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Pollniveach agility course, teleport interface, diaries & more

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The teleport interface got a small rework.

All teleports are now in alphabetical order
Added some more fun colours to bosses & cities
Couple of new teleports including:
- Waterfall quest dungeon
- "Rune-addy dragons" renamed to Lithkren Vault
And a few more!


Pollniveach agility course is now available


Clue scroll boxes from easy to master are now tradeable.
note: The scroll boxes, not the clue itself!

Bryophyta is pretty much done just needs loot added -
I want to release the boss right now so players can try it out see if its good or needs some adjustments

You can obtain the mossy key by killing Moss giants.

Removed a couple of items in the moving donator store and added a few new ones

Fixed some slayer bosses not counting after last update

Bunch of edits done to owner/admin rank

Removed "Superior not available" message

Nightmares melee/mage/range attacks now have 1 extra tick added

Increased pet chance agility rooftops

Vote entry is now 100k each instead of 50k


We've been working on achievement diaries.

The interface for it will be available with this update just not working yet while we work at completing it!



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