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    Reworked shops at home - Moved skilling supplies to west of home by sawmill guy - Changed alot of prices of items inside all stores - Removed & added items to different stores Luna rabbit pet From the vote mystery book you can get a luna pet now The pet will tell you about a mystery spot to get a secret reward! Vote mystery book edits - New Luna rabbit pet - New luna rabbit necklace to talk to the pet - More skilling supplies - More GP rewards - Removed some terrible loot - You get a vote mystery book every 30 votes Added blast furnace pump for strength XP Edits done to prevent taking cannon in NM and TFP Changed made to loottable kourend guard Alchemical hydra last phase bug fixes Angler set now gives 50% fishing xp properly You can now properly make ultra compost without losing your entire volcanic ash stack You now need a empty inventory to get inside the boxing ring and fence ring Fixes done for LMS and LMS is now re-enabled Every 30 votes you get a vote mystery book now Added clue scroll (easy) to HAM pickpocketting Re-added emotes Changes done to inferno Added announcements with super mystery book Removed certain items available in other shops that shouldnt be. You can now light and extinguish torches Changed magic stone ID in shop to right one & changed price Achievement diaries: - Fixed interface for mobile - Multiple edits done to backbone of diaries TOB: - Party system pretty much done - Party interface done - First boss is about 70% done already - Added scripts & interfaces that TOB uses
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