to be using relatively easy and beginner friendly gear depending on the boss. So no Scythes, Tbows etc. If you have better gear, obviously use it NOTE: This isn't an "experts" guide for mid-maxing, it's simply the first stepping stones for getting into bossing. It's not going to be perfect, but please feel free to post your tips/tricks in comments! Before we dive into the bosses, there's a few things I want to cover which will apply to most, if not all bosses. First and foremost, bossing is really easy for the most part, but can be incredibly daunting when you're first learning. Don't feel discouraged if you're struggling with a certain boss, keep practicing, take breaks, and you'll have it down in no time! Combo eating is something you'll want to get comfortable with. Combo eating is when you eat multiple food in a single game tick. You can do this with any food + karambwams. For example, if you eat a shark, and immediately eat a karambwam, you'll recover 48 hp instantly: You can also include a sara brew into this: For every 3 sips of a sara brew, you'll need to take 1 sip of a super restore to replenish your stats fully. If you're playing on PC, I strongly recommend getting comfortable using your F keybinds. These allow you to swap between menu's very fast once you're comfortable: The Giant Mole Notable drops: Baby mole (Perk: 80% chance at additional mole claw and/or skins from the Giant Mole) Mole claws Mole skin These can be traded in for bird nests. Great source of nests for sara brews, also good source for seeds. Gear: Option 1: Armour to increase melee dmg/accuracy, and/or prayer. Option 2: Dharok bombing. Equip full Dharok set, use dwarven rock cake to lower hp to 1. This allows Dharoks to hit like a truck! Inventory: Guide: This boss is probably one of the easiest bosses you'll encounter. Pray melee, hit boss, super simple. At some point during the fight, it is possible the mole will burrow, and appear somewhere random in the cave. Look for an arrow indicator to know where the mole has gone. Video: https://streamable.com/0hnqnw Kraken Notable drops: Pet Kraken Tentacle Trident of the seas (charged) Gear: Minimum: (Replace brimstone ring with whatever you have available) Recommended: Inventory: Minimum: Recommended: Guide: The kraken is surrounded by 4 whirlpools. These whirlpools will need to be attacked at least once each before you'll be able to attack the kraken. Once the 4 surrounding whirlpools have been disturbed and 4 tentacles have spawned, you'll be able to attack the middle whirlpool and summon the kraken. Kraken doesn't hit consistently, so I wouldn't use overheads, simply attack kraken until it's dead. Video: https://streamable.com/lhhebr Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Notable drops: Pet Smoke Devil Smoke battlestaff Jar of smoke Occult necklace Dragon chainbody Gear: Minimum: Recommended: Inventory: Guide: Similar to kraken, this is another "afk" boss. He will attack with a rapid burst if magic, but it's very low accuracy. Our gear is mage defence + melee boost so we won't use overheads, just attack, sip prayer when needed, and eat food if you take damage. Video: https://streamable.com/wrbzzu Zulrah Notable drops: Pet Snakeling Uncut Onyx Serpentine Visage Tanzanite Fang Magic Fang Jar of Swamp Tanzanite Mutagen Magma Mutagen Gear: Minimum: Recommended: Inventory: Minimum: Recommended: Guide: When you first enter, run to the tile displayed below. Stay here for the first 2 zulrah's. Use mage on both of them, overheads aren't currently needed as Zulrah won't be attacking you. Run to the below tile after you've attacked the 2nd (red) Zulrah 4 times. This time protect from magic attacks from the third (blue) Zulrah. Run to this tile for the 5th (green) Zulrah, protect from range UNTIL he starts shooting white missiles, at this point protect from magic as snakelings will spawn. You can ignore snakelings (a ring of recoil will kill them, otherwise they hit hardest with magic, hence swithing to protect from magic). The 6th Zulrah (red) will be melee, you don't need overheads UNLESS snakelings are alive, in which case keep protecting from magic. If you stand on the tile shown below, the 6th Zulrah won't hit you. After the 6th Zulrah goes away, the 7th Zulrah (blue) will spawn, stay on the same tile, swap to range gear & prot from magic. The 8th Zulrah is green, prot from range and use magic gear. After he stops shooting missiles at you, swap to prot from magic if snakelings are alive. Stay on the same tile once it disappears for the 9th Zulrah, which will be blue. Swap to range gear. The 10th Zulrah will be the JAD phase Zulrah. This is where most people will struggle. Before it pops up, try and get prot from range on, and wait until you see the range missile, as it is flying towards you, switch to prot from magic, as you see the magic missile flying, switch to protect from range. Keep repeating this until Zulrah starts spawning venom pools. Finally, the 11th Zulrah will be Red, stand on the northern most tile, use magic. After this, Zulrah's phases simply repeat, if Zulrah is still alive, you'll simply be doing the same thing as the first screenshot, but this time on the opposite side. Video: https://streamable.com/01mxhe (minimum gear) https://streamable.com/vzz3xo (recommended gear) Cerberus Notable drops: Hellpuppy Primordial crystal Pegasian crystal Eternal crystal Smouldering stone Jar of souls Gear: Inventory: Guide: Cerberus will attack with all 3 attack styles, mage, range + melee. The melee attack isn't too common, and with melee defence gear you can make this fight super easy on yourself by just protecting from magic. His range + melee attacks don't hit too hard. This boss has 2 main mechanics: 1. "Grrrr" lava pools. Cerberus will say "Grrrrrrrrrr" and will summon 3 lava pools. One will always land where you are standing, the other 2 are random. You need to be at least 2 tiles away from a lava pool to avoid taking damage. Failing to do so will result in you getting hit constantly until the lava pool goes away. 2. Once Cerberus falls below 400 hp, Cerberus will go "Arooooooo", and 3 Ghosts will spawn north of the map behind the skull. There are 3 ghosts, Mage (Blue), Range (Green), and Melee (Red). These ghosts will spawn in a random order. They will walk towards the end of the path, and once they make it to just in front of the big skull, they will then attack you once with an attack corresponding to their colour. You will need to switch your prayers in the order they've spawned to avoid taking damage. Once they hit you, they'll drain your prayer if you've protected correctly. Otherwise they'll hit you for 30 dmg each. These can spawn multiple times during the fight. As an additional note, Spectral Spirit Shield will lower the prayer drain, and the Hellpuppy pet will negate all prayer drain from ghosts. Video: https://streamable.com/rc4rgg The Abyssal Sire Notable drops: Abyssal Orphan Unsired (Use unsired on The Font of Consumption for the following): Abyssal Bludgeon: Bludgeon claw Bludgeon spine Bludgeon axon Abyssal dagger Abyssal whip Abyssal head Abyssal orphan Jar of miasma Gear: Inventory: Guide: Before you can attack Abyssal SIre, you will need to be on a slayer task for either Abyssal Demons, or Unsired. In order to start this fight, you will need to cast Shadow Barrage twice on the unsired, you need it to say in game chat "Your Shadow spell disorientates the SIre.". Once that is done, you will then need to take out the Respiratory System's using range attacks. There are 4 in total, NE, NW, SE, SW. The Abyssal Sire will become conscious in-between killing the Respiratory Systems, so you will need to run back and cast Shadow Barrage on it again. I kill the NW & SW Respiratory Systems, then wait for Abyssal Sire to become conscious, cast Shadow Barrage until it says "Your Shadow spell disorientates the SIre.", then kill the NE & SE Systems. Failing to disorientate the sire will leave you vulnerable to be attacked by the surrounding tentacles. Once all of Respiratory System's have been killed, the Abyssal Sire will stand up and walk forward. Equip your range gear protect from melee, drop your BGS specs, and proceed to fight him with melee near the northern most highlighted tiles in the below screenshot. Sire will summon Spawns, they have low hp but if they aren't killed fast enough, they will evolve into Scions. Scions have a lot more HP and do more damage. If you want to completely ignore them and have good melee defence, protect from range instead. Otherwise kill these fast. Sire may also summon Miasma pools, you will need to stand at least 2 tiles away from these to avoid being damaged. Once Sire is below 200 hp, he will start walking south. Follow him, switch your protection prayer to range and wait until you can attack it. Sire will keep spawning a miasma pool below your feet, you will need to keep running back and fourth between 2 tiles to avoid damage. Once Sire is below 150 hp, he will teleport you and open his belly up. Run 2 tiles south, and wait a second. Failing to do this will result in you getting nuked. After waiting a second, simply run back and finish Sire off. Video: https://streamable.com/ejoqg1 Alchemical Hydra Notable drops: Gear: Inventory: Guide: Vorkath Notable drops: Gear: Inventory: Guide: Nightmare Notable drops: Gear: Inventory: Guide:
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