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Wandering trader, performance fixes, bug fixes & more!

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Wandering trader

The wanderer trader will be found at home, close to the gnome child.

She will buy your items for a very high price, close to player sell worth.

The items are limited and new ones will appear every 8 hours, with 10 new items.

The shop has a total of 250+ items right now.

We will edit the prices of the shop as we go, depending on the economy at that moment
all for GP.

This is ment as a way for players to earn some extra gp,
Its also a decent item sink!






Staff of armadyl:
Replaced defence requirement with 50 attack
Removed death runes requirement with charging

Now needs: 2 blood runes, 6 water & 250 GP each charge

Collection log:
Fixed Vorkath head not appearing properly in Collection Log
Fixed Kalphite head not appearing properly in Collection Log
Chambers of Xeric dark relic & torn pray scroll also adds properly to Collection Log

Chambers Of Xeric:

You can now also create a party at the door of Chambers Of Xeric
Fixed right click options old tools at Chambers of xeric

You now cant use dice bag before you enter inferno

End portal fixes for the frozen prison & rise of the six

Temporarily disabled viewing orbs in tournament

Fixed some diaries

You can now properly put zamorak d'hide boots in costume chest

You can now eat tomatoes

Removed defence requirements blessed d'hide chaps

Fixed lizardman shaman coin/slayer chest appearing in wall

Multiple performance fixes done to Sire

Fixes done to creating books (like holy book) so all your pages dont dissapear when creating book

Double drops & droprate scroll timers fixed when going offline

Monkfish now requires a big fishing net instead of a small one

Warning message bird nest falling out of tree now has a colour

Multiple performance fixes done to The Nightmare

Great work has been done with Grand Exchange

Shooting star and crystal tree event timer increased before they go away

Also increased both amount you can get overall

Fixes done to Pyramid Plunder

Decreased chance at obtaining just GP from clues

You dont DC when you examine hard clues anymore

Multiple dropvalue fixes

PKP tickets are now tradeable

Hotfixes done previous update:
Rise of the six now properly allows you to exit the stairs after you are done for all party members
Performance fixes


We've done great work on Grand Exchange and hopefully are able to release it soon after extensive testing!

Same goes for the long waited drop boosts, we're confident it should be done within the upcoming updates!


There has also been work done on the christmas event and should be released later this week!

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