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  1. New event! First player to receive one of the items or pets listed below Will win the reward that comes with the item/pet! Note: YOU HAVE TO MAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOU GETTING THE ITEM BETWEEN 22-11-2020 AND 16-12-2020 ELSE IT WONT COUNT All game modes can participate. Make a screenshot of your in-game username, the chat showing you got the drop, you have to show you got it around the time of the event. Post you receiving the item in this forum post! First person to receive a piece of Ancestral Hat Receives $10 donator First person to receive a piece of Ancestral Top Receives $10 donator First person to receive Ancestral Bottoms Receives $10 donator First person to receive Magma Mutagen Receives $15 donator First person to obtain Arcane Sigil Receives $15 donator First person to Obtain Draconic Visage Receives $10 donator Won by @Genie First person to Obtain Abyssal Dagger Receives $10 donator Won by @Tikalo First person to receive all three rings from Dagannoth Note: Yes all 3 rings! Receives $15 donator First person to receive Zenye Shard Receives $10 donator Won by @demigod First person to receive dragon pickaxe Receives $5 donator Won by @Genie First person to obtain Heron Receives $15 donator First person to obtain Baby Mole Receives $15 donator First person to obtain Zulrah pet Receives $20 donator First person to receive Giant Squirrel Receives $15 Donator
  2. Active Volcano A Wilderness Event every 45 minutes you can mine the boulder at the place in the picture below to obtain Blood Money. Be careful for the falling rocks, you can dodge these! Wilderness changes Players In Wilderness in questlog will now show <5 less than 5 and only counts up if there are 5 or more players in Wilderness. Bounty Hunter will now be toggled disabled as standard for everyone, you can enable it to do BH in the questlog You can now combine easy to elite clue scrolls to obtain a master clue. You can now get roots from clearing tree patches. Added max hit dummies undead and normal at home You can now enter Ice Queens dungeon to receive Ice Gloves by killing her. The Ice gloves are added as preparation for the soon to come Blast Furnace. And also handy in other situations ofcourse! You need a Rune Pickaxe to be able to mine the rocks to get to the ladders. The place is filled with ice giants and the Ice Queen does barrage spells as attacks! Replaced Tbow scythe and sangui staff from donator store with new items for now. You can now get roots from clearing tree patches. Zamorak GWD boss correct stats now Removed the option for normal accounts to de-iron when you're not ironman Updated combat moss giants combat Combat dummy doesnt give XP anymore Added stopwatch to runelite (coming soon) Attempt at fix nulled drops Alot of work done on Blast Furnace, Mage Arena 2 and Nightmare (Coming soon)
  3. Create a new topic and answer all the questions below. (5 DAYS MINIMUM PLAYTIME!!) Your Name: Age: Your Location: Average Amount Of Gameplay: Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: Staff Experience: Rs/Rsps Experience: Goals: Weaknesses: Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? Will you follow the rules when you punish a player?
  4. Depending on the severity of the rule broken, We as a team are allowed to change the right to change or modify ANY of the rules listed without notice. All punishments are final, until they are appealed by the player! You are allowed to play another account while you wait out your punishment on your main account. If you continue similar behavior on your other account, this is what we call punishment evasion. Your punishment from your main account will follow on your alternate account your punishment will be severe. 1. Player harassment and inappropiate language and content Probably one of the most important rules We have a zero tolerance for the act of harassment towards another player aswell as the use of disrespectful language. Think about a persons belief/religon, sexual preference, racial slurs etc. 1st offense: 1h mute | 2nd offense 6h mute | 3rd offense: 24h mute and 500 ores jailed 2. Spamming Any form of spam will not be tolerated. Use the ingame auto chat feature if you wish to auto chat. 3. Advertising for other servers 1st offense: 48h mute | 2nd offense: Permanent mute | 3rd offense: Perm. ban 4. Threats Any type of threats will not be tolerated. Think about endangering someones life security or reputation. Minor offense: Perm. ban Major offense: IP ban 5. Encouraging others to break rules Regardless if the other party is aware of said rule, action will be taken. 1st offense: 2 hour mute | 2nd offense: 16 hour mute | 3rd offense: 48 hour mute | 4th offense: Perm mute 6. Backseat moderation If a player continuously attempts to insert themselves in the middle of any moderation duties they will be punished. This will only happen if a player CONTINUOUSLY does this. Players helping a mod in a conversation is allowed. We have a staff team for that for a reason. 1st offense: 2 hour mute | 2nd offense: 6 hour mute | 3rd offense: 24 hour mute 7. Clan chat rules invading and joining other peoples clan chats. Taking Clan issues out of the CC, and bringing them into Public Chat, yell etc Joining another Clan/CC for intent of advertising your/someones Clan. Any type of Clan on Clan public drama is not tolerated. 8. Rules main clan chat Do not advertise other CC’s in the main clan chat Please do not give misleading/false information when help is needed. Please use English in the help CC! 1st Offense: Kick from CC | 2nd Offense: 2h mute | 3rd Offense: Ban from CC 9. Third Party Software Any software that is used to allow the member to have an unfair advantage in any way will result in punishment. We want to create a fair environment where all players have an equal chance of all of our features. Software includes automation tools, macros, bots, and auto-clickers. This includes the development of scripts for said bots. Macro Farms (3+ accounts macroing at same time) will result in an automatic IP Ban for all accounts involved. We reserve the right to reset your stats if we deem it appropriate. Anyone found creating/using/distributing macros will be IP banned. 1st Offense: 4H Ban [Botted skills Reset To Level 1] |2nd Offense: 16H ban [Botted skills Reset To Level 1] | 3rd Offense: 48 hour ban | 3rd Offense: Perm. ban 10. Real World Trading/Account Selling The act of trading ccurrency, items, services, etc for outside currency is NOT allowed. This includes but is not limited to; RSGP, fiat currencies, IRL goods/services, online currencies, etc. Both parties will be punished if found to be doing so. The act of trading/selling, or the attempt of trading/selling, any account for other goods will not be allowed on the server, a ban will be issued for the account being traded off. 1st Offense: 24 hour ban | 2nd Offense: Perm ban 11. Bug Abuse Players must not use or attempt to use any bugs or glitches which they may find in our game. Any exploits a player finds is requested to be immediately reported to us through Discord or through any of the admins, Luna pref. Abusing a bug accidently once might occur, this will not be punished but if a bug is continously abused this will be punished. 1st Offense: 1h Ban | 2nd Offense: 4 hour ban | 3rd Offense: 8 hour ban | 4th offense: 36h ban + Account loses some levels and items 12. Safespotting NPCs Players must not safespot NPCs that you aren't able to on OSRS. You are, however, allowed to safespot NPCs that can be safespotted on OSRS. As with other bug abuse, any exploits a player finds are to be immediately reported to us through Discord or Luna 1st Offense: 1H Ban | 2nd Offense: 2H Ban | 3rd Offense: 8H Ban 13. Hacking The act of obtaining and/or using another member’s account information for any reason is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to; obtaining passwords from old DB’s, Brute Forcing, Social Engineering information, RATing, etc. If you are found to be guilty of such acts, you will be removed from our community IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Account & IP Ban 14. Scamming Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam 1st Offense: 1 hour ban | 2nd Offense: 4 hour ban | 3rd offense: 8 hour ban | 4th offense: perm ban 5th offense: IP ban 15. DoXing/Information Leak The act of intentionally mentioning/leaking private information about a player or staff member is NOT tolerated. You will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban 16. False Reports False reports are not tolerated, this includes using the CC/Yell, as well as in-game to spread drama that may or may not be true. These reports should be sent to a Server Support or higher. 1st Offense: 2H Mute | 2nd Offense: 6H Mute 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute 17. Impersonation Impersonating any member of our community rather it be for entertainment, monetary gain, persuasion, etc. will NOT be tolerated. Impersonation of staff will automatically be escalated to a 2nd Offense. 1st Offense: 2 hour ban | 2nd Offense: 12 hour ban | Perm. ban 18. System Security, Penetration Testing, and Exploiting Attempting to exploit and penetrate the security measures of Luna, hardware, or any other devices used by our users or operations of the overall system will be punished. Offense: IP Ban 19. RSPS/Malicious Discord Server Invites Sending other RSPS Discord server invites as well as Malicious Discord server invites that promote rule breaking is NOT tolerated! 1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums 20. Misleading Links Any link you send a member or post publicly must direct you to what it appears as. No link spoofing or redirect links are allowed. 1st Offense: 12 hour ban Ban on Discord/Forums | 2nd Offense: 16 hour ban | 3rd offense: Perm. ban
  5. Hello everyone. The update list is a bit shorter than usual. I wanted to bring this update later with some more features but due to things like the XP scrolls from starter set getting abused And XP scrolls in general Im throwing this update out right now. First of: home improvements When I looked at the home I came to the conclusion that the slayer masters are at a very odd spot. I editted the houses a bit and made slayer masters closer for convenience. Cannon Cannon definitely needed some improvements! Restricted areas for cannon is now active for over 30 locations. - You now get slayer XP (and it reads you killed the NPC) If only the cannon did damage to the NPC You can now build a cannon while being attacked. Fixed a dupe with cannon. Chambers Of Xeric When you enter a raid now you can see the layout in your chat as soon as you enter. In floor 2 of raids you will no longer die behind a wall. Added some overall improvements and fixes to raids. Quest improvements Added questlogs to the wall thieving and angler fish quest. Removed XP scroll from starter tutorial kit and made XP scroll untradeable. Decreased GP amount of starter kit Made Tureals dialogue more obvious how to skip a task with him now. Editted chances at Sire. Fixed (t3) set arms doing weird things Added more skeletal wyverns to the Ice cave. Increased XP monkfish cooking Cannon Raids A sneak peek for a update coming very soon! Mage Arena 2: Get Imbued magic capes by killing the minions of the gods in Wilderness!
  6. New home + Starter area Halloween map is long overdue but we're back on our old trusted map! I editted it a bit to make it all a bit smoother and also added a small starter area with various rocks, trees and fishing spots for low level fishing. Daeyalt Essence You are now able to use the essence on all altars except blood and soul altars. The Daeyalt essence increases your Runecrafting XP by 50% more than Pure essence! You can mine the essence at Darkmeyer at the Dungeon icon! Daeyalt essence is tradeable. PURE: DAEYALT: Broadcasts of items appear in chat now! Got a awesome Magic Fang from Zulrah? Or perhaps Elysian Sigil from Corp? Most items from bosses/slayer and misc items with a high value will appear in chat now for everyone to see! Added Relic Hunter (t3) set You can now note and unnote at banks Very good if you are UIM! Updated Darkmeyer quest with more information how to get to Slepe. Dice bag rolls 100 instead of 4 now Re-added break vials option in questlog Blood shard is tradeable now Blood shard is 1/1.8k now Added unkillable level 1 man for thieving at home for starters. Gives 800-1400 each thief. Home fishing Home mining Home trees Added looserailing agility to enter low level area Fixed Zulrah bugging if you kill her as soon as she switches phase. Fixed Anti-venom and Anti-venom+ Venom timers! Fixed questlog doing funky stuff if you examine a NPC with no loot Herb box edits, soon re-released! 3rd age ring is wearable now Changed multiple protection values of items. All superior slayer NPCs respawning issue is now fixed Twisted slayer helm (i) also fixed now
  7. Darkmeyer quest to gain access to Darkmeyer! Safalaan Hallows jewelry box has been stolen by one of the slaves in Darkmeyer! Help him out by starting in Slepe and get the stolen jewelry back! The reward is the Drakan's Medallion to be able to teleport to Darkmeyer! Credits to @mush Vyrewatch Sentinels will no longer attack through walls. @mush 1/10 chance for double loot with rogue set now instead @mush Reduced time of the Corpse Cart to thief it Droprate reducement of Bloodshard from 5k to 2k Removed Darkmeyer from teleport Interface Fixed Twisted Slayer Helm bugs As you know we started with quests! We are really curious what players can come up with for quest ideas. You can create a ticket in Discord in #quest-event and leave your quest ideas over there! What format we would like to see it in: Story Location(s) Reward(s) What activities players do in the quests Can the quest expand? (Can there be more quests made about the quest?) In about a week after we all read the quests we will open the tickets for the players to decide with us what the best quest is that should be added. The player that wins will receive a mystery reward and $10 donator scroll and your idea will most likely be implemented in the game!
  8. Darkmeyer update! Vyrewatch Sentinels for a dropchance for the Blood Shard! Darkmeyer thieving also for the Blood shard and misc items! + Added Dark Fishing Bait to Darkmeyer Thieving Blood shard is used for the Amulet Of Blood Fury! It has the same stats as the amulet of fury, and when using melee, it has a 20% chance of passively healing the player 30% of the damage they deal. Once created, the amulet has 10,000 charges. A charge is depleted for every successful hit with melee regardless of whether the amulet's effect triggers. Added all shops around Darkmeyer Thief the Corpse Cart for a chance to receive the Severed Leg Added icons to questlog and announcements Reduced some announcements they appear less now - For now you can enter Darkmeyer through teleports - Misc This weekend we are going to add a quest to gain entrance to Darkmeyer. Decreased XP gained from Angler fishing set Changed droptables all wyverns and fixed their combat stuff. 10x10 barrage fixed pre-work on anti venom timer Fixed multiple shortcuts Slight wintertodt nerf Fixed KBC speed Fixed a part of lumby fishing
  9. Why can't I login on mobile/runelite? Login with your email not your username! I have a DNS error while trying to start up Runelite? Be sure to update your Java! Or try our alternative! Place this .bat in the SAME folder as the Luna.jar and run the .bat instead! BAT DOWNLOAD How do I make GP? There are many ways to make GP in our server! There are the generic ways, slayer or thieving.. Thieving GP is overall increased in the server to make some bankloots!!! We also have Wilderness Boss Events that give you gp when you kill them or even kill them in a group! You can also merch things, think about items players need, Dragon bones, skilling supplies and maybe specific gear.
  10. Benefits: COSTUM GRACEFUL OUTFIT FOR DONORS, BOUGHT IN Donator Zone! More mage skillcape book swaps a day for donators
  11. A Fishy Situation Miniquest! The Fishing Tutor has a problem, Bertha has been eating all the fish and now they almost run out of food! He askes you to help him fish some more and he will reward you with the Angler fishing set! You can find him in the Fishing Guild. Daeyalt Essence Mining Work has been done on Daeyalt Essence mining in Darkmeyer. The essence gives you 50% more XP in Runecrafting when you make the runes! Darkmeyer We almost finished Darkmeyer! We added most shops already and there will be the NPCs you can pickpocket or kill for Blood shard for the amulet of blood fury! Dagganoth Lighthouse added Portal Of Legends portal in Myths guild will now teleport you to the Wilderness bosses when they are active! Added Damaged versions of ALL god books to mage shop Slight overall GP pickpocketing has received a slight nerf with the new elves. Fixed all god books combining with the pages Royal seed pod coords changed to outside Made Amethyst a little easier to get (mining) Normal grace can now be made with Black Dye (Coming soon) Staff of the dead back to modern autocast Gnome Stronghold Doors open now Fixed ID of bolts in slayer shop to the right one White graceful hood now hides your hair Fixed most of Darkmeyer Increased starter GP Nerfed drops from wilderness bosses and overall GP from them a little bit. Increased chance to get Ancient Shards Replaced Silverlight with Darklight in the shop Fixed shortcut Feldip Hills Added teleport for Dagganoth Lighthouse Fixed Alchemical Hydra shortcut - Hope u guys like the updates! -- Luna
  12. + Added elf thieving + Added full Lletya, lletya includes: - A bank (pair of two bankers) - A prayer altar (go up a ladder in the eastern building) - A well (for water, no rope required) - A range - Bank Deposit - Trading Post - A spinning wheel - A general store (Lletya General Store) - A fruit tree patch - A food store (bread, lobster, jug of wine, cheese, cake) - An archery store - A seamstress' shop (needle, thread, ball of wool, dye of every colour) - A small patch of flax south of the bank. Updated default NPC text, they will no longer all be sick now, but be careful! Some are tested positive for Corona! XD + Started on Nightmare + Amulet of Blood Fury - It has the same stats as the amulet of fury, and when using melee, it has a 20% chance of passively healing the player 30% of the damage they deal. Once created, the amulet has 10,000 charges. A charge is depleted for every successful hit with melee regardless of whether the amulet's effect triggers. - The blood shard needed for the amulet will soon be obtainable, more information on this very soon! + Added Karambwanji fishing, they are located same place as OSRS in Karamja. You get 5-15 fish everytime, fish with small fishing net + Super combat potion and several others can now be made with (4) potions instead of (3) + The Emblem Trader for revenant emblems to gain GP is back in Revenant Caves luring among the Revenant mobs + Added Magic guild and Lletya teleport to teleport interface +Fixed the railing by the ogres at Gnome Stronghold + Slightly reduced droprate of Basilisk Jaw and you can now combine the helm with the Jaw to create the Neitinot faceguard. + Decreased KC amount needed for GWD for certain level donators (Godlike and + needs just 1 KC now) + Staff of the dead now autocasts ancient instead + Fixed Xeric's talisman teleports and its obtainable with lizardmen shamans/lizardmen + Fixed Drakans Medallion for future Darkmeyer entrance + Added Blood Money pouches from Small to Giant in Wilderness slayer and several bosses around the world like Bandos, Vorkath, Sire, Dagannoths, Zulrah, Cerberus, Callisto etc + Demonic Gorilla drops the Zenyte shard instead of uncut Zenyte now and fixed combining with Onyx to make shard at the fire underneath Ape Atoll + Reduced Venenatis defense + Added a scroll that allows you to see how many Puro Puro Implings you have caught overall + Added Obelisk Destination Scroll allows you to manually pick any destination with the obelisks once the scroll is used + You can obtain the impling scroll from implings ranging from Eclectic all the way to Dragon. +Fixed multiple bank deposits
  13. This Update we decided to focus a bit on armor bug fixes and pre-work on upcoming updates. I did some more work on Myths guild and am pleased to announce we have the Dungeon now where multiple dragons from green to black recide, including their babies. + The Dungeon also have runite ore and misc ores. + Multiple green, blue red and black dragons! + Baby dragons of all colors above + Runite and adamantite ore + Added Fountain of Uhld, charge your jewelry here! + Myth's Guild Tree spirit teleport added + Fixed Skotizo respawning + Added full Inquisitor armor + Added Twisted Ancestral set + colour kit + Added Twisted slayer helm + Imbued + Fixed scuffed Hydra helm, it looks way better now on male! + Changed collection size from 100 to 1000 for players + Removed and added multiple NPCs around the world + Changed the dialogue of wall safe thief quest to make it easier to understand + Changed Ectophial location to what its supposed to be + You can now talk to Andras north of Ectophial teleport to take a boat for 10k to Slepe + Fixed stairs leading to Nightmare Boss, you can visit the boss location now if you want to! + Fixed FFA Exit portal coords + Fixed stairs at dagannoth if you go up + Fixed Mythic guild ladders and misc things + Added Twisted colour kit to donor store 3 + Added Horns needed for twisted slayer helm to donor store 3 + Added Ectophial to vote store
  14. TEMPORARY NEW HALLOWEEN MAP! + HALLOWEEN EVENT! - I have placed 6 NPCs all around the world (All ghosts, one is Robin Hood), they will have fun Halloween gear and one NPC has Eek!the spider! And a halloween outfit! + Added 2 exclusive halloween items to Keldagrim at ::dz for donators! + Chance of receiving Scythe (Halloween one) from Wilderness bosses! + Added 2 exclusive halloween items to (hard) clue scroll + Made all Mutagen tradeable + Toggle for $10+ donators in questlog to receive scroll box clues instead of the clues so you can stack them! + Fixed Trader Stan + Fixed slayer count names in questlog Black Graceful added! Removed Lizardman shaman chat spam Fixed casket drops (from rock crabs for example) Fight caves teleport bug fixed Did prework on the christmas event Pool cures poison & venom Increased stats Scythe and Sanguin staff You can now use spec orb by minimap on runelite and mobile + Added The Wall Safe thieving mini quest! The quest allows you to obtain the rogue outfit.- You are no longer able to obtain it with guards and paladins. + Rogue outfit double gp is also fixed now! Be sure to check it out in the quest log and let us know what you think!! + You will get quest points upon completing quests. We have decided to reduce the damage with PVP armor on monsters because the armor is just too powerful. Against players its still the same stats. + All nightmare staffs working now. + Abyssal bracelet prevents you from getting skulled in the abyss now. + 50k coins from voting will now drop on floor if player has no inventory spots + Fixed Chaos & Elder Druids combat & loottable. + You can now just press Sigmund to open the trade window instead of right click trade. + Fixed guaranteed table at KBD. (Bones and hide) + Asgarnia Ice Cave teleport is now added. + Removed invisible NPC at Lumby chickens + Changed multiple prices of the donator stores (Made most of them cheaper) Pet box 40 > 35 PVP box 42 > 38 Blessed saradomin sword 11 > 15 Saradomin Sword 35 > 8 Changed every barrows item from 6 to 5 points. + We have added the FULL COLLECTION LOG!! + Get the Collection Log from general store (new players get it in their starter) + Fixed Nightmare staff it doesnt hit 130 no more + Fixed loot tracker info @Runelite + Fixed Clue scroll boxes bug + fixed Chaos Altar in ::dz + Fixed weird Bandits not dying Added Defenders to Collection Log Fixed KC Collection Log Bracelet of Ether can now collect Ether Changed droptables Revenants instead of 1/10k rev weapons they now drop 1/3.5k
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