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TFP, LMS re-opened, GP increases + more!

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The Frozen Prison

Multiple edits done to Seren to fix some bugs/attacks with her
Multiple edits done to Inadequacy
6% chance at unique loot with most dmg and 2% chance for unique loot for The Frozen Prison raid


Increased GP gain from Pyramid Plunder

Added a pyramid plunder event with 40% increased GP while inside plunder

Increased GP from coin box & slayer chest by quite alot

LMS received multiple edits and is now back available to play

Lunar spellbook
Added the spin flax lunar spell

Misc/bug fixes

Increased GP caskets obtained from crabs

Wilderness key hint also shows through filtered chat now

You now cant bank dark essence fragments
You now cant bank pay-dirt

Fixed the leaf bladed sword & mystic mist staff (banking for mobile users)

Added total votes to questlog, you can also press it to announce to show off to other players!

Fixed stairs at redwood trees inside Woodcutting guild

Fixed pumps 30 strength requirement, you needed 31 before

Changed ring of life coords

Added runecrafting teleport to Aubury and all other mages that allow you to teleport to the runecrafting cave

You can now craft bowls in Barbarian village properly



My apologies for the smaller updates past two weeks, We've been extremely busy with achievement diaries, we made quite alot of progress and should expect the diaries release to happen soonish!



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