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  1. A smaller update to fix some issues players ran into & bugs made by the update. Note: With these updates all timers previously made for the event has now been reset to keep it fair for everyone. The Frozen Prison: Increased overall loot rewards for TFP Added discord announcement for big loot Aggro range increases for the twins and necromancer and necromancer minion Increased switch prayer timer inadequacy decreased overall damage output inadequacy decreased defense inadequacy fixes done for necromancer in an attempt to fix the players becoming stuck. You can now claim the Dark twisted bow colour kit correctly at King Arthur at the raid entrance Found at teleport interface > minigames > The Frozen Prison You can only obtain this colour kit for 48 hours after that Arthur leaves and the colour kit will never return. Making the kit our first tradeable but no longer available item. You can only obtain through Arthur with donor $10+ If you are F2P be sure to contact Luna to get one for free! WARNING: Once you use the kit on the twisted bow the twisted bow WILL BE UNTRADEABLE! Fixed freezing while having a rune platebody in your inventory and trying to open bank (hope thats all items now)
  2. THE FROZEN PRISON RELEASE The raid is officially released. Before players can enter the raid they must complete a event. If this event is not finished you CANT enter the raid. EVENT: The necromancer tries to break out of his prison, at the raid entrance alot of skeletons will spawn, you will have to kill these! In total there will be 6000 skeletons - Every 250 skeletons a mini-boss will spawn which you have to kill! You also need to donate items to help out the soldiers in battle against the creatures of the necromancer! At the end of the event everyone will get a reward! - You are able to claim the tbow colour kit, all $10+ donators can claim the kit at King Arthur outside of raids. F2P can message me to get a colour kit. All players that participate in the event get extra GP as reward. The dark Twisted bow colour kit - Only obtainable for 48 hours AFTER the event. After 24 to 48 hours the colour kit will NO LONGER be obtainable. The drops inside The Frozen Prison raid: You can now make seas & swamp (e) at Lieve McCracken outside of the kraken cave Your pets now appear correctly in collection log You will now get your mythical cape back when destroying the cape rack inside Construction. You now wont get rift guardians with pet boxes as often. Disabled poison at addy dragons until fixed properly Changed some dialogue for lil champ Reduced armadyl staff magic stats a bit Removed some ugthanki kebabs as loot Fixed too many implings spawning Added ::prices which will directly take you to the price guide on the website.
  3. Luna

    Official price guide

    Friendly reminder that the prices below will always change and this is just a advice what to price items. Players been having a rough time trying to price items correctly so hopefully this price guide will work with that! The price guide has been made by multiple players and we came to a agreement about these items. It might miss some items - Be sure to mention to us and we can always change it!! The list isnt 100% complete yet - I want to complete it with all players as we go! __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Blood Money = 30gp 1 zulrah scale 200gp 1 reveant ether 400gp 1 dragon bones 15k 1 Superior bones 35k (as best xp and used to make best antifire pots) 1 Daganoth bones 20k 1 Hydra bones-25k Crystal key 100k Tooth/loop half of key 75k -45k Cannon set 1.2m u can buy it off npc at Ice Mountain, the dwarf mine/place or ::dz if your a donator Saradomin brew(4) 30k Super Restore(4) 20k Anglerfish 5k Cooked Karambwan 1k Dragon arrows- 5k Dragon darts 5k Dragon knive 1k or less Dragon throwaxes 1k or less Dragonstone bolts (e) Ruby bolts (e) Onyx bolts (e) 12k Amethyst arrows 3k Cannon balls 600ea ( 3000stack same store as cannon shop ) seeds theres sellable to sigmund for now Torstol seed 45k Snapdragon seed 55k Ranarr seed 25k Magic 75k seed u can earn more if you sell to players who need it Skilling Dragon Harpoon 1m Dragon Pickaxe 10m Dragon Axe 5m Godwars items Godsword shards 500k ( 150k to sigmund ) Godsword blade 1-2m Armadyl Helmet 15m Armadyl Chestplate 30m Armadyl Platelegs 35m Armadyl God Sword 40m Bandos Chestplate 20m Bandos Tassets 25m ( 15m to sigmund ) Bandos Boots 1m Bandos God Sword 18m Armadyl Crossbow 25m Saradomin God Sword 30m Saradomin Sword 2.5m Saradomin's Light 15m Staff of Light 22m Staff of the Dead 8m Toxic staff of the dead 16m ( magic fang are 8m worth ) Zamorak God Sword 5m Zammy spear/Hasta 18m ( if u add Hydra claws into hasta it'll turn into Dragon Hunter Lance = 130m ) Steam Battlestaff 500k Dagannoth kings Archer Ring 5m Berserker Ring 5m Seers Ring 4m Warrior Ring 1m Dragon Axe 5m Daganoth bones 30k Elvarg from dragon slayer 1, no req u can just tele to there and do it ( if u use chisel on the head u'll get alot dragon bones and green hides! ) depeds on your crafting level Robin hood hat 8m Ranger's Tunic 10m Ranger's Tights 20m Ranger gloves 3m Ranger Boots 25m Revs Craws bow 10m Viggora's Chainmace 6m Thammaron's Spectre 3m not really useful but u can trade that to bob next to trade post at home for 7500 revenant ethers Reveant ethers 400ea Statius warhammer 140m zureil's staff 8m vesta spear 45m Magic seed 120k, 75k to sigmund Bracelet of Ethereum 200-250k or u can destroy it for 250 ethers (100k worth) Zulrah Zulrah scales 200 ea Magic fang 8m-10m Serp visage/helmet 12 Tanz fang ( blowpipe )20-15m Onyx 4m tanz/magma mutagen 40m jar of swamp ? Cerberus Primordial Crystal 20m ( u can add Dragon boots (2m) into it for Prim Boots ) Primordial Boots 22m Pegasian Crystal 10m ( u can add Ranger boots (25m) into it for Pegasian Boots ) Pegasian Boots 35m Eternal Crystal 5m ( add Inifity Boots (25m) for Eternal Boots ) Eternal Boots 30m Smouldering Stone 7m Kraken Trident of the Sea 4m ( add magic fang for Trident of the swamp (12m-14m) ) Kraken Tentacle 8m ( u can add Abbyssal Whip to make it into Tent whip ) Tent Whip not tradeable it has 10k charges once it breaks u'll lose whip and keep kraken tent Thermouclear Smoke Devil Occult Necklace 10m-8m Smoke battlestaff not very useful so 500k if u able to sell Dragon chainbody 2m ( might be hard to sell ) Alchemical Hydra Brimstone ring 10m ( u'll need hydra eye, fang and heart to make one ) hydra's tail-3-5m, idk the price honestly ( can be combined with the dragonbone necklace and bonecrusher to create the bonecrusher necklace ) ××Hydra leather ×40m-90m× ( bring hammer to rune/addy dragon teleport and find the craftin table if u walk north, care if u make it into Ferocious gloves wil make it UNTRADEABLE!!! Ferocious gloves not tradeable. Hydra Claw 100m ( add zammy spear for dragon hunter lance ) Dragon hunter lance 120m Vorkath ×Dragonbone neacklace-10m Vork head untradeable Draconic Visage 20m ( anti-shield to make it into dfs, dragonfire shield ) Skeletal Visage 25m( anti-shield to make it into Dragonfire Ward ) Dragonfire ward 25m The Nightmare boss Nightmare Staff = 80m-95m Nightmare volatile orb 300m ( good spec weapon ) Nightmare Eldritch orb : 125m-175m( prayer boost and spec drain special attack ) Nightmare Harmonised orb : 750m ( 1tick faster casts ) ✓Inquisitors set 1B ( full set has 2.5% accuracy and damage bonus ) Inquisitors Mace- 500m inq helm 100m inq platebody 240m inq platelegs 240m Corporeal Beast Spirit Shield 3m Holy Elixir 7m ( if u combine this with spirit shield it'll turn into blessed spirit shield ) Blessed Spirit Shield 10m Arcane Spirit Shield = 250m Spectral Spirit Shield = 150m Elysian Shield = 700m RAID 1 - Chambers of Xeric Ancestral Hat = 100m Ancestral Robe Top = 250m Ancestral Robe Bottom = 250m Dragon Hunter Crossbow = 250m Dragon Claws = 125m Elder Maul - 50m Kodai Wand = 65m ( kodai insignia and master wand to make one ) Twisted Bow = 750m Dinh's Bulwark 30m Twisted buckler 40m Dexterous prayer scroll 100-150m Arcane prayer scroll 80-100m Wilderness bosses, kbd too Dragon pickaxe 10m Ring of the gods 8-12m Treasonous ring 8m Tyrannical ring 8m Draconic Visage 20m ( anti-shield to make it into dfs, dragonfire shield ) Odium shard 2m each Odium ward 6m Malediction shard 1,2,3 1-3m each-2m Malediction Ward 6m PVP gear Statius helm 25m Statius Platebody 50m-75m Statius Platelegs 50m-75m Statius Warhammer 140m ( can only be droped from revs ) Vesta platebody 60-65m-100m Vesta plateskirt 60-65m-100m Vestaa spear 45m Vesta longsword 80m ( only obtained from lms minigame ) cost 50m to make that inactive vls useful Zuriel's hood 20m Zuriel's robe bottom 40m Zuriel's robe top 40m Zuriel's Staff 8m Galvek Morrigan coif 60m Morrigan leatherbody 125m Morrigan leatherchaps 125m Morrigan javelin -50k ea Morrigan throwing axe 50k ea Dragon claws 125m Draconic Visage 20m ( anti-shield to make it into dfs, dragonfire shield ) Slayer monsters Abbysal Whip = 5m Abbysal Dagger = 20m Abyssal Bludgeon = 120m Blood shard = 40m Dragon Boots = 2-3m Dragon Crossbow = 15m Dragon Warhammer = 160m- ((if same spec as swh should be less as stathammer can spec 3x instead of 2)) Imbued Heart = 20m Basilisk Jaw = 30m-45m Kraken Tentacle = 8m trident = 4m Granite maul 2m Dark bow 3m Black mask 3m Ancient wyvernshield 20m Ballista-2m Heavy ballista- 15m zenyte shard 20m (u can make that into zenyte jewels, wil need onyx gem and high crafting lvl ) look at zenyte jewels prices scroll alil down Dragon Harpoon 1m another stuff Tome of Fire 40m Burnt page 10k Elder chaos set-6-9m, hood-2-3m robe2-3 top 2-3 Jewels Fury = 5m Berserker Necklace 1-2m, 700k to sigmund Amulet of Torture = 25m Tormented bracelet = 25m Ring of suffering 20m Necklace of Anguish - 30m(Should all be the same) Dks rings brimstonebrimstone 10m wilderness ring 8m ring of wealth 40-100k ( imbued from bounty shop ) ring of Recoil 2k Theatre Of Blood Vitur Scythe = 1b (1000m)1.4b Sanguinesti Staff = 500m-750m Ghrazi Rapier = 320m-400m Justiciar set - Helm-100m Body-275m- Legs 250m Barrows (u can sell to sigmund its like osrs price, just a tip ) Amulet of the Damned 5m Karil's Set 10m - coif 1m body 4m skirt 4m crossbow 1m Dharok's set 10m 2.5m ish each piece Ahrim's set 10m hood 1m body 4m skirt 4m staff 1m Torag's set 8m, 2m each or just sell to sigmund lol. Verac's set 10m 2.5m ish each piece Clue items 3rd age Helm-45m Plate body- 75m Platelegs-65m Sword- 130m Kiteshield- 75m Coif- 35m Range legs- 50m Range body-45m Vambs- 35m Bow-300-500m Mage hat- 35m Robes- 45m Robetop- 45m Wand- 50-55m Amulet- 30m god hide set Coif -200k Body -450k Chaps-400k boots 800k vambs 250k mage's book 8m Ankou set Helm Body Legs boots gloves Dragon ornament kit set ??, helm ?? body ?? legs ?? boots ?? scimmy ?? shield ?? Runite bar Adamantite bar Mithril bar gold bar runite ore adamantite ore mithril ore coal ore gold ore Magic logs yew logs maple logs mahogany logs teak logs mahogany plank teak plank
  4. The Frozen Prison edits: Reduced HP inadequacy Inadequacy will now not switch your prayers as often Reduced multiple attacks and HP at Seren Increased some damage dragon boss Fixed players being able to bug the raid with teleporting You can now cannot take a cannon inside anymore Multiple errors are now fixed Finished raid event Added a timer Added a final portal at end of boss HCIM wont lose their status in the frozen prison raid anymore Added dialogue & things for new start raid npc in raid Reduced highest damage chance from 10 to 5% Way more smaller edits I probably forgot about ^ Raid is pretty much done, released soon! You can still test on world 1 Fixed Dagannoth Rex melee animation Added low stock of gems at gem merchant at home Fixed hydra helm in smoke devil cave Increased thieving XP while wearing the rogue set Fixed multiple food you couldnt eat Added this:
  5. There will be several uniques obtainable from the new raid. I wanted to make this post before the release of the raid so people can give their opinions about the stats. Starting of with the Armadyl Staff In a quest on OSRS Lucien (the end boss) asks you to obtain this staff. Guess he got the staff afterall in the end! Stats: My thought process with the stats is to make it the best staff but not the best mage first hand. Which will remain Kodai but this one has some neat features to it! Hidden bonusses: None at this moment How will the staff work? The staff has at this moment, 4 different spells Blood Blitz Sangui Swamp Ice Blitz The staff will attack with these spells in a random order. You also need to charge the staff. A charge costs 2 death runes, 2 blood runes, 6 water runes & 250 GP You can put 20k charges in the staff. Required levels: 70 magic 40 defence Dark Tome Stats: Hidden bonusses: 10% increased accuracy with Ice related spells (ice barrage - ice blitz - ice burst & ice rush) Increased healing with blood spells(blitz, burst, rush & barrage) Required levels: 70 magic only - Making this tome bis for pures Necromancer Robes The stats: The robes stats are inbetween Ahrim and Ancestral, Ancestral will remain BIS but this armor has some neat features to it! Hidden bonusses: Each piece has a 5% increased accuracy with Ice related spells (ice barrage - ice blitz - ice burst & ice rush) New pet - Lil' Champ Lil' champ lost his way through the prison and got enslaved by the Necromancer, you have freed him atlast! Trailblazer graceful This graceful has less weight then the original graceful. Matching it with the donator one We've been thinking about adding a extra feature to this graceful If you are standing still you regenerate run much faster or something else - Let us know what you think! The rest of the loottable will be announced on raid release.
  6. Frozen prison fixes/additions: Fixed players appearing in other parties upon dead Made Seren a bit easier Made the dragon & Inadequacy a bit harder Inadequacy now has reduced HP & a new attack. He will now switch your prayers. Reduces eyes amount Multiple other fixes and suggestions done by players Attempted a fix at shops suddenly not restocking Multiple activities like PC, fishing etc had some errors, fixed these for stability of the server.
  7. The official test day for The Frozen Prison is now here! How to obtain potions? Kill NPCs/bosses and trade the shop in the middle of the raid for potions to get further in the raid! Did alot of edits - Too many to name! Be sure to leave bugreports about the raid if you find stuff! Misc. Fixed Pyramid Plunder deathlistener and teleporting weird You can now make steel bars in Blast Furnace Added ::plunder to get to pyramid plunder even faster! Changed and editted some minor fixes
  8. Boss Points Can now be obtained through Vorkath and Cerberus. Removed from Corp and Nightmare Pyramid Plunder Sometimes players got stuck at pyramid plunder trap, this is now fixed The Pharaoh's sceptre obtained at Pyramid Plunder now gives you 30% more GP looting inside the pyramid Pyramid Plunder received a buff overall for GP & items sold at Simon. Also a XP increase. Fixed Pyramid plunder teleport issue Reduced requirements for The Necromancer quest 91 fishing to 43 87 hunter to 35 83 crafting to 62 You now need to give two bluegills & two green d'hide shields instead of Greater sirens and black d'hide shields. To make it easier for players to get access to the new upcoming raid. Misc Fixed Wilderness Course rope swing Marks of grace now drops faster Zulrah loot fix for slayer casket & coin bag Divine reset if you use rejuvenation pool The Frozen Prison What has been done to raid? - New boss added - Multiple edits done to raid in regards of boss scaling and fixing bugs - Barriers now work & delete when certain bosses are killed - Loot is now added - Multiple edits done to starting the raid, leaving - Worked on the raid event before the raid starts - All the items obtained from raid are now done And probably way more I cant think of right now. Alot of work been put into the raid! Im planning to run a few test runs with players and release soon! How will loot work? The highest damage dealing player will have a 10% chance to roll the unique table. Everyone else has a 1% chance (which is still 1/100)! at rolling the unique table. You will also roll the table twice of the normal loottable containing alot of great loot listed soon!
  9. The Frozen Prison raid will be released soon! This post is a detailed description of the bosses & NPCs so far inside the raid. Keep in mind: Some things can still be changed/editted. I just wanted to show you guys what we got so far! To the right you will find the cursed dragon. The dragon has the tsunami attack similar to Galvek. - Prayer deactivation attack - Shock attack x4 around player does dmg - Normal dragonfire attack (Use antifire!) Seren The Seren has been caught by the Necromancer and used as his puppet to do his bidding. While Seren is lit up: Melee/range attacks When Seren is not lit up: Magic Splits area, get to the safezone intime! At 50% Seren will spawn a storm that will stun you Does a attack similar to boulder, run from it The Inadequacy Poison: If you step on it does 8 to 35 damage Heals the boss the same damage Summons a NPC that does high range attacks after 10 seconds NPC explodes & damages everyone in the raid for a max of 85 HP - Kill him ontime! Switches players prayers boss has high defence against range and magic bosses melee attack attacks everyone within certain distance Twins Mage & range twins Mage: Spawns NPCs that do AOE damage Normal magic attack Range: Drains all combat Does a 2x damage special Necromancer At 75 and 25% HP boulder attack drops boulders in a range of 8 tiles and damages players for 75% of their HP at that moment Spawns a minion you have to crumble undead, the minion walks towards you and if you dont kill it intime it will damage you for 50+ When he spawns the minion the player he targets at that time will be ice blocked and unable to move for a few seconds Spawns (for now) Killerwatts every 60 to 90 seconds, which will stun you every now and then Has a chance to drain your prayer or defence At 50% HP the Necromancer will spawn his greatest creation You have to kite this NPC because it will do massive melee damage, the necromancer will still attack you meanwhile. The NPC will drop a poison that will damage everyone within 16 tiles. the NPC will also have a high chance to lower your defence by 75% upon getting hit NPCs around raid: Barrelchest - Will jump and shake the ground, damaging everyone in the raid Drains prayer with main attack Black Knight Titan: Will spawn 2 NPCs at 50% HP Ghast: Damages you for a percentage of your HP Ghost: Normal attacks Killerwatt: Damages you from far away and has a chance to stun you
  10. Pyramid Plunder I'm proud to announce pyramid plunder! This minigame will be one of the best ways to obtain GP! Like OSRS you have to be careful for snakes, zombies and a swarm! You will get GP and artifcats which you can trade in by Simon. Complete with interface & all! You can find the Pyramid Plunder teleport in skilling in the teleport interface! Fixed Vorkath entrance Multiple edits done to custom raid Fixed Alchemy xp & runes not going away Fixed alot of things in ::help Added little player easter eggs
  11. Bosspoints + event You are able to get bosspoints from these two bosses, the bosses will change once per week! Nightmare Corp beast The event that comes with the bosspoint will be found on discord #events Added cosmetic chest with loads of cosmetics! Costs 50k each and 1 shard from boss point shop Coal bag fix Increased shooting star amount Players online fix Fixes done for divine potions You can now make divines with the right levels & fixed XP with divines Multiple slayer edits to track down some bugs Back end work, that resulted in less functionality for character select screen Justiciar set effect You can now combine ancient wyvern shield Added boss points shop Lots of things done to The Frozen Prison raid Added some of the custom items for the raid The frozen prison raid is almost done! Also coming soon: Bryopytha!
  12. Easter Event Happy easter everyone! We want to celebrate easter with a new fun easter event! Talk to the Easter Child at home to start the event! He will ask you to find eggs located in main cities! The eggs are located at Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador and Camelot. With awesome rewards at the end! After you've completed the event every NPC you kill has a 1/25 chance to drop a easter egg. Eat the egg to get items from the droptable! You will be able to get: Between 5k and 10k Blood Money Between 5k and 30k GP Between 5 and 25 Purple sweets A hand egg The best reward... The easter ring! Fixed coal bag & added to shooting star event shop & vote store Added Ecumenical key to vote store for 20 points each Divine potions now reset upon dead 1 tick superglass spell delay added You can no longer drink the raid potion outside of raids Dice hosts can now use the mithril seeds Unsired now drops 1/100 Added a alch warning. Changed ::home coords to match the one in spellbook for the Edge home. You can now add up to 400 friends instead of 200 Added defense/magic levels to certain items Added Piscalirius fishing teleport Multiple clue fixes You can now craft Wrath Runes Added announcement about the vote lottery Purple sweets can now be eaten Jad Fest Next update you will be able to fight 4 or 6 or 8 jads with awesome rewards! Custom raid Some great work has been done for the custom raid. I think we're at around 70% right now!!
  13. Group ironman: Group Storage Group ironman invite zone Note: You can only invite players for your group once. When you leave you stick with your group You can NOT invite new players after leaving this area. As group ironman you can trade with eachother Enter eachothers Construction house Pick eachothers drops You can now sell stuff to general store. Divine Potions are now added & can be made Close combat with Galvek fixed & tsunami position Harm staff and smoke staff regular magic tab fixed Increased value Dragon Claws Priffdinas course fix Fixes for entering raid (were some bugs players getting infinite HP) Changes done to tutorial for Group Ironman Bounds for Dagannoth cave with cannon Fixed bugs with Necromancer quest Added more teleport places for LMS We've done some great work on the custom raid which should hopefully be released somewhere this or next month!
  14. You can now obtain the hunter clue outfit same way as the Wiki. Added Sarachnis & Nightmare displays to POH Fixed safespot at Olm Bug fixes Desert Treasure quest Quest improvements & fixes Necromancer quest Fixed Kalphite Soldier for slayer Fixed Infernal pickaxe showing wrong buff in chat Harmonised nightmare staff fix Fixed mage arena 2 spawning alot of NPCs if you spammed your hot/cold at the spot of the boss Fixed Aerial fishing favorite teleport You can now set traps at chin area in ::dz2 Added more staffs that can autocast 500+ donators now get superior bones noted Removed in combat restriction for GWD altars Can now pick up pet stray dog from POH when you store it You are now able to revert hasta to spear and other way around at Otto Vote lottery now also gives a mystery box as reward + made it every 12 hours again Took off death storage for UIM for now Removed some NPCs and changed combat stats that shouldnt attack you at level 3 Added a bank to Oarania altar
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