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All Achievement diaries benefits we have right now

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With the release of the Achievement Diaries somewhere this week I wanted to share the benefits we've made right now.

Keep in mind: We will make more benefits as we go and would love some players input on new exciting benefits!

This isn't the end product of the amount of achievements we will have. Just a great start!

This list will also be updated when we've made new benefits


Diary benefits:


Ardougne cloak + all its extras

1/5 chance for double loot pickpocket instead of 1/10 - elite
Unlimited teleports to Ardougne Monastery
Unlimited teleports to Ardougne farm patch
10% more runes from Ourania Altar - Medium
84 buckets daily from Bert deposited directly in your bank - Elite


Desert Amulet + all its extras
Unlimited teleports to Nardah and Kalphite Cave
10% extra loot inside Pyramid Plunder - Elite
Make potions at Nardah no 99 herb restriction - Elite
No ropes needed anymore at Kalphite cave - Hard
Noted goat horns as drops - Easy


Falador Shield + all its extras
Increase chances for high ore at Motherlode mine - Elite
100% prayer restore twice per day
Giant mole drops noted skins and claws - Hard
Motherlode mine shortcut - Medium


Fremennik Sea Boots + all its extras
Unlimited teleports to Rellekka
Noted Dagannoth bones

(For this one there will definitely be some more benefits before release!)


Kandarin Headgear + all its extras
Free teleport to Sherlocks spot
50% discount Otto Godblessed - Elite
10% more likely that your enchanted bolts special effect will activate against NPCs
And 10% more likely in PvP. - Elite


Karamja Gloves + all its extras
Gem mine - Hard
Unlimited teleports to Duradel
Unlimited teleports to the gem mine


Rada's blessing + all its extras
Increased 8% chance at double fish - Elite
Slayer helm now works as a Shayzien helm (5) - Hard
Unlimited teleports to Mount Karuulm
Protection from burn effect in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon - Elite


Explorers ring:
100% run energy replenish 8 times a day

No more dramen staff needed fairy ring - Hard


Morytania Legs + all its extras

Unlimited teleports to Ectofuntus
Unlimited Burgh de Rott teleport
Bonecrusher - Hard

(There will definitely be some more benefits before release!)


Varrock armour + all its extras
10% chance at double ores - Hard
Increased loot from shooting star event - Hard
Crazy dance emote - Medium

(There will definitely be some more benefits before release!)

Western Provinces:

Western Banner + all its extras

You now need Western Provinces medium completed to wear/obtain Elite void - Medium

(There will definitely be some more benefits before release!)

Wilderness Sword + all its extras

Unlimited free teleports Fountain of rune - Elite
100% spider web slash wilderness sword - Easy
Free entrance Resource area - Elite
50% chance double Wilderness key - Elite
Teleport to middle Abyss - Hard
Smooth dance emote - Hard



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