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  2. Create a new topic and answer all the questions below. (5 DAYS MINIMUM PLAYTIME!!) Your Name: nelson ojeda Age: 27 Your Location: orlando fl Average Amount Of Gameplay: 2-4hours daily or more. Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: mod Staff Experience: none but im willing to learn and grow Rs/Rsps Experience: 150% rs3 still learning new mechanics in osrs like tob new elf city's etc but I know mainly everything prior to pre eoc. Goals: at the moment to make out my iron man and stay more active daily while we're growing day by day Weaknesses: #LEWEAK Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: ask for them to stop and take it towards pm/dm or take actions and try to help them myself if possible. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I will report it asap. As a staff member we have to be more responsible and polite towards others A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: If there new and I'm capable to help out I definitely will if not ill give them pointers on how to make some good starter money/strategies If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? A verbal warning if it continues to happen after a staff has told them something a mute will be applied. Or jail time if needed. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? Yes I will if they did not listen to me or other staffs trying to make peace I will have to take action and make sure they served there punishment.
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  4. FROZEN CLAN Clan Chat: Frozen Clan Perks: • Bi-Weekly tournaments for prizes in the PvP Portal (white portal; safe deaths) • Weekend wilderness PK events • Bi-Weekly Raids • Weekly Bossing trips • Trusted Whip/DDS Staking • Access to the Clan Bank Rank Unlocks: (Smiley+) - Can chat in CC - Bossing Trips - Raids (1 Bar+) - Weekend Wilderness PK Events (2 Bar+) - PvP Portal Tournaments for Prizes (3 Bar+) - Trusted Whip & DDS Staking (Bronze Star+) - Access to the Clan Bank (Silver & Gold Star) - Clan mods & admins FAQ: 1) What is the Clan Bank? • The clan bank is held on the CC "Frozen" account and a screenshot will be updated in the clan discord everytime something is added or removed. • When gear, items or money are looted via monsters or PK's the loot can be contributed to the Clan Bank. • Stars ranks will keep the clan bank stocked with basic PK gear for lower level members, which the Star ranks can distribute when neccessary. • Clan Bank higher tier items are to be returned after use. Keeping the high tier items for multiple days, selling/trading, or staking them is not allowed without permission from a Gold Star. 2) How do I earn a rank? • Smiley rank is earned when you are accepted into the clan. • 1-2 bar ranks are participation based ranks. • 3 bar rank is earned when you begin contributing to the clan bank & have participated in multiple events. • Bronze Star is for clan members who have contributed multiple times in items or gold to the clan bank, and were previously the 3 bar rank. • Silver Star is a clan moderator. Earned through loyalty to the clan. • Gold Star is a clan administrator. Gold Star is not an obtainable rank. 3) Who are the clan leaders (Silver+)? Owner: --Mod Frozen Gold Stars: --ALeafPile Silver Stars: --Ewok --Simp APPLICATION: (i'll be in contact with you on discord) In-Game Name: Discord Name: Age:
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  7. Mage Arena 2 mini-quest We added the official mage arena 2 quest from OSRS! Use the hot/cold item you obtain throughout the quest and look for the minions Around the Wilderness! All the bosses have their original spells from OSRS and you must attack them with magic! Obtain the Imbued god capes through the statues you get the normal capes from after the quest. Updated timers for volcano rocks to hit you so you have time to run away Added more tool leprechaun spawns Roots noting at leprechaun Fixed noting & unnoting on banks Added more items to broadcast Added combining for Brimstone Boots Changed respawn time of Chaos Elemental You will no longer receive x2 fish Added Darklight & rock cake to slayer shop (120 points Darklight, 50 points rock cake) - Increased bot protection on the MEE6 and Dyno Bot to prevent bots joining and immediately being able to DM people and / or type in #General. - New users no longer get Luna Member tag immediately upon joining, forcing them to go through #Rank-Request to ask for a rank. - Very offensive words have been censored by the bot to avoid people spamming it at night when Luna and clutch are not on. -Organization of channels, roles, and permissions within the discord. Big thanks to @Falcon @Clutch for the Discord help
  8. Zulrah should work fine, only thing is you have to drink anti venom before you start so you become immune as it doesnt cure yet.
  9. Hmm time to get that zenyte
  10. Please add dragon tools
  11. Would love to chase that zulrah pet but it's still a little buggy
  12. New event! First player to receive one of the items or pets listed below Will win the reward that comes with the item/pet! Note: YOU HAVE TO MAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOU GETTING THE ITEM BETWEEN 22-11-2020 AND 16-12-2020 ELSE IT WONT COUNT All game modes can participate. Make a screenshot of your in-game username, the chat showing you got the drop, you have to show you got it around the time of the event. Post you receiving the item in this forum post! First person to receive a piece of Ancestral Hat Receives $10 donator First person to receive a piece of Ancestral Top Receives $10 donator First person to receive Ancestral Bottoms Receives $10 donator First person to receive Magma Mutagen Receives $15 donator First person to obtain Arcane Sigil Receives $15 donator First person to Obtain Draconic Visage Receives $10 donator Won by @Genie First person to Obtain Abyssal Dagger Receives $10 donator Won by @Tikalo First person to receive all three rings from Dagannoth Note: Yes all 3 rings! Receives $15 donator First person to receive Zenye Shard Receives $10 donator Won by @demigod First person to receive dragon pickaxe Receives $5 donator Won by @Genie First person to obtain Heron Receives $15 donator First person to obtain Baby Mole Receives $15 donator First person to obtain Zulrah pet Receives $20 donator First person to receive Giant Squirrel Receives $15 Donator
  13. In-Game Name: 999m Age: 26 My Location: London , UnitedKingdom AVERAGE AMOUNT OF GAMEPLAY: Right now I'm strongly in maximum i can play during the week Monday- Friday is 1hr :30 Minutes as I have work but on weekends I play now 2hrs to 4hrs . My play time at the moment is 07 Day 06hr 22min . Applying for In-game Moderator: I would like this position because I can give a great support to new players/ old players i can learn there needs and give them the possibility of enjoying this amazing server . I can make sure that when I'm around them I can offer them all my knowledge and skills on how to grind and pride there playing experience . Staff Experience: Ex staff support for Luna . I have discussed the reason why I haven't been on for a while but the reason was plain and simple family issues. Goals : I wouldnt know about everyone's GOALS but my goal as a old member of Luna is to see the server thriving with many new players my goal is also achieving one day to be an Admin if ever needed. One of my dream goal is to also do a 24hr non stop game play experience . Weakness : loosing something that i work hard for And fearing one day Luna will vanish for ever. As a In- Game Moderator : if i would see a player not complying to any rules and ending up being toxic i would unfortunately have to jail him and probably mute him if it gets too serious , then I would discuss the situation further upon with Luna , Luna then will decide what needs to be done. If a player is asking me for free stuff I would not give him any items . Instead I would advice him on how to achieve & grind his levels and items . No one should ever be harrast by one another if something like this ever happens .if I will have proof then unfortunately I will jail him /her, Automatically mute him/her and discuss this situation further with Luna . Therefore luna will take actions . As a Moderator it is my duty to moderate the game play experience I will follow any rules that is complied by luna . While complying to the rules I also intent to make this an amazing game play experince and stress free for everybody .
  14. Great update as always. Oi btw i said im going to bed like 2 hours ago wtf is wrong with me
  15. Active Volcano A Wilderness Event every 45 minutes you can mine the boulder at the place in the picture below to obtain Blood Money. Be careful for the falling rocks, you can dodge these! Wilderness changes Players In Wilderness in questlog will now show <5 less than 5 and only counts up if there are 5 or more players in Wilderness. Bounty Hunter will now be toggled disabled as standard for everyone, you can enable it to do BH in the questlog You can now combine easy to elite clue scrolls to obtain a master clue. You can now get roots from clearing tree patches. Added max hit dummies undead and normal at home You can now enter Ice Queens dungeon to receive Ice Gloves by killing her. The Ice gloves are added as preparation for the soon to come Blast Furnace. And also handy in other situations ofcourse! You need a Rune Pickaxe to be able to mine the rocks to get to the ladders. The place is filled with ice giants and the Ice Queen does barrage spells as attacks! Replaced Tbow scythe and sangui staff from donator store with new items for now. You can now get roots from clearing tree patches. Zamorak GWD boss correct stats now Removed the option for normal accounts to de-iron when you're not ironman Updated combat moss giants combat Combat dummy doesnt give XP anymore Added stopwatch to runelite (coming soon) Attempt at fix nulled drops Alot of work done on Blast Furnace, Mage Arena 2 and Nightmare (Coming soon)
  16. Alright! Will add in next update! Edit: added Magic Fang & Staff of the Dead
  17. Please add toxic staff
  18. Earlier
  19. very nice guide !
  20. Frozen Loner


    Good work!
  21. GUIDE: Money Making by Frozen Loner #1 - Dragon Bones Dragon bones sell for 50-70k each. Green dragons are pretty weak and are super easy to farm. Dragons drop noted bones if you donate at least $10 for the Bronze Donor rank. With teleports to and from these green dragons you can easily bank and drink from the pool before teleporting back for more bones. All you need is some dragon hide armor, a rune cbow, anti-dragon shield, and anti fire potions to get started. Top Locations: - Instant access by using the blue Luna portal at home to teleport to either Eastern or Western dragons, but I suggest West because it's only level 15 wilderness so you can easily escape a PK'er. - The myth guild is also a great place for green dragons, you can get there if you don't like the wilderness by using the Fairy Tree at home. #2 - Revenant Caves This is a massive money making location, and it's not hard to get started. This is a very dangerous location due to being a PK hotspot, but as long as you bring a glory amulet and know your escape routes it's not too bad. Just be prepared to die and don't bring too much stuff with you. Having 89 agility will be the fastest escape possible from most pk'ers if you get tele-blocked, otherwise you'll have to run north to the cave entrance and try to escape that way. The best part about killing Revs is that all revs share the same drop table, and you can kill them at really low combat levels. The higher level revs drop loot at increased rates so it in my opinion isn't worth going here immediately, but you do have a small chance at really good loot from even the Revenant implings. #3 - Thieving This is probably the easiest way to get quick money for a new player. Thieving gives cash and items, which can then be sold either to the Sigmund NPC, or put on the Trading Post for other players to buy. Top Methods: Elves Tzhaar Rogues Den Bank Vault The bank vault is a pretty fast way to collect gems. These sell at a pretty decent rate on the trading post at home, so it's not a bad strategy. Blood Shards in Darkmeyer These are pretty rare, but sell for 80-100m each. Very great money for relatively low effort, if you have the thieving level. You will need to do a quest to get here, but it takes about 5 minutes to finish. #4 - Slayer Slayer is an insane money maker -- if you get lucky! I personally don't like doing slayer for money because it takes a ton of time and effort. High level slayer also takes high level stats, so this isn't a good pick for new players. I'm not going to go into detail with the slayer method, because it's one of the most popular guides online. #5 - Herblore Not many players can make the high level potions, but everyone wants them. Saradomin brews and super combats sell like hotcakes! Sara Brew: 81 Herblore Toadflax Crushed Birds Nest Vial of Water Super Combat: 90 Herblore Torstol Super Atk/Str/Def Potions Anti-venom +: 94 Herblore Torstol Anti-venom Divine Super Combat: 97 Herblore Crystal Dust Super Combat Potion #6 - Mining & Smithing Ores, and more so Bars, sell quite easily depending on which they are. If you're selling ores I would go with coal, otherwise you'll want to sell mithril bars and up. The best location for mining is definitely the motherload mine. #7 - Barrows This is a relatively easy minigame. You don't need to be super strong or have really good gear. It will definitely help, but isn't necessary. Barrows gear sells for 6-8m a piece, so it's not the best method, but it's a pretty decent one depending what loot you pull. #8 - Fletching I don't really suggest doing fletching specifically for money making, but if you're trying to reach level 99 or just making yourself a stockpile of bolts and arrows, this skill can net you a large stack of gold if you sell your fletched items on the trading post. #9 - Tournaments This is one method that can get you great gear super early like the fighter torso, mage book, barrows gear, dragon knives, and more. Tournaments are free, instanced minigames that give you temporary gear and skill levels in order to fight other players for a blood money prize. Blood money can be exchanged for gear at NPC shops, or sold directly to other players on the trading post. Blood money typically goes for anywhere from 100-200gp per 1 blood money. Blood Money Shops: The Nieve NPC at home offers various items and gear in exchange for your blood money, most notably the fighter torso. The Blood Merchant NPC appears as an event in the Wilderness. This NPC's shop changes every time it reappears, and usually has a mage book, barrows gear, dragon knives, and other high tier items. However, trading this NPC is risky because doing so will give you a high-risk skull and you will lose everything on your person should you die.
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