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Hotfix update diaries & more

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Even tho diaries was tested extensively we still ran into a few issues and they're now fixed!

Hotfix updates:

- Fixed pay heskel
- Fixed watermelon patch
- Fixed hiring demon butler
- Fixed find 3 magic roots (changed to check health magic tree)
- Added chompies to kill
- Fixed pray altar smite active Sophanem
- Fixed dungeon entrance desert
- Renamed open sarcophage first room to receive loot sarcophage
- Renamed barrows general (lol) to Kill General Graardor
- Added all Neitiznot bridges
- Renamed kill a cow in Lumbridge to kill a cow in Lumbridge east cow pen
- Fixed 2 Ardougne tasks in medium that should be hard
- White 2h sword from 500 to 820 kills
- Zamorak and Guthix staff also give achievement now
- Fixed kill level 1 gnome
- Fixed smithing adamant in Wilderness
- Fixed pick ranarr weed Morytania
- Editted varbs Kourend - they are now right

- Ironman can now get the trading post achievement


- Fixed nightmare interface crashing mobile players

- BH targetting now saves on logout

- Worked on Necromancer in The Frozen Prison fixed some issues & changed some attacks

- The frozen map now deletes properly

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