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New home, Zahur, Dagon'hai+ More!

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New home:

The home got a new improved look!

The entire home got a makeover and also got some new stuff added!

- More trees, rocks, fish, hunter birds at the starter zone!

- Added roofs for a future agility course at home for quick starter levels! + Way more, be sure to check it out!

Credits to @hex

- Changed spawn locations

- Replaced NPCs

- Editted tutorial camera

- Replaced objects

- Replaced tournament

The Frozen Prison:

Multiple fixes done to Seren

Multiple fixes done to Inadquacy

Multiple fixes done to Necromancer

Added Zahur the herb decanter in Nardah

You can make unfinished potions Clean herbs Decant Using Zahur!

Bug fixes & more

Added Dagon' hai robes to Larrans chest

Added DDS and Gmaul to weapon store at home

Added grapple shortcut Yanille

Fixed air orb ladder

Fixed a map clue

Armor defense level fixes for multiple (g) and (t) items

Killing spree now displays the current killing spree, not total

Less announcements Bloody Merchant

Tournament prayer fix

Fixed going inside the walking house in Lunars isle bug you if you click too fast

You now need 90 construction to obtain the Deathly Mansion decoration


Achievement diaries progress

Varrock - Fremennik - Ardougne - Desert - Wilderness are 100% completed and tested

We are working on Kourend & Karamja & Western Provinces right now!

Home agility course

Theatre Of Blood We finished the party system for Theatre Of Blood, the spectator & dead mechanics and all rooms are connected with eachother

First boss is pretty much done and second we're working on right now!

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Glad to be apart of this update and can’t wait to see everything after work! Great work Luna and devs and big Ups to all the staff and players who helped me with ideas on how to make the new home improved! 

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