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    Hitsplat tinting/max hitsplats Hitsplat tinting and max hitsplats have now been added! Wesley You can now ask Wesley to crush various items for 50 GP each, he is located in Nardah. Bug fixes/other fixes: Fixed barehand level ninja implings Replaced ice troll king in Nightmare Zone for Black Demon Edits done to tackle the issue with certain interfaces not appearing properly when the XP interface is visible Updates posted on Discord: Added all missing NPCs in the Wilderness slayer dungeon, Abyssal Demons, Jellies, Greater Nechryaels and Dust Devils - All the NPCs except for the Jellies require a slayer task to fight them within the Wilderness slayer cave Can now uncharge (c) Bow of Faerdhinen & Blade of Saeldor Fixed issue with drops from Phantom Muspah and World Boss Fixed issue GIM de-iron Fixes loot announcements Elvarg Other small fixes & improvements done to server
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    Your Name: Nick Age: 25 Your Location: Alkmaar, Netherlands Average Amount Of Gameplay: Three to four hours per evening, 12+ on the weekend Which role would you like: Player Support Why Should I Receive This Position: In my humble opinion, I think that I've accumulated alot of in-game knowledge over the past 2+ years and most certainly believe that in the position as Support that is something quite valuable. Not only that but I've been trying to be really helpful, warm-welcoming and understanding towards new players with all kinds of different questions. I also think I'm a reliable and known name throughout the playerbase and have always tried to help to stand up against people promoting ideas and motives that goes against general morale and the game rules. Last but not least, I also possess alot of the qualities in my character to fill out this position rightfully and accordingly. Staff Experience: 1.5 years of moderating and 7 months of being admin before the server got sold. Rs/Rsps Experience: I've been playing Rs2 since 2005 or 2006 roughly. Quit Rs2 about a year before EoC. Been playing RSPS' on and off since 2011, fully playing Luna since 2021. Goals: To be more knowledgable in the game's fine details and being more of a help towards Luna behind the scenes and thereby helping contribute to growing out this amazing server. Weaknesses: I don't let bullshit slip and will speak up on it. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would step in and offer my help continously throughout the process, try to keep the situation under control and offer my assistence over private message. If that wouldn't suffice and the player continues with the unwanted behaviour I'd handle out a warning for a mute and continue neccessary steps in that process whilst documenting that. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I will kindly ask him to stop that and why he would be doing that. If the response isn't well or this staff member continues with these actions I'd start documenting it and inform the admins of it. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I wouldn't do anything that would lead to more "begging" (by lack of better words) and help them on the way to achieve asked items on their own by advicing them on ways to make money. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? A fair warning like anyone deserves. If the person decides to continue this behaviour a mute and possible further steps according to the guidelines. All whilst documenting that. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I will always follow set-out guidelines and act accordingly. I'd take full responsibility for mis-judgment or any other case and will always try to be as kind as can be whilst handling these kinds of situations.
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    Halloween event Death needs help to save Halloween! He is running out of candy and needs your help getting more candy. He will give you a shopping list and you have to collect these items! After the mini quest you can do various activities to get candy points which can be used at the Halloween cauldron (explained below) You can find him located next to the altar at home - Complete mini quest for 50 candy points! - Obtain candy from Pyramid Plunder! - Obtain candy from The Gauntlet! - Obtain candy from birdhouses! - Obtain candy from Tournaments! - Obtain candy by catching implings! - Pray at the ectofuntus to obtain candy! The Cauldron At home you can find a big cauldron First of a player can earn a reward every 90 candies. These rewards are: Halloween wig (frankenstein) Witch hat Witch top Witch robes Witch boots Witch cape Spooky robes Spooky skirt Spooky gloves Spooky Boots Halloween wig (medusa) 50x barrows reroll scrolls 2x XP scrolls 25x slayer skip pages 75x clue step skip pages 2x halloween mask set Super mystery book 5M 5M 10M Also the Cauldron can reach 4 different levels. This can be done server-wide when players donate candy. The first level is reached after 8000 candies server-wide The second level is reached after 20000 candies server-wide The third level is reached after 40000 candies server-wide The fourth level is reached after 80000 candies server-wide After reaching a specific level there will be a drop party at home. The rewards of this drop party varies depending on the level the prayer reaches with the cauldron. It can be barrows reroll scrolls, clue step skip pages, mystery box, vote mystery box, GP, double drop scrolls and more! Home has been changed with a halloween theme too! Farming guild Issue with patches not showing the correct stage at farming guild has been fixed Halloween discounts & deals: HWEEN40 - 40% off any item in store above 200 points - 12 available HWEEN30 - 30% off any item in store above 100 points - 10 available HWEENPERK - 35% off all perks in the store - 20 available HWEEN15 - 15% off any item in the store Deals: At certain threshold donated between now and end of the event (will roughly stay a month) you can earn extras with your donations. This includes: $30+ for super book, 2x XP scroll, 20 clue step skip pages $100+ for 3 super books, 2x XP scroll, 50x barrows reroll scrolls, 50x clue step skip pages $200+ for 3 super books, pet box, 4x XP scroll, 2x XP lamp, 100 barrows reroll scrolls, 100 clue step skip pages, 10x slayer skip scrolls $300+ for 5 super books, pet box, 6x XP scroll, 4x XP lamp, 100 reroll, 100 pages, 40 clue reward caskets, 50 enhanced crystal keys, 25x slayer skip scrolls
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    Phantom Muspah Phantom Muspah has officially been released! Thank you for everyone participating in the beta to help fix bugs! Muspah at the moment has one small bug left, whenever he does his shockwave attack be sure to stand at least 2 tiles from any spike. Muspah is a med boss and drops lots of great alchables as well making the boss a solid gp method! You may access Phantom Muspah by typing either ;;muspah or through the teleport interface. Some features of Muspah: Just south of Muspah entrance you can find ancient essence crystals The essence changes place every 90 ticks, this is a new way for skillers to earn some extra GP selling ancient essence which is needed to charge the Venator bow or the saturated heart. Venator bow The venator bow has a passive effect that requires ancient essence to use. When attacking a target in a multicombat area, the bow will try to fire another arrow into a nearby target, dealing damage up to two-thirds of the original max hit, rounded down. Then, the attack can bounce again, either to the original target or a third one nearby. Bouncing arrows will only hit targets in a range of two squares from the target's centre tile (north-east tile for even-tiled NPCs). Additional hits roll their own accuracy checks instead of using the one from the initial hit. Ancient sceptre The ancient scepte is an upgraded version of the ancient staff. The sceptre has increased combat stats & has a passive effect, increasing all effects of Ancient magics by 10% Saturated heart The saturated heart is a upgraded version of the imbued heart. The heart grants a 5-minute temporary boost that increases the player's Magic level by 4 + 10% of their level, rounded down (compared to the imbued heart's 1 + 10% boost). In addition, the player's Magic level will not drain below the maximum boost of the heart when used, though it can still be decreased by the use of certain potions or by attacks from an opponent. After five minutes, the player's Magic level will return to normal. The saturated heart has a five minute cooldown, 2 minutes shorter than the imbued heart; however players cannot use both simultaneously. Muspah Pet/Charged ice And ofcourse we cannot forget about the cute pet! You can obtain Charged ice from Phantom Muspah only once if you kill him within 3 minutes. If you use the charged ice on the pet you can metamorphosis the pet to all 3 versions of Muspah! Summer event Our summer event is here! First of the World boss (;;wb) has increased chance for unique loot & alchables. The world boss also temporarily gives way more village XP than before now! You can obtain summer tokens to spend in the shop by doing most of our mini-games. Think about mini-games like.. Tournament.. Last man Standing.. Pest Control.. Gauntlet.. Pyramid Plunder.. Wintertodt.. Barrows.. Rise of the Six.. Even Nex, CoX, ToB and TFP! There will also be a new summer sale and new items to obtain like Mystic cards, a void ornament kit set and much more which will be announced soon. The rainbow sweater can be changed to 8 different colours. The rainbow tie can also be changed in 8 different colours. The hat with the bird can also be a different style! Updated Fountain of goodwill The fountain has received a massive overhaul! You can pick between four events. You will now also see recent donators and the timer can be stacked now! Also fixed issue with the "Wet" title, it will now count all the mills you've put in instead of having to put it 10M everytime. Thralls Thralls are now available in beta. Certain players will gain access to thralls for testing purposes. All thralls are available, the magic one, ranged and melee. The lesser, greater and superior are all available. Thralls should be fully finished already but prefer to get it tested properly first! Blood altar Added the True blood altar which you can access through the Abyss. Also after this update the plan is to mostly work on bug fixes for a while on Luna. After some critical bugs are fixed we plan to start on Tombs of Amascut! Bug fixes/misc Fixed a few clue steps Fixed issue at tournament Reworked how items are dismantled Started on Arceeus spellbook Increased chances for lizardmen fang/Xeric's talisman to drop from the stone chest Fixes done to boss timer so it doesnt show "5185815 minutes" now Added info how to obtain Ash sanctifier in ::help at "achievement diary" Lots of other improvements and small fixes done to various things, including lag fixes too to make the server feel smoother. Fixed issues with XP lamp requiring level above 99 Gilded axe woodcutting level requirement from 71 to 41 Fixed the barrier at the PVP arena New bingo A new bingo which will start soon! The previous bingo rewards will be handed out as soon as this bingo begins. It will begin as soon as the update hits on world one Previous bingo winners: 1. Bopedaccy - All lines except prayer scroll 2. Mysti and wdn second place 3. muggles and qwedax third place 4. iron soldier 5. erik and dry ice 5th 6. Wood 7. Loopielump & firebite 8. Bailey, DxD, Chaomatic Updates posted on Discord: Re-added bestiary npc & item search, you can find it at the quest tab or using the interface itself Reworked alot of how Nex loot is dropped and added more checks so a low level cant just leech Fixed animations mammoth Added beginner scroll as guaranteed drop Obor You can now create teak stocks with teak logs Fixed hide roofs problem Fixed issue when relogging getting stuck on "loading please wait.." Fixed Zaryte crossbow special attack problem Fixed Ancient godsword special attack problem Fixed Sraracha pet attackable Added Mystic Cards Added Nex Event Certain random dialogue fixed, typos, too many spaces etc Added new items Done some more lag improvements Fixed some clues Fixed issue with ranged in pvp Unique drops from Nex are now easier & added lots of alchables/supplies to Nex droptable Changed some of Nex mechanics in bigger teams Added lots of protections against "leeches" in Nex Slightly reduced DWH/SWH defence reduction against Nex with big teams Fixed issue with magic in white portal pvp Fixed issue with nex npcs Added Nex items to x1/x10/village boost Fixed a fairy ring teleport Added ;;nexloot (can also examine nex now)
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    Theatre of Blood The raid has received a complete overhaul. The rework is not 100% done yet but I wanted to get tob out as soon as possible and will fix the final issues after this update! - All bosses has been entirely reworked - Party system received a small overhaul - Some notable bug fixes: All bosses have extra security checks to prevent endless loops Issue at Maiden fixed healing more from the nylocas NPCs than she should After Bloat dying still receiving damage for several ticks Nylocas Vasilias spider waves properly work now and cannot be skipped like before Nylocas Vasilias moves from melee into range/mage phases way faster now Sotetseg has some improvements You can no longer damage Xarpus during first phase Poisons spawned by Xarpus show proper projectiles now instead of randomly appearing Verzik issue spamming her attacks when players face the right side of the area Nylocas spawns at Verzik can properly be damaged now Other small fixes done to Verzik Issues I still plan to fix after this original update in the next: Problem with the staff used at Verzik & first phase Rework loot system a bit to show purples on chest when unique is given Fix small other issues with death & party system Add the TOB health orbs Finish full rework of Verzik Other small issues & issues that might come up because of this rework Somewhere after this update we will have a poll about Theatre of Blood Entry & Hard mode. Hard mode may also include things like Sotetsegs maze attack & finish up Theatre of Blood for players if they want it! - My apologies for the delay of the update. Chambers of Xeric is next after Theatre of Blood and same for all other issues, once server is on a more stable place we will finish Tombs of Amascut! Trading Post improvements Trading post has received some improvements because of the recent update showing item icons it became quite cluttered with the text. Some notable changes: The each amount for items now appears on same spot as total amount You can now properly see GP amounts. Example: 55.5m showed as 55m, now it will show as 55.5m! Items above 1b+ now shows as "1b+" etc instead of 1000m, this is the same for 1k+. Added a way so admins (just owner on update release to test it properly if it works first, admins get it update after!) can age offers above 15 days so they do not appear in the trading post list anymore. This is to tackle players putting in weird item offers that make no sense Other small improvements & fixes Note: The amounts below is not the real amounts for these items obviously it is just to showcase how amounts show now. Thralls The plan was to release Thralls later with the entire new spellbook but figured id just release them now! You may spawn the range, mage & melee one from the Arceuus spellbook, 3 different types for each type! If you find any issue with them be sure to let me know but everything reported during the beta should be fixed! Bug fixes/new additions: Fixed issue with the Fishy situation quest You may now bank the Necromancer bottoms again Added Arceuus spellbook in magic cape Fixed issue not able to claim Ash Sanctifier after completing diary The vote pet perk now works while your pet is in your inventory when you claim votes Fixed several items with wrong stats Fixed issue with Cave Abomination npc Double Drop scroll now works for a full hour when used instead of 30 minutes Fixed pricing issue with Sigmund for certain items he buys Some updates from Discord: As most of you already know we've added boss hiscores in the hiscores section on Luna website! Big thank you to @Hello working on the website side of this! Notable features: Filter by Iron status Lots of different bosses to choose from Fixed loot notifications (especially handy for mobile users!) You can now catch Ferrets Re-added Basilocked slayer Global announcements for Ancient icon/Frozen Cache Added visual cooldown in spellbook when you spawn Thralls Fixed issue with UIM not able to buy from shops Fixed multiple not working options in the advanced interface Lag fixes Fixed issue with staff of the dead Added level 70 magic level requirement occult necklace NPCs that shouldnt be aggressive are now fixed (like druids)
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    Revision update We have updated our revision again from 210 to 219! This means we got the most up to date content including content like.. - New Bounty hunter system (with map) - All desert treasure 2 bosses (Duke Succules, Vardorvis, The Whisperer, and The Leviathan), - New items like soulreaper axe, new buffed BiS rings, Virtus & Blood torva & much more - All the raids (ToA, CoX in particular) improved updated maps , content & interface changes, - Forestry part 1 and 2 (will be released later!!), - New slayer cave, new hairstyles, new weapons, new creatures, prayer re-order & soooo much more! Client sided: - 9 months of plugin updates & loads of new plugins are added - 9 months of client development - Prayer re-order Duke Sucellus In celebration of this monumental update, we’re excited to release Duke Sucellus from Desert Treasure II ahead of schedule. Tackle this boss for a chance to claim the full Virtus set and the upgraded Magus ring among other unique drops, including the Ice Quartz for Ancient sceptre enhancements. Embark on a two-phase battle that tests your skilling and combat skills for rewarding loot! Duke has many different unique drops. Some notable ones are the Virtus set and Magus ring but he also drops Ice Quartz which you can use on your Ancient sceptre to upgrade it to increase your ice spells accuracy by 20%, ofcourse the cute pet Baron and much more! Phase one you gather supplies, you mine the rock in the middle and take the mushrooms from the end of the rooms while dodging the extremities and magic! You create two vials and use them on Duke to initiate phase 2! Phase 2 you fight the boss, melee is recomended, make sure he does not see you else there will be a swift death! Ancient vault You can now visit the ancient vault to access the chest to obtain lots of supplies & other goods depending on which quartz you bring. (Which is at the moment ice quartz only due to Duke!) Mobile Rejoice as in-game sounds make a comeback! Benefit from numerous minor improvements and bug fixes for an optimized mobile experience. Chambers of Xeric Bank at start area Placed more energy pools throughout the raid Raid scaling option in raid interface (currently unavailable) Storages at Olm Fixed issue with fire attack at Olm when he dies during it Fixed a huge issue with NPCs not spawning in a raid and/or double NPCs in a raid Due to some players using this method to obtain olm only during this time the Chambers of Xeric timers have been reset server-wide Added a CoX leaderboard object at CoX, similar what we got at Nex, gauntlet etc. Slayer Slayer bosses has been slightly reworked and allows us to add custom bosses more freely now. We've added Duke Sucellus and Galvek as a boss task now! Alchemical Hydra Alchemical hydra now drops unique loot just like osrs, this means brimstone ring pieces will drop in order and the uniques match osrs exactly what the wiki says Phantom Muspah You may now grind a venator shard for 50000 ancient essence or an ancient icon for 5000 essence using a pestle & mortar More minor bug fixes done to Muspah Hairstyles Hairstyles are no longer dependent on your chosen character model – you can sport whatever lovely locks you like! Scythe of Vitur The scythe's slash accuracy has been increased from +110 to +125. Charging the scythe now costs one vial of blood and 200 blood runes for 100 charges, rather than 300 blood runes for 100 charges. Charges are now only used when one of the scythe's hits deal damage. Abyssal dagger The special attack cost has been reduced from 50% to 25% Forestry A massive update which will most likely happen in 2024. We have everything to add it in both part 1 and 2! This will include lots of new items & minigames. Donation improvements There has been some improvements made to the super mystery book & new items added to the donator store and some removed. Super mystery book - Temporarily added in Scythe of Vitur (uncharged), Venator bow (uncharged) and Elidinis ward - Added saturated heart - Removed some of the smaller rewards & increased overall odds for higher level uniques - Increased odds for Abyssal dagger - Frozen caches are now less common Shops For a limited time only: Lightbearer for 45 points Breach of the scarab (creates keris partisan of breaching) - 30 points Removed Torn prayer scroll Dark dye Donator deal system Due to frustration of players (totally understandable) having to wait for the donator deal trade by Luna it is now an automatic system, you can talk to the wise man at home to get your donator rewards and check out if there is a current deal going on or not! All information regarding the deal can be found on our discord or ingame by talking to the wise old man by the donator stores at home! World list Re-added world list and in friend list/clan chat it will now properly show green if player is in your world and yellow if in a different world. Bug fixes & additional content: You can use items on players again. This means you can trade $ scrolls to ironman by using them on ironman and you can use CoX raid potions on ironman to give to them Note: Revision updates may cause new issues & bugs. We've went through alot of bugs & content but we can always miss some. Be sure to report these if you do find them! Can now buy looting bag at slayer master for 10 points Twisted banshee specific ID now drops items White knights in Falador are no longer aggressive Sea gulls are no longer aggressive Removed christmas event & changed home to normal home Added voidwaker special attack sound Added & fixed missing advanced settings options Changed all items value again to the newer GE prices Added fixes to costume room in construction Tortured Gorillas now have a melee animation that actually looks like a melee animation, as opposed to a ranging animation. Extra pictures: Small updates posted posted on Discord: You no longer throw your entire bucket in the fire for the fire spirit Fixed issue with the Iban staff and the accursed sceptre Added a way to properly save sales to Trading Post to add an automatic system on website one day that changes prices of items Fixed issue with Phantom muspah pet after using charged ice on it Fixed Artis clue step Fixed issue with Konar task Reduced dust devil respawn timer from 50 ticks to 15 ticks Improvements done to GIM storage Lots of Tombs of Amascut edits added to world 1 to ensure code not intervening Small edits done to tob & cox Can now send a message from discord CC to game every 5 seconds instead of 10 Allowed more characters to be used talking in CC on discord like ' Some more lag improvements Added a perk store at the donator stores, allowing you to purchase the perks we have on our website ingame using donator points, these are the perks incase you do not know: MASTER CHEF - Cook on a range or fire 1 game tick faster. CANNONBALL MASTER - Allows you to smith cannonballs 2 game tick faster. RC MASTER - 10% chance of double runes when Runecrafting at altars. ANGEL - A 10% chance of getting double exp for each bone used on an chaos altar. TRAPPER - All pray have a higher chance of being lured into your traps with increased trap timeout. INFINITE RUN PERK - Infinite run outside of the Wilderness Perfect ava's - 95% to save arrows while wearing avas instead of 80% Coming soon...
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    Christmas event Christmas is back in Luna! Christmas quest Complete the quest to receive great rewards & access the boss! Boss The yellow snow boss is back again to try make all the snow yellow, stop him and receive great loot like a corrupted voidwaker, pets, cosmetics & skilling loot & GP! Some of the obtainable rewards are shown below. You can find the boss and the quest and the snowball area west of home! The christmas event has much more to offer but I want to keep some surprises! Snowball area It is time to show your snowball throwing skills! In the area you can fight against other players throwing snowballs. Its not just ordinary snowball throwing.. You have chance to headshot players to deal high damage, a chance to fire snowballs 100% faster for 10 seconds & more fun! There is also a shop specificly for throwing snowballs in the area. Its just a simple shop but with a unique cosmetic and GP! Christmas tree Visit the christmas tree at home to receive a free gift! You receive a better gift depending on your donator rank. Some of the loot: New Christmas sale! Use XMAS35 for 35% off all orders above 110 points Use XMASSCROLL for 40% off all $ scrolls Use XMAS20 for 20% off everything At certain thresholds you will earn cosmetics. This can be found on discord #discount-codes for more information or ask ingame to Luna! Chambers of Xeric Osrs did an update with QOL for the raid a few days ago. We wanted to add most of these right now, we will add the remaining ones too! General Various unnoted consumable items (namely common food and potions) will now appear to other players when dropped. Sped up the growth times of Buchu, Golpar and Noxifer plants. Scavengers Since Scavengers roll multiple drops, it's possible to get multiple sets of the components above. Tweaked drops so that whenever any potion secondary would be dropped, Scavengers now drop more Stinkhorn mushroom, Cicely and Endarkened Juice. Scavengers now only roll two drops at a time. Mallignum Root Planks are now stackable. Tekton Tekton no longer resets his Defence when healing at the anvil. Crabs Players can no longer 'splash' on crabs if their Magic bonus is higher than -64. Attacks no longer have any delay after hitting a crab. If your attack changes the crab's colour, you won't automatically re-attack. Ice Demon Kindling is now stackable, up to a cap of 28. Lighting braziers and burning Kindling now provide more points. Now drops Stinkhorn Mushroom, Endarkened Juice and Cicely to each player when defeated. Reduced the ice demon's Magic defence from 60 to 40. Vanguards Standardised drops. Overload drop mechanics remain unchanged. Melee Vanguard now drops 2 Xeric's Aid and an Elder Potion. Ranged Vanguard now drops 1 Xeric's Aid, 2 Revitalisation and a Twisted Potion. Magic Vanguard now drops 1 Xeric's Aid, 1 Prayer Enhance and a Kodai Potion. Vasa Nistirio Reduced Vasa’s Ranged defence. Vasa will now only heal if a crystal isn't destroyed in time. Vasa now drops a guaranteed Overload(+). Muttadiles Adjusted the damage formula for Dimitri the Meat Tree: (Woodcutting level / 2) - 2, plus or minus 5. Both muttadiles will attempt to heal at the Meat Tree when reduced below 50% HP (up from 40%). Both muttadiles can now be damaged while frozen, even if they were trying to move towards the Meat Tree. Reduced the max hits of both muttadiles. Big muttadile will now only swap between Magic and Ranged attacks after using the same style three times, not counting Melee attacks. Great Olm Olm's portal swap special now spawns a portal within 10 tiles of players in a solo encounter. Olm's healing pool attack now has a 'cooldown' of 10 attacks. Bug fixes & Updates from discord You'll now be able to see players killcounts for each boss when you view their page, also the rank they sit at overall for each boss. Re-added Revenant Maledictus, the revenant boss. This was long overdue, it had a bug which is now fixed. In an upcoming update the boss will drop a special revenant pet with a perk. I was not able to do this right now due to ToA General Graardor now only does ranged attack if within melee range Multiple GIM fixes Added ability for custom titles. Coming soon Fixed ability to set keybinds searching in the advanced settings interface Overload now goes through absorption potion & multiple other nightmare zone fixes Gilded pickaxe now works properly Added GIM icon next to players name aswell visually Added the proper transformation interface for items that allows you to transform Fixed certain slayer NPCs not dropping imbued heart Removed a random vyre in wilderness, he must have been lost Removed double loot cyclops Removed taverley dungeon greater demon task konar Fixed an agility shortcut Changed the Halloween cauldron to 50000 candies for the last level. Nex choke attack now spreads players within 1 tile away instead of 2 Did lots of different edits with Zalcano to ensure it will not get stuck anymore Fixed dragon pickaxe special at ancient essence mining Doubled the amount you can obtain at ancient essence, you will also get additional double while pickaxe special is active You can now create & drink Ancient brew from Nex A dose of ancient brew boosts the player's Magic level by 2 + 5% of their base Magic level, as well as restoring prayer points equal to 2 + 10% of their base Prayer level (with the ability to restore up to 5% over the player's base Prayer level). However, it will also drain the player's Attack, Strength, and Defence levels by 2 + 10% of their current levels. Re-enabled certain pet perks that were not enabled anymore (Like Lil' Kharil) Fixed Wilderness lever, it will no longer be stuck if a player logs out halfway after pulling the lever Added Tombs of Amascut consumables & more in preparation for the huge update Fixed obtaining ash sanctifier from npc Lag fixes & improvements Changed pvm boss back to gnome
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    Your Name: Cody Age: 29 Your Location: Us, Oklahoma Average Amount Of Gameplay: 5-6 hours varies due to my children Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: I think I would be useful as a moderator I’ve been playing RuneScape since 2005 I know a lot of the games content and some boss mechanics I’ve coded and hosted servers when I was 14-16 so I’ve got a grasp of the dedication and pressure of the development team as well as the experience in Java and gradle, with a long list of servers that I’ve been appointed staff back to the days of all star styled servers I’ve been mod and admin on many servers and have never received a ban or any kind of previous offense on any of my accounts. Staff Experience: As stated above I’ve hosted coded and worked with some big names in the community while most people might like him I’ve done a lot of work with king fox for those that know of him as well as helped with bugs found on other servers in the past as to not advertise I will not list there names unless requested with picture proof of bugs found and reported I’ve been mod countless times even when some of the other staff members would over play there powers I would document and inform the rest of the team of the actions and reputation upheld by our staff team. I’ve been admin a lot of times but with great power comes great responsibility and as a father of 4 I understand responsibility. Rs/Rsps Experience: I’ve coded and hosted servers since 2010 played RuneScape since 2005 I started learning Java after joining a server around 2008 becoming promoted to mod then admin and then to Co-owner as the main owner left for military duty so I held down the server and made sure the host didn’t have any issues until he couldn’t afford the time to continue the. I met another developer named Nate he was a really good friend that showed me the basics of coding and we would develop the server together at the time this was a 508 source so it was different from the normal 317-474 servers however I’ve got experience few with 317-718+ I no longer code or wish too the stress and time isn’t worth it anymore Goals: Max my account and help contribute to the servers player count and community wellbeing as well as focusing on the support side of the forums to help every players issue become resolved and if possible without having to climb the ladder or bother someone else if it’s something I can explain to get resolved. Weaknesses: As a father of 4 and a working man I do have time restrictions however when my family goes to sleep is when I relax and enjoy my time within Luna. And going above and beyond to fix things that sometimes are unfortunate not fixable. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle the conflict: First I would ask him to submit a support ticket if it’s an issue that can’t be solved by chatting then if I have the ability I would teleport us to a private place so that the players aren’t involved anymore while we discuss what can be done. If we can’t not resolve the issue I would then seek to have him contact a higher staff member if the toxicity continues I would inform him of our rules once again and advise to keep the toxic chats to a minimum to avoid a temporary mute to then which if they continue I will contact if available a higher staff member for approval of the temporary Mute as I don’t want to overstep my abilities. While not afraid to use the power it’s about reason and balance. He could have had an issue with another player through private message say he’s only being toxic and asking questions due to the toxic private messages in this instance I believe we would have to contact Luna so that he could recall the logs. Not everyone can be satisfied but if you believe and evaluate the situation most conflicts can be solved but you also can’t be afraid to intervene when it comes to community wellbeing. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: Screen record screen shot and report the findings to Luna/Steve Jobs for further analysis. Because this is an overstepping of power with said powers responsibility is a big key. At the end of the day it’s a game. “Treat others how you wish to be treated” A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I would give them the things I have no use for to help them but I wouldn’t continue to give them free items if they aren’t willing to put forth the effort of earning something on there own. There’s no issues in asking for help but asking for hand outs while you know that you’ve just given them plenty is when I will draw the line don’t go to one person get free stuff and then 20 more asking for more free stuff because your not satisfied. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? Depending on the offense toxic chat and harassment will be met with a warning that I would screen shot the chat as well as my warning for logging and then would proceed to follow the case if it continues then I believe a temp mute is justified if the mute is lifted and it continues perm mute or temp ban if they don’t understand still then I would report to Luna for a ban. I believe a ban is only responsible when someone is actively making irl threats of harm or when someone is bug abusing on a global scale if a bug is found it needs to be documented and reported to the staff team with as much information as possible to track down what is causing said bug so it can be patched within the next update. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? As a Player Mod I would follow all rules set by Luna No one is above the Rules they’re in place to provide a fun and wellbeing experience for our community. also provided is a picture of my cat for good luck. Her name is Pumpkin Pie and she is a tortoise shell.
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    Custom pets are now fixed! New titles You can now obtain more than 30 new titles! You can pick one by typing ;;titles ingame. Title: Soaked Requirement: Fill the Fountain of goodwill with atleast 2B, minimum of 10M per donation Title: Phantom Requirement: Kill Phantom Muspah 500 times. Title: Bandos Requirement: Kill General Graardor 500 times Title: Armadyl Requirement: Kill Kree'arra 500 times Title: Saradomin Requirement: Kill Commander Zilyana 500 times Title: Zamorak Requirement: Kill Kril Tsutsaroth 500 times Title: Mole Requirement: Kill the Giant Mole 100 times Title: Revenant Requirement: Kill Revenants 1000 times Title: Villager Requirement: Reach village level 100 Title: Maximus Requirement: Reach level 99 with all stats Title: Grotesque Requirement: Kill the Grotesque Guardians 100 times Title: Nightmare Requirement: Kill The Nightmare 250 times Title: Barrows Requirement: Loot over 1000 barrows chests Title: Tournament Master Requirement: Win the tournament 150 times Title: Murderer Requirement: Kill 500 players within the Tournament Title: Survivor Requirement: Win Last Man Standing 100 times Title: Nex Requirement: Kill Nex 100 times Title: Zaros Requirement: Kill Nex 1000 times Title: Fishy Requirement: Catch atleast 1000 fish Title: Fishing Master Requirement: Catch atleast 10000 fish Title: Fast Requirement: Complete 500 laps of the Wilderness course Title: Clue master Requirement: Complete 100 master clues Title: Clue expert Requirement: Complete 300 master clues Title: Stoned Requirement: Mine atleast 2000 pay-dirt in Motherlode mine Title: Farmer Requirement: Complete 100 farming contracts Title: Icy Requirement: Complete Wintertodt 100 times Title: Plunderer Requirement: Complete 100 runs in Pyramid Plunder Title: Quest master Requirement: Gain at least 5 quest points Title: Olm Requirement: Complete the Chambers of Xeric atleast 400 times Title: True Warrior Requirement: Complete the Chambers of Xeric atleast 500 times Title: Friend Requirement: Open the loyalty chest atleast 50 times Other fixes Increased odds for pet & enhanced crystal seed in Gauntlet & increased overall crystal shard gain in Gauntlet Fixed Grand Exchange prices on the runelite client, you can now properly use loot beams and other plugins that need these prices (Simply restart your client or download the .jar if you use the .jar, if you use the launcher simply restart!) Increased ::yell characters Fixed reported issues at Vasilias in TOB Fixed reported issues at Sotetseg in TOB Fixed other small things & improvements TOB Fixed issue with Super mystery book Fixed issue not receiving a vote mystery book at 30 votes
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    Added item icons to the Trading Post Crystal Armour rework The armour has received some changes! When your armour degrades now you will just get a uncharged version of the armour instead of seeds You can also wear the uncharged version now (no bonuses) You can now colour your armour in 8 different colours, you can buy these colours in Prifddinas. The colours are.. Red White Black Purple Green Yellow Blue Light blue Example: Fixed an issue with Vorkath attack that spawns NPC and Vorkath becoming stuck because of it Fixed Callisto shock attack & Callisto is now immune to magic Fixed issues at Phantom Muspah with shield phase & reworked phases Added global announcement for Ancient Icon and Frozen cache Fixed Dragonite smithing Double drop scroll now works at Phantom Muspah and gives one additional drop instead Added Asgarnian ice cave agility shortcut Fixed lighthouse ladder leading to Dagannoths Fixed crystal item IDs & decreased odds for them from Crystal Chest Fixed issue when opening "Open links" in questlog and not being able to type anymore Added a fix for the XP counter covering up certain interfaces Casting Vengeance will no longer stop your special attack Fixed issue with Necromancer quest Attempted fix Rune Dragons You can now wear the Kandarin Headgear (4) again Fake XP added back to the Tournament Re-added Spirit tree at Gnome Stronghold Fixed ladders at Ape Atoll Fixed issue with Necromancer bottoms Fixed typo & issues Fountain of good will Fixed issue with terrorbird achievement diary Fixes done to Arceuus spellbook & adding new spells, fixes done to Thralls aswell - spellbook releasing soon!
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    Theatre of Blood Nylocas Vasilias spider waves/boss Spiders spawn less frequent Reworked attacks of the spiders entirely and ranged & magic actually does correct attacks now Vasilias now moves from melee to ranged/magic way faster Fixed vasilias attacks appearing later Added proper animations to the spiders No more double explosion & shows proper anim for exploding too now Can now properly hit the melee spider with all melee attackstyles Other small improvements and fixes Sotetseg Small improvements Xarpus Xarpus poison now fully dissapears after boss died (the graphics went away but the damage didnt, this is now fixed) Arceuus spellbook Lots of spells has been added to the Arceuus spellbook! The spells are: Vile Vigour Casting Vile Vigour will convert all of the player's remaining prayer points into run energy at a 1:1 ratio. Players can only cast Vile Vigour once every ten seconds. Shadow Veil While under the effects of Shadow Veil, players have a 15% chance to avoid being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs. Undead/Skeletal/Ghostly grasp This spell has a base max hit of (depends on spell), and has a 50% chance to stop the target from moving for four ticks (2.4 seconds); streak marks mid-animation indicate a successful bind on the target. Dark/Inferior/Superior Demonbane This spell has a base max hit of (depends which spell of the 3), but can only be cast on demonic creatures. Basicly increased damage against demonic creatures. By default, Demonbane spells have an accuracy bonus of 20% against demonic creatures. Super Mystery Book After many requests we have reworked the book. First off we've reworked the book, if you open and close the book now you will not get new loot, the first time you open the book those items get saved. We've taken out lots of smaller rewards like dragon cane, some whips, Kodai wand and many others Overall chances for uniques should be better now! New items added: Black Tourmaline Core Crystal Shards x100 Crystal Keys x50 Pvp pack Slayer skip pages x25 Enhanced crystal weapon seed Ancient Essence Blood Shards Twisted Ancestral Colour Kit Torva Platebody Fangs of Venenatis Voidwaker Skull of Vet'ion Claws of Callisto Zaryte Vambraces Frozen Cache Trading Post Small improvements to the trading post to make it less cluttered. Ornament kit items now appear as "Orn. kit" If an item has (uncharged) or (inactive) in its name the name is now removed from the item in TP If an item appears like 150,0m it will now appear as 150m Other small improvements Bug fixes/new additions Fixed bunch of armor with wrong stats or missing things Lots of work done to the server to assure a better experience Work been done to Tombs of Amascut, releasing later this year.
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    Equipment interface Has been fixed fully, including set effect bonus, the new weapon speed feature & more! Fixed multiple other interfaces There were a bunch of custom interfaces with fixes too, below is highlight of a few of them with major fixes, in total around 10 custom interfaces had some improvements done. Misc/bug fixes Divine rune pouch is now fully functional Changed 150+ items in the market to prices we had in our old price guide Replaced Pharaoh's sceptre with a new ID Reworked magus/ultor creation Salve amulet (normal not the ei one) did 15% damage increase before, it should be 16.67%, fixed this Multiple fixes to Theatre of Blood Reduced sotetseg ball attack for solo players Fixes done to Awakened Vardorvis Can now get a perfect kill count at Vardorvis normal/awakened and duke with the resource drop and unique drop too Removed summer tokens TOB Started work on Herbiboar & development of ToA ongoing!
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    Droprate boosts Players have been asking for improved droprates for a while. This will be part one of this, this is very experimental and we'll see how it goes! Donator droprate boost Silver donator+ - 3% boost Gold donator+ - 4% boost Platinum donator+ - 5% boost Master donator+ - 7% boost Godlike donator+ - 10% boost Legendary donator+ - 14% boost 5% Permanent droprate boost - 70 points first donator store The boost is stackable with the x1 - x10 boost and village boosts Meaning if for example a player is a godlike donator and x1 with the village boosts.. Can obtain 10 + 8 + 3 + 3 + 5 = 29% boost at GWD! Theatre of Blood Solo/duo Theatre of blood has never been easier now with HP scaling added! Npc HP scaling & solo TOB edits The enemies' health scales now according to player team size. Enemies have their health adjusted to a five-man encounter, but will be lowered to 87.5% and 75% in 4-man and trio or lower sizes respectively. Duo and solo will have the HP lowered to 70% Xarpus now drops the objects players have to stand on depending on the size of the party The raid now also scales spawned NPCs by bosses Sotetseg damage has been lowered against the player he targets with the big orb attack The black interface sticking around has been fixed Awakened Vardorvis has been released! The boss' health increases from 700 to 1,400. The boss now absorbs stat drains. An extra Swinging Axe is added to the fight, so three axes are swung until 50% of his health, after which four axes are swung instead. Swinging Axes inflict damage upon spawning. Axes that spawn in the middle locations have a hitbox extending one tile in front of them. Bleed damage is increased from 3 to 5. The spores from his Strangle attack have less time to be destroyed before the tendrils tighten. Vardorvis' Head can now also use a magic attack (resembling a blue crescent wave) to disable protection prayers. If the player stands next to the tendrils surrounding the arena for more than 4 ticks, they will hit for over 30 typeless damage. You can fight him by using a Awakener's Orb at the start. He has a 3/120 chance at unique loot, making it a 1/40 chance at rolling the unique, without event! Donator stores Players felt the prices were to steep, some were changed to tackle this. Most prices of items in the donator store has been changed + the permanent droprate boost item has been added 5% permanent droprate boost: 70 points Lightbearer from 70 to 65 points Mystery box from 10 to 8 points Super Mystery book from 18 to 16 points Pet box from 35 to 31 points Pvp armour mystery box from 38 to 28 points 5x Super mystery book bundle from 75 to 67 points Elite void bundle from 32 to 30 points 25x slayer skip pages bundle from 10 to 6 points Dragon bones 100x bundle from 11 points to 7 points 10x clue step skip pages from 8 to 7 points 30x stamina potions from 6 to 5 points 100x black chinchompa from 8 to 7 points 150x Anglerfish from 6 to 5 points 3x Ancient shard from 6 to 5 points 5x herb box from 20 to 12 points 100x Crystal shards from 9 to 7 points x500 cannonballs from 5 to 3 points 25x Crystal keys from 40 to 30 points 200x cooked karambwan from 6 to 5 points Double drop scroll from 9 to 4 points Avernic defender from 55 to 40 points Blade of Saeldor from 220 to 145 points Scroll box (master) from 8 to 3 points Abyssal Bludgeon from 100 to 45 points Imbued heart from 20 to 15 points Tormented bracelet from 18 to 15 points Eternal boots from 20 to 19 points Pegasian boots from 23 to 21 points Primordial boots from 23 to 21 points Inferno cape from 90 to 88 points Fighter torso from 8 to 7 points Blessed spirit shield from 35 to 15 points Armadyl godsword from 35 to 30 points Dragon Pickaxe from 20 to 18 points Dragonfire shield from 28 to 22 points Armadyl crossbow from 35 to 33 points Saradomin's blessed sword from 15 to 12 points Dice bag from 90 to 75 points Monkey from 50 to 40 points Craws bow from 25 to 15 points Slayer skip page from 3 to 2 points Enhanced crystal key from 5 to 3 points Dharok set from 18 to 16 points Ahrim set from 20 to 18 points Karil set from 20 to 18 points Guthan set from 19 to 17 points Torag set from 17 to 15 points Verac set from 17 to 16 points Also roughly 30 items has a different price in the wise donator store that changes every X hours Other fixes/QoL: Chambers of Xeric party interface fix Only the first preset is now available for non donators, after that the 2 other ones that were previously free is now locked behind bronze donator+ Better rates to obtain the sceptre from Pyramid Plunder Increased price of Frozen Tablet at Sigmund by 60000 instead of 30000 Increased price of Strangled Tablet at Sigmund by 70000 instead of 35000 Added Duke, Awakened Duke, Vardorvis, Awakened Vardorvis to boss hiscores on website Updates posted on discord: Vardorvis fixes/QoL & more: Vardorvis: Fixed vardorvis slayer task Best time had 10 seconds added & removed some pb's of some players While strangled all damage against you is now blocked Now does melee attack even later during head gaze to have more room to pray If clue scroll drop from Vardorvis or duke will now turn to scroll if on Strangle attack should no longer be able to get cancelled at all Various other small fixes & improvements done Fixed ham joint combat options Can now create a mahogany stock with logs and a knife Can no longer get a 0 task slayer task Fixed issue at pyramid plunder causing players to get stuck Summer pies now also restore 10% run energy Head gaze & strangle attack now only happen if NPC is below 80% HP Strangle attack now does between 3 and 7 spores at a time Vardorvis will do melee attack 2 ticks after head goes away instead Dash attack spikes now match better Throwing axes now only spawn inbetween the pillars instead of any of the 3 open tiles between the pillars Head attack no longer ruins your perfect kill since it is no damage Head attack prayer hit now hits 1 tick earlier on player Head attack now only disables player's protection prayers instead of all prayers Melee attack no longer only hits 10 Fixed collection log Fixed showing duke KC in item drop announcement Fixed interface perfect kills part Removed wrong items in the loottable Vard Other fixes & improvements
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    Achievement Diary Guide Ardougne Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Desert Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Falador Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Fremennik Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Kandarin Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Karamja Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Kourend & Kebos Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Lumbridge & Draynor Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Morytania Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Varrock Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Western Provinces Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Wilderness Overall Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Easy Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Medium Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Hard Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation: Elite Skill Requirements: Item Requirements: Additional Recommendation:
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    Sounds/disconnections Due to the revision update there was an issue with sounds and players disconnecting with area sounds. This is now fixed! Added boss health overlay Current bosses that show the hp bar: Alchemical Hydra Vorkath Bryophyta Cerberus Zulrah Duke Galvek Muspah Nex Nightmare Gauntlet (hunllef) All of TOB All of COX All of TFP Gauntlet Fixed issue if you get teleported in the boss zone when time runs out the barriers around still were clickable Now counts attacks for hunllef prayer switch (6 attacks) even if the hit is 0 Can now right click the reward chest to see the droprates for corrupted and normal gauntlet again Greatly improved loot from gauntlet, chance at pet and enhanced seed has been more than HALVED! There never been a better time to start gauntlet! Other fixes: Fixed tournament/pvp issues Fixed special attack count and should properly match osrs now (was a small bug last update) Added an interface fix for players playing in resizeable mode with the interface bugging out at times Can now also use the last row to block a slayer task Alchemical Hydra bestiary search fixed Collection log has been fixed and now properly displays KC and can open all bosses Other small improvements & fixes throughout Can now hit duke while eye attack is active Updates posted on Discord past 6 days: Fixed slayer interface, issue with slayer block, skip task & more Fixed slayer normal NPCs not showing correct name Some more slayer fixes Fixed Duke worldwide deaths not going up Fixed tab prayer options renamed triple drops to double Arclight nerf added to Duke XP lamp interface fix Fixed 117HD not properly downloading Temp disabled afk zone till further notice More minor fixes ! Trading post has been fully fixed and ready to go! Be sure to restart your client if you havent already! ! Fixed beaver pet Buy 10 shows buy X now Fixed NPC facing Moderators now have a command to specificly block players from using tournament if abused Duke All drops are noted except for resources and uniques Can now trade in frozen tablet for 25K GP at Sigmund Various fixes to prevent players able to take in resources for the next kill Reset duke timer twice now because of these issues! Can now use mushrooms and dust to damage Duke No longer able to use vengeance to break phase 1 Lots of other fixes & improvements! Slayer boss task amount has been greatly increased Added loads more checks to make sure a player cannot cheese duke for a faster time Fixed quick prayer Added Duke event, 1/70 chance at unique instead of 1/90 Duke: Added new titles Sucellus - Kill Duke 500 times Baron - Kill Duke 3000 times Succ - Kill Duke 5000 times Soulreaper - Kill Duke within 1 minute and 35 seconds Can now properly look up Duke in bestiary Multiple other small fixes done to Duke Accursed Sceptre has been changed, turns out there was an issue with it and it did not match osrs at all. Fixed support icon Fixed dragonite smithing interface On Luna even if your special attack was 100% your special attack counter kept the count up so you had a chance to restore a % of special attack once you use a spec way faster than it should, now your counter is always 0 when special reaches 100% and does not count till below 100% Fixed issue with personal timer Added some improvements & fixed null errors to Duke Fixed an issue with PC clients randomly DCing at certain spots, most notable afk area Fixed an issue with lots of interfaces not properly working with clicks, this includes custom interfaces and non-custom, a notable one is tan hide interface, which is now fixed aswell as many others! Started on GWD instances for any donator, out soon Changed timer of soulreaper title to 1 minute 40 seconds instead of 1 min 35 seconds Fixed accursed sceptre Preset objects are now universal instead of coords specific Afk zone is back! Added a perfect kill counter & shows when player gets a perfect kill Duke event chance at unique increased from 1/55 from 1/70 temporary Alchemical Hydra Fixed issue with new drop system Fixed 25x slayer skip pages box in first donator store
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    hey its iybst34zy here i cant log in with my client its not working is the server down
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    Single+ Wilderness bosses Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion now have their easy single+ variants added - Spindel, Artio and Calvar'ion You can only enter these areas after completing the medium Wilderness diary. These variants have less stats, hp and decreased odds for unique loot The multi-zone wilderness bosses got increased drop rates odds and amounts and removed some bad loot like steel arrows Gauntlet: Hunllef now shows animation when switching attack stances & shows animation with stomp attack for both normal and corrupted Hunllef You can now use empty vials on fishing spots to fill them with water Other small fixes & improvements Diary Players can now go to the ectofuntus and talk to the ecto-token NPC to receive 13 bonemeal (depending on the bones player has in inventory) and 13 buckets of slime every 24 hours - Morytania elite Players can enter the Spindel, Artio and Calvar'ion areas - Wilderness medium Bug fixes/content Doubled GP rewards clue scrolls Fixed items with wrong stats to equip Diablo title can now be obtained if you have more than 1000 votes claimed Seed shop at Draynor village has new seeds now and increased stock amount for all seeds Fixes done to Ancient godsword - special attack now happens in 8 ticks like osrs instead of 9 Special attack only happens if damage is above 0 More fixes done to TOB & COX Server back-end improvements Updates from discord: Players that already have completed the christmas event can now talk to Santa to obtain the nutcracker outfit Added a new fun event at the snowball area, players are able to win $ scrolls and much more during these events! Fixed previous teleports at the portal at home Fixed ornament DWH not working at godwars Changed direction snowball shop npc Lots of other small fixes regarding christmas event
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    Great application. Would love to see you added to the team as you'd be a solid team member. Have seen you in action, will vouch for you. Good luck o/
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    100% vouch! I can definitely see you being a great addition to the team, good luck!!
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    Solid application, goodluck
  21. 1 point
    I personally think you carry great characteristics and can be a great addition to the team, I hope to see you soon!
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    Awesome work again Luna, Hello and Staff team keen to see the new updates be put to use straight away!
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    Official Luna Price Guide Use CTRL + F to search for an item. Color Legend 1gp - 1M 1M - 10M 10M - 50M 50M - 250M 250M+ Miscellaneous Blood Money: 30-40 gp per Zulrah Scale: 125 gp per Revenant Ether: 200 gp per Dragon Bones: 20k per Superior Dragon Bones: 25k per Dagannoth Bones: 20k per Hydra Bones: 20k per Crystal Key: 50k per Tooth/Loop Half of Key: 25k per Voting Tickets: 250k per Pkp Ticket: 200k per Elder Robes Set: 10m 10$ Scroll: 70-75m Double Drop Scroll: 10-12.5m Exp Scroll: 2.5m Dragon Skirt: 165k Dragon Platelegs: 165k Dragon Full Helmet: 5m Dragon Med Helm: 65k Barrows Reroll Scroll: 250-500k Dragon Platebody: 5m Supplies Cannon Set: 1.2m Saradomin Brew(4): 15k per Super Combat Potion(4): 15k per Stamina Potion(4): 10k per Super Restore(4): 15k per Dragon Arrows: 3.5k per Dragon Darts: 2k per Dragon Knives: 600gp per Dragon Throwaxes: 750k per Dragonstone Bolts (e): 1k per Ruby Bolts (e): 750 per Onyx Bolts (e): 9.5k per Dragon Bolts: 2k Per Amethyst Arrows: 2k per Amethyst Javelin: 2.5k Amethyst Darts: 1.5k Cannon Balls: 550 gp per Skilling Gear/Supplies Dragon Harpoon: 2.5m Dragon Pickaxe: 10m Dragon Axe: 5m Anglerfish: 2.5k per Cooked Karambwan: 2k per Dragon Bar: 10k Runite Bar: 9.5k per Adamantite Bar: 3k per Mithril Bar: 1k gp per Gold Bar: 400gp per Dragonite Ore: 10k gp per Runite Ore: 9.5k gp per Adamantite Ore: 2k gp per Mithril Ore: 900 gp per Coal Ore: 500 gp per Gold Ore: 550 per Magic Logs: 3k gp per Yew Logs: 1.5k gp per Maple Logs: 800 gp per Mahogany Logs: 4k per Teak Logs: 2k per Mahogany Plank: 5k per Teak Plank: 3k per Birds Nest: 10k Magic Seed: 95-100k Yew Seed: 30-35k Torstol Seed:45-50k Snapdragon Seed: 55k-60k Ranarr Seed: 25-30k Uncut Dragonstone: 7k Uncut Diamond: 2.5k Uncut ruby: 1k Uncut Emerald: 400gp Uncut Sapphire: 850gp Wintertodt Burnt Page: 1k Tome of Fire: 20m Godwars Godsword shards: 550k per Godsword blade: 1m Armadyl Helmet: 6m Armadyl Chestplate: 20-25m Armadyl Platelegs: 20-25m Armadyl Godsword: 45m Bandos Chestplate: 35-40m Bandos Tassets: 30-35m Bandos Boots: 2.5m Bandos Godsword: 10-15m Armadyl Crossbow: 30-35m Saradomin Godsword: 15m Saradomin Sword: 10m Saradomins Light: 10m Staff of Light: 20m Staff of the Dead: 7.5m Toxic Staff of the Dead: 12m Zamorak Godsword: 7m-10m Zammy Spear/Hasta: 15m-20m Steam Battlestaff: 250k per Dagannoth Kings Archers Ring: 8m Berserker Ring: 8m Seers Ring: 6.5m Warrior Ring: 2.5m Elvarg Robin Hood Hat: 3.5m Ranger's Tunic: 5m Ranger's Tights: 5m Ranger gloves: 500k Ranger Boots: 15-20m Revenant Caves Craws bow: 10m Viggora's Chainmace: 8.5m Thammaron's Spectre: 4m Statius Warhammer: 90m Zureil's Staff: 6.5m Vesta Spear: 10m Bracelet of Ethereum: 100k Amulet of Avarice 3.5m Zulrah Magic Fang: 5m Serpentine Visage/Helmet: 8m-10m Tanzanite Fang: 10-15m Onyx: 2.5m Tanzanite/Magma Mutagen: 10m-15m Cerberus Primordial Crystal: 15m - 20m Primordial Boots: 20m - 25m Pegasian Crystal: 10m Pegasian Boots: 20m-25m Eternal Crystal: 10m Eternal Boots: 20m-25m Smouldering Stone: 5m Kraken Trident of the Sea: 3.5m Trident of the Swamp: 8-10m Kraken Tentacle: 5-7m Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Occult Necklace: 5m Smoke Battlestaff: 1.5m Dragon Chainbody: 3.5m Alchemical Hydra Brimstone Ring: 5.5m Hydra's Tail: 1.5m Hydra's Leather: 40m Hydra Claw: 175m Dragon Hunter Lance: 180-200m Vorkath Dragonbone Necklace: 5m Draconic Visage: 10m - 15m Skeletal Visage: 10-15m Dragonfire Ward: 15m The Nightmare Nightmare Staff: 80m Nightmare Volatile Orb: 200-225m Nightmare Eldritch Orb: 75m Nightmare Harmonized Orb: 200-225m Inquisitors Mace: 200-250m Inquisitors Helm: 100m Inquisitors Platebody: 200-225m Inquisitors Platelegs: 200-225m Corporeal Beast Spirit Shield: 3m Holy Elixir: 6.5m Blessed Spirit Shield: 10m Arcane Spirit Shield: 200m Spectral Spirit Shield: 90-100m Elysian Spirit Shield: 500m Raid 1 - Chambers of Xeric Ancestral Hat: 65m Ancestral Robe Top: 175m Ancestral Robe Bottom: 175m Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 185m Dragon Claws: 60m Elder Maul: 45m Kodai Wand: 35m Twisted Bow: 1.2b-1.5b Dinh's Bulwark: 200m Twisted Buckler: 60-70m Dexterous Scroll: 50m Arcane Scroll: 50m Wilderness Bosses Ring of the Gods: 3.5m Treasonous Ring: 4m Tyrannical Ring: 3.5m Odium Shards: 750k-1m Odium Ward: 5mm Malediction Shards: 750k-1m Malediction Ward: 5m Weabweaver Bow (Fang of Venenatis): 20m Accursed Sceptre (Vetion Sckill): 10m Ursine Chainemace (Callisto Claw): 20m Voidwaker: 200-225m PvP Gear Statius Helm: 15m Statius Platebody: 65m Statius Platelegs: 65m Vesta Chainbody: 150m Vesta Plateskirt: 145m Vesta Longsword: 75m Zuriel's Hood: 10m Zuriel's Robe Top: 20m Zuriel's Robe Bottoms: 20m Galvek Morrigan Coif: 35m Morrigan Leatherbody: 150m Morrigan Leatherchaps: 150m Morrigan Javelin: 25k per Morrigan Throwing Axe: 50k per Slayer Monsters Abyssal Whip: 3.5-5m Abyssal Dagger: 10-15m Abyssal Bludgeon: 50m Blood Shard: 15-20m Dragon Boots: 2m Dragon Crossbow: 15m Dragon Warhammer: 55m Imbued Heart: 10m Sarachnis Cudgel: 10m Basilisk Jaw: 25m-30m Granite Maul: 1.5m Dark Bow: 1.5m Black Mask: 2.5-3m Ancient Wyvern Shield: 10m-15m Light Ballista: 3.5m Heavy Ballista: 15-20m Zenyte Shard: 15-20m Jewels Amulet of Fury: 3.5m-4m Berserker Necklace: 1m-2m Amulet of Torture: 20m Tormented Bracelet: 15-20m Ring of Suffering: 15m Necklace of Anguish: 20m Ring of Wealth: 50k per Ring of Recoil: 1.5k per Raid 2 - Theatre of Blood Scythe of Vitur: 850m-1b Sanguinesti Staff: 450m Ghrazi Rapier: 250m-300m Avernic Defender Hilt: 85m Justiciar Helm: 50m Justicar Platebody: 75m Justicar Platelegs: 75m Barrows Amulet of the Damned: 5m Karil's Set: 9-11m Karils Coif: 1m Karil's Body: 4m Karil's Skirt: 4m Karil's Crossbow: 1m Dharok's Set: 10-14m Dharok's Helm: 2m Dharok's Body: 3m Dharok's Legs: 3m Dharok's Greataxe: 2m Ahrim's Set: 9-12m Ahrim's Hood: 3m Ahrim's Top: 4m Ahrim's Skirt: 4m Ahrim's Staff: 750k-1m Torag's set: 8m Torag's Helmet: 2m Torag's Chest: 2m Torag's Legs: 2m Torag's Hammers: 2m Verac's set: 3-5m Verac's Helm: 750k Verac's Body: 1m Verac's Skirt: 1m Verac's Flail: 500k Guthan's Set: 7-10m Guthan's Helm: 1.5m Guthan's Body: 2m Guthan's Skirt: 2m Guthan's Spear: 1.5m Clue Rewards 3rd-Age Melee Helm: 15m 3rd-Age Melee Platebody: 30m 3rd-Age Melee Platelegs: 30m 3rd-Age Sword: 35m 3rd-Age Kite Shield: 20m 3rd-Age Range Coif: 15m 3rd-Age Range body: 25m 3rd-Age Range legs: 25m 3rd Age Ranged Vambs: 5-7.5m 3rd-Age Bow: 80m 3rd-Age Mage Hat: 15m 3rd-Age Mage Robe top: 25-30m 3rd-Age Mage Robe bottoms: 25-30m 3rd- Age Wand: 20m 3rd Age Ring: 35m 3rd Age axe: 100-500m+ (depends on buyer) 3rd Age Pickaxe: 100-500m+ (depends on buyer) 3rd-Age Amulet: 10m God/Blessed D'hide Sets: Coif: 750k per Body: 1m per Chaps: 1m Boots: 1m Vambs: 250k Mage's Book: 5m Spiked Manacles: 3.5m Cosmetics Ankou Set: 20m+ Gilded Range Pieces: 2.5m Gilded Melee Pieces: 1m Gilded Skilling Items: 10m Golden Chef's Items: 5m Cape of Skulls: 10m Team Cape 0/l/X: 3.5m Mummy Set: 20m+ Royal Gown Set: 2.5m Musketeer Set: 2.5m Ring of Nature: 5m Ring of Coins: 5m Ring of Stone: 5m Holy Sandals: 4.5m Mole Slippers: 5m Frog Slippers: 2.5m Bear Feet: 3m Demon Feet: 2m Shoulder Parrot: 5m Monk Robe (g) Set: 10m Ham Joint: 10m Rain Bow: 10m Ale of the Gods: 3m Robes of Darkness Set: 3.5m Samurai Set: 5m Tuxedo Pieces: 250k Godsword Ornament Kits: 1m Weapon/Gear ornament Kits: 500k-2.5m Blessings: 250-500k Climbing Boots(g): 1m Rare Cosmetics Green Phat: 30m White Phat: 50-100m Purple Phat: 30-80m Blue Phat: 45-100m Yellow Phat: 50-100m Black Phat: 50-100m H'ween Masks: 25-100m Santa Hat: 50-100m Black Santa Hat: 50-100m Golden Phat: 40m Rainbow Phat: 55-125m Gauntlet Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed: 250m (Used to create Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen) Crystal Weapon Seed: 3.5m Crystal Armour Seed: 15-20m The Frozen Prison Necromancer Hood: 20m Necromancer Robe Top: 40m Necromancer Robe Bottom: 40m Dark Tome: 25m Armadyl Staff: 145-150m World Boss (Sea Troll Queen) Dragon Limbs: 15m Elder Twisted Bow Kit: 20m Kodai Twisted Bow Kit: 20m Clue Step Skip Page: 150k Onyx Bolts (e) 10k Grotesque Guardians Granite Gloves: 1m Granite Hammer: 2.5m Granite Ring: 3.5m Black Tourmaline Core: 75-250m+ (Quantity not high in server currently - Increased price) NEX Torva Platebody: 350m Torva Platelegs: 350m Torva Helm: 125m Zaryte Vambraces: 100m Zaryte Crossbow: 300m Ancient Godsword: 100m DUKE SUCELLUS Virtus Mask: 40m Virtus Robe Top: 100m Virtus Robe Bottoms: 100m Magus Ring: 50m
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