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Phantom Muspah, Thralls beta, Fountain of good will changes, Summer event & more!

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Phantom Muspah


Phantom Muspah has officially been released! Thank you for everyone participating in the beta to help fix bugs!

Muspah at the moment has one small bug left, whenever he does his shockwave attack be sure to stand at least 2 tiles from any spike.

Muspah is a med boss and drops lots of great alchables as well making the boss a solid gp method!

You may access Phantom Muspah by typing either ;;muspah or through the teleport interface.

Some features of Muspah:

Just south of Muspah entrance you can find ancient essence crystals


The essence changes place every 90 ticks, this is a new way for skillers to earn some extra GP selling ancient essence which is needed to charge the Venator bow or the saturated heart.


Venator bow


The venator bow has a passive effect that requires ancient essence to use.
When attacking a target in a multicombat area, the bow will try to fire another arrow into a nearby target, dealing damage up to two-thirds of the original max hit, rounded down.
Then, the attack can bounce again, either to the original target or a third one nearby.
Bouncing arrows will only hit targets in a range of two squares from the target's centre tile (north-east tile for even-tiled NPCs).
Additional hits roll their own accuracy checks instead of using the one from the initial hit.


Ancient sceptre


The ancient scepte is an upgraded version of the ancient staff.

The sceptre has increased combat stats & has a passive effect, increasing all effects of Ancient magics by 10%


Saturated heart

The saturated heart is a upgraded version of the imbued heart.

The heart grants a 5-minute temporary boost that increases the player's Magic level by 4 + 10% of their level, rounded down (compared to the imbued heart's 1 + 10% boost).
In addition, the player's Magic level will not drain below the maximum boost of the heart when used, though it can still be decreased by the use of certain potions or by attacks from an opponent.
After five minutes, the player's Magic level will return to normal.

The saturated heart has a five minute cooldown, 2 minutes shorter than the imbued heart; however players cannot use both simultaneously.

Muspah Pet/Charged ice

And ofcourse we cannot forget about the cute pet!

You can obtain Charged ice from Phantom Muspah only once if you kill him within 3 minutes.

If you use the charged ice on the pet you can metamorphosis the pet to all 3 versions of Muspah!


Summer event

Our summer event is here!

First of the World boss (;;wb) has increased chance for unique loot & alchables.

The world boss also temporarily gives way more village XP than before now!

You can obtain summer tokens to spend in the shop by doing most of our mini-games.

Think about mini-games like..
Last man Standing..
Pest Control..
Pyramid Plunder..
Barrows.. Rise of the Six..
Even Nex, CoX, ToB and TFP!

There will also be a new summer sale and new items to obtain like Mystic cards, a void ornament kit set and much more which will be announced soon.

The rainbow sweater can be changed to 8 different colours.

The rainbow tie can also be changed in 8 different colours.

The hat with the bird can also be a different style!



Updated Fountain of goodwill

The fountain has received a massive overhaul!



You can pick between four events. You will now also see recent donators and the timer can be stacked now!

Also fixed issue with the "Wet" title, it will now count all the mills you've put in instead of having to put it 10M everytime.





Thralls are now available in beta. Certain players will gain access to thralls for testing purposes.

All thralls are available, the magic one, ranged and melee.

The lesser, greater and superior are all available. Thralls should be fully finished already but prefer to get it tested properly first!


Blood altar

Added the True blood altar which you can access through the Abyss.



Also after this update the plan is to mostly work on bug fixes for a while on Luna.

After some critical bugs are fixed we plan to start on Tombs of Amascut!


Bug fixes/misc

Fixed a few clue steps

Fixed issue at tournament

Reworked how items are dismantled

Started on Arceeus spellbook

Increased chances for lizardmen fang/Xeric's talisman to drop from the stone chest

Fixes done to boss timer so it doesnt show "5185815 minutes" now

Added info how to obtain Ash sanctifier in ::help at "achievement diary"

Lots of other improvements and small fixes done to various things, including lag fixes too to make the server feel smoother.

Fixed issues with XP lamp requiring level above 99

Gilded axe woodcutting level requirement from 71 to 41

Fixed the barrier at the PVP arena


New bingo

A new bingo which will start soon! The previous bingo rewards will be handed out as soon as this bingo begins. It will begin as soon as the update hits on world one



Previous bingo winners:

1. Bopedaccy - All lines except prayer scroll

2. Mysti and wdn second place

3. muggles and qwedax third place

4. iron soldier

5. erik and dry ice 5th

6. Wood

7. Loopielump & firebite

8. Bailey, DxD, Chaomatic

Updates posted on Discord:

Re-added bestiary npc & item search, you can find it at the quest tab or using the interface itself
Reworked alot of how Nex loot is dropped and added more checks so a low level cant just leech
Fixed animations mammoth
Added beginner scroll as guaranteed drop Obor
You can now create teak stocks with teak logs
Fixed hide roofs problem

Fixed issue when relogging getting stuck on "loading please wait.."
Fixed Zaryte crossbow special attack problem
Fixed Ancient godsword special attack problem
Fixed Sraracha pet attackable
Added Mystic Cards
Added Nex Event
Certain random dialogue fixed, typos, too many spaces etc
Added new items
Done some more lag improvements
Fixed some clues
Fixed issue with ranged in pvp
Unique drops from Nex are now easier & added lots of alchables/supplies to Nex droptable
Changed some of Nex mechanics in bigger teams
Added lots of protections against "leeches" in Nex
Slightly reduced DWH/SWH defence reduction against Nex with big teams
Fixed issue with magic in white portal pvp
Fixed issue with nex npcs
Added Nex items to x1/x10/village boost
Fixed a fairy ring teleport
Added ;;nexloot (can also examine nex now)


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