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Bug fixes, Max cape, more bug fixes! + even more!!

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+ Fixed alot of bugs regarding clues
- Dig spaces 1 tile off
- Some crates that didnt work
- Other small fixes
+ Be sure to leave in bug reports if you find more bugs regarding clues!

+ Welcome broadcast for new players

+ You can now sell Torstol and ranarr seeds for a way higher price at Sigmund (more will be added as we go)

+ Added Max cape with perks of all other cape & teleports

+ Fixed stats bandos & zamorak at GWD

+ Increased respawn time bandos & zamorak

+ Bandos mage NPC edits make it similar to OSRS

+ Fixed drinking wine

+ Increased damage of kindlings at Ice Demon in CoX

+ Multiple fixes for inferno regarding the revival mage

+ Bug fixes for the new teleports at Prifdinas and Ferox Enclave

+ Removed the blood money pouches from alot of pouches

+ Kraken pool gave magic XP if you didnt hit the tentacles

+ Added a teleport to Inferno located in minigames

+ You can now actually attack all Kalphites on a slayer task

+ Blood shard is now 1/1200

+ Fixed potion protection timers for antidote+ and ++ and a few other pots

+ Dwarf cannon restriction for Darkmeyer & slayer tower

+ Max cape upgrading at Mac improved

+ Fixed a bug at shaman in dungeons.

+ Harpoon fishing fix

+ Fixed an issue regarding Tokkul

+ Increased stock sizes in slayer stores

+ Added dark relic XP lamp to Crystal tree shop

+ Added Gold leaf to general store at home


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