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    Because the update will be quite large the village will be split up in seperate updates. This is only half of what is to come for the village update. Note: We've done more work than just the village update, which will be listed below all this information. The daily task system has been completely reworked Daily task has been renamed to village tasks First of - We've added approximately 30+ new daily tasks You gain 15 XP for every hard task You gain 10 XP for every medium task You gain 5 XP for every easy task As you level up your village all the way to level 100 You will be able to obtain benefits & complete quests along the way During these quests you will pick sides which will, affect your village outcome and how your village will act. Example: Once you reach level 100 you can enter the village. The benefits of the levels can be found in ::help or by speaking to Miles again and ask about it. When you run into Miles at home, he can give you random task (around 40 in total right now!) To be able to refresh your daily tasks, allowing you to gain XP faster At ::dz3 there is also a NPC you can refresh your tasks with one time a day. Some of the rewards obtainable as you level: Benefits: Level 5 5% chance at double fish Level 10 5% chance at double black chins Level 15 5% chance at increased birdhouse loot Level 20 No hammer/saw needed to create in Construction Level 25 5% chance at double amethyst from rock The Blacksmith quest Level 30 Obtain construction outfit - increased XP construction Level 35 4% chance to not deplete a rock during mining Level 40 Combine KBD head to create a dragon hunter crossbow (b) Level 45 Increased loot slayer chest & coin box Level 50 Combine vorkath head to create a dragon hunter crossbow (t) The church quest Level 55 No warm clothes needed in Wintertodt Level 60 Use fire cape on slayer helm to create jad slayer helm Level 65 N/A Level 70 10% less drain while running outside of Wilderness Level 75 3% increased permanent droprate in GWD Level 80 Use Blood shard on slayer helm to create vampyric slayer helm Level 85 3% increased permanent droprate Level 90 Use inferno on slayer helm to create tzKal slayer helm Level 95 A special chest dropped by various slayer mobs/bosses with supplies/GP Level 100 Access the village Konar: Added lizardmen tasks Added basilisks task Added kraken boss task Wintertodt: You no longer keep wintertodt points when teleporting away The cold attack & magic attack now appears less often Barrows: Changed the way you receive your barrows loot Added ability to re-roll your barrows loot - Note: this feature will be available soon. New items: DHCB (t) DHCB (b) Tzkal slayer helm Vampyric slayer helm Tztok slayer helm Construction outfit Village chest Took out cannon XP in chat while using cannon Removed christmas event & replaced christmas map with normal one Renamed pvm gnome to "pvm store" Chest used for cosmetics renamed to "cosmetic chest" Updated pvm shop with different prices Added correct quest requirements fishy situation quest Re-arranged some teleports in the interface Added a drop warning to bow of Faerdhinen Wise old man hat is now tradeable Reduced ectophial chance at Ectofuntus Verac now gives slayer XP on task Fixed desert amulet 2 & 3 teleporting Fixed 3rd age axe and is now useable Balance beam removal Renamed hefty tax bag to dice bag Sarachnis cudgel now requires 65 attack Fixed crystal tree event timer in quest log Added skill cape animations to 200m capes Barnaby now can take you to ardougne/brimhaven/rimmington at all different harbors Changed dialogue shearing sheep Double drops scroll is now tradeable Final words: The droprate boost is pretty much completed and ready to release. I wanted to release the update above first see how everything goes before adding too much and things starts to break I hope you guys will enjoy our idea with the village!
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    Fixed Experience counter for mobile users Broadcast whenever player logs in about the new update Added recipe to create enhanced crystal key from singing bowl Disabled side panels temporary you can now also claimvote with ::cv Message ::vote added Changed some text inside tournament Fixed leaf-bladed sword and mystic smoke staff You now need 60 Woodcutting to enter WC guild Revenant weapons now also announce in discord Fixed Port sarim underwall tunnel shortcut Bug fixes Pyramid Plunder & Increased gp rewards from plunder overall Fixed Al Kharid mining climbing spot Added donator zone 1 2 and 3 in Teleport interface > Misc Edtis done to broadcast messages Fixes at prifddinas so players cant access a no-clip zone Added animations to Wilderness key boss Bryophyta edits Made a hint more clear for a wilderness key You can now obtain dark acorn from Wilderness keys & mystery box (Used to make squirrel pet more dark) Fixes done to guards and Paladins in Ardougne Decreased droprate dragon pickabe KBD from 3.5k to 1.2k Zulrah edits: Increased accuracy snakelings Decreased attack distance snakelings Bunch of other small zulrah edits & improvements Olm edits: Spec prayer orbs attack fixed Bunch of other attacks received a small improvement overall New items added to Sigmund: Dragon Pickaxe for 4m Armadyl helm for 3m Armadyl Chestplate for 8m Armadyl chainskirt for 8m 2m for Serpentine Visage 30m for Nightmare Eldritch Orb 10m for Elder Maul 1.5m for Abyssal Whip 4m for Abyssal Dagger 800k for Dragon Boots 1m for Black Mask(10)
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    Added Expeditious bracelet When worn, the bracelet provides a 25% chance for a monster killed to count as two kills toward the player's Slayer task without granting additional experience. Added Slaughter bracelet When worn, there is a 25% chance for a Slayer task kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience Mole: Multiple fixes done to the mole boss to ensure the arrow always pointing towards it & not bugging out after digging down. Kril' Tsutsaroth: Fixes done to prayer attack of Kril hitting too often, now matches osrs. Sarachnis: Sarachnis spawns are similar to osrs now, only spawning at 66% and 33% health. Sarachnis is also aggressive now Multiple other fixes done to Sarachnis Misc/bug fixes/new additions Pets also show in table now if you search for them in the bestiary Updated ::commands with new commands Edits done to rock cake to ensure players do not die from it Fixes done to various Farming Guild patches Re-added mithril seeds with a small delay for flowers so FPing with them wouldn't be possible - You can buy them in the shop keeper at home Fixed usage of blighted super restore in fun pk zone You can now dismantle the holy kit from scythe properly Added tournament wins in questlog in PVP Statistics Revenants now also show the droprates of the pvp weapons like Statius's warhammer
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    Official Luna Price Guide Use CTRL + F to search for an item. Color Legend 1gp - 1M 1M - 10M 10M - 50M 50M - 250M 250M+ Miscellaneous Blood Money: 30-40 gp per Zulrah Scale: 125 gp per Revenant Ether: 200 gp per Dragon Bones: 20k per Superior Dragon Bones: 25k per Dagannoth Bones: 20k per Hydra Bones: 20k per Crystal Key: 50k per Tooth/Loop Half of Key: 25k per Voting Tickets: 250k per Pkp Ticket: 200k per Elder Robes Set: 10m 10$ Scroll: 70-75m Double Drop Scroll: 10-12.5m Exp Scroll: 2.5m Dragon Skirt: 165k Dragon Platelegs: 165k Dragon Full Helmet: 5m Dragon Med Helm: 65k Barrows Reroll Scroll: 250-500k Dragon Platebody: 5m Supplies Cannon Set: 1.2m Saradomin Brew(4): 15k per Super Combat Potion(4): 15k per Stamina Potion(4): 10k per Super Restore(4): 15k per Dragon Arrows: 3.5k per Dragon Darts: 2k per Dragon Knives: 600gp per Dragon Throwaxes: 750k per Dragonstone Bolts (e): 1k per Ruby Bolts (e): 750 per Onyx Bolts (e): 9.5k per Dragon Bolts: 2k Per Amethyst Arrows: 2k per Amethyst Javelin: 2.5k Amethyst Darts: 1.5k Cannon Balls: 550 gp per Skilling Gear/Supplies Dragon Harpoon: 2.5m Dragon Pickaxe: 10m Dragon Axe: 5m Anglerfish: 2.5k per Cooked Karambwan: 2k per Dragon Bar: 10k Runite Bar: 9.5k per Adamantite Bar: 3k per Mithril Bar: 1k gp per Gold Bar: 400gp per Dragonite Ore: 10k gp per Runite Ore: 9.5k gp per Adamantite Ore: 2k gp per Mithril Ore: 900 gp per Coal Ore: 500 gp per Gold Ore: 550 per Magic Logs: 3k gp per Yew Logs: 1.5k gp per Maple Logs: 800 gp per Mahogany Logs: 4k per Teak Logs: 2k per Mahogany Plank: 5k per Teak Plank: 3k per Birds Nest: 10k Magic Seed: 95-100k Yew Seed: 30-35k Torstol Seed:45-50k Snapdragon Seed: 55k-60k Ranarr Seed: 25-30k Uncut Dragonstone: 7k Uncut Diamond: 2.5k Uncut ruby: 1k Uncut Emerald: 400gp Uncut Sapphire: 850gp Wintertodt Burnt Page: 1k Tome of Fire: 20m Godwars Godsword shards: 550k per Godsword blade: 1m Armadyl Helmet: 6m Armadyl Chestplate: 20-25m Armadyl Platelegs: 20-25m Armadyl Godsword: 45m Bandos Chestplate: 35-40m Bandos Tassets: 30-35m Bandos Boots: 2.5m Bandos Godsword: 10-15m Armadyl Crossbow: 30-35m Saradomin Godsword: 15m Saradomin Sword: 10m Saradomins Light: 10m Staff of Light: 20m Staff of the Dead: 7.5m Toxic Staff of the Dead: 12m Zamorak Godsword: 7m-10m Zammy Spear/Hasta: 15m-20m Steam Battlestaff: 250k per Dagannoth Kings Archers Ring: 8m Berserker Ring: 8m Seers Ring: 6.5m Warrior Ring: 2.5m Elvarg Robin Hood Hat: 3.5m Ranger's Tunic: 5m Ranger's Tights: 5m Ranger gloves: 500k Ranger Boots: 15-20m Revenant Caves Craws bow: 10m Viggora's Chainmace: 8.5m Thammaron's Spectre: 4m Statius Warhammer: 90m Zureil's Staff: 6.5m Vesta Spear: 10m Bracelet of Ethereum: 100k Amulet of Avarice 3.5m Zulrah Magic Fang: 5m Serpentine Visage/Helmet: 8m-10m Tanzanite Fang: 10-15m Onyx: 2.5m Tanzanite/Magma Mutagen: 10m-15m Cerberus Primordial Crystal: 15m - 20m Primordial Boots: 20m - 25m Pegasian Crystal: 10m Pegasian Boots: 20m-25m Eternal Crystal: 10m Eternal Boots: 20m-25m Smouldering Stone: 5m Kraken Trident of the Sea: 3.5m Trident of the Swamp: 8-10m Kraken Tentacle: 5-7m Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Occult Necklace: 5m Smoke Battlestaff: 1.5m Dragon Chainbody: 3.5m Alchemical Hydra Brimstone Ring: 5.5m Hydra's Tail: 1.5m Hydra's Leather: 40m Hydra Claw: 175m Dragon Hunter Lance: 180-200m Vorkath Dragonbone Necklace: 5m Draconic Visage: 10m - 15m Skeletal Visage: 10-15m Dragonfire Ward: 15m The Nightmare Nightmare Staff: 80m Nightmare Volatile Orb: 200-225m Nightmare Eldritch Orb: 75m Nightmare Harmonized Orb: 200-225m Inquisitors Mace: 200-250m Inquisitors Helm: 100m Inquisitors Platebody: 200-225m Inquisitors Platelegs: 200-225m Corporeal Beast Spirit Shield: 3m Holy Elixir: 6.5m Blessed Spirit Shield: 10m Arcane Spirit Shield: 200m Spectral Spirit Shield: 90-100m Elysian Spirit Shield: 500m Raid 1 - Chambers of Xeric Ancestral Hat: 65m Ancestral Robe Top: 175m Ancestral Robe Bottom: 175m Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 185m Dragon Claws: 60m Elder Maul: 45m Kodai Wand: 35m Twisted Bow: 1.2b-1.5b Dinh's Bulwark: 200m Twisted Buckler: 60-70m Dexterous Scroll: 50m Arcane Scroll: 50m Wilderness Bosses Ring of the Gods: 3.5m Treasonous Ring: 4m Tyrannical Ring: 3.5m Odium Shards: 750k-1m Odium Ward: 5mm Malediction Shards: 750k-1m Malediction Ward: 5m Weabweaver Bow (Fang of Venenatis): 20m Accursed Sceptre (Vetion Sckill): 10m Ursine Chainemace (Callisto Claw): 20m Voidwaker: 200-225m PvP Gear Statius Helm: 15m Statius Platebody: 65m Statius Platelegs: 65m Vesta Chainbody: 150m Vesta Plateskirt: 145m Vesta Longsword: 75m Zuriel's Hood: 10m Zuriel's Robe Top: 20m Zuriel's Robe Bottoms: 20m Galvek Morrigan Coif: 35m Morrigan Leatherbody: 150m Morrigan Leatherchaps: 150m Morrigan Javelin: 25k per Morrigan Throwing Axe: 50k per Slayer Monsters Abyssal Whip: 3.5-5m Abyssal Dagger: 10-15m Abyssal Bludgeon: 50m Blood Shard: 15-20m Dragon Boots: 2m Dragon Crossbow: 15m Dragon Warhammer: 55m Imbued Heart: 10m Sarachnis Cudgel: 10m Basilisk Jaw: 25m-30m Granite Maul: 1.5m Dark Bow: 1.5m Black Mask: 2.5-3m Ancient Wyvern Shield: 10m-15m Light Ballista: 3.5m Heavy Ballista: 15-20m Zenyte Shard: 15-20m Jewels Amulet of Fury: 3.5m-4m Berserker Necklace: 1m-2m Amulet of Torture: 20m Tormented Bracelet: 15-20m Ring of Suffering: 15m Necklace of Anguish: 20m Ring of Wealth: 50k per Ring of Recoil: 1.5k per Raid 2 - Theatre of Blood Scythe of Vitur: 850m-1b Sanguinesti Staff: 450m Ghrazi Rapier: 250m-300m Avernic Defender Hilt: 85m Justiciar Helm: 50m Justicar Platebody: 75m Justicar Platelegs: 75m Barrows Amulet of the Damned: 5m Karil's Set: 9-11m Karils Coif: 1m Karil's Body: 4m Karil's Skirt: 4m Karil's Crossbow: 1m Dharok's Set: 10-14m Dharok's Helm: 2m Dharok's Body: 3m Dharok's Legs: 3m Dharok's Greataxe: 2m Ahrim's Set: 9-12m Ahrim's Hood: 3m Ahrim's Top: 4m Ahrim's Skirt: 4m Ahrim's Staff: 750k-1m Torag's set: 8m Torag's Helmet: 2m Torag's Chest: 2m Torag's Legs: 2m Torag's Hammers: 2m Verac's set: 3-5m Verac's Helm: 750k Verac's Body: 1m Verac's Skirt: 1m Verac's Flail: 500k Guthan's Set: 7-10m Guthan's Helm: 1.5m Guthan's Body: 2m Guthan's Skirt: 2m Guthan's Spear: 1.5m Clue Rewards 3rd-Age Melee Helm: 15m 3rd-Age Melee Platebody: 30m 3rd-Age Melee Platelegs: 30m 3rd-Age Sword: 35m 3rd-Age Kite Shield: 20m 3rd-Age Range Coif: 15m 3rd-Age Range body: 25m 3rd-Age Range legs: 25m 3rd Age Ranged Vambs: 5-7.5m 3rd-Age Bow: 80m 3rd-Age Mage Hat: 15m 3rd-Age Mage Robe top: 25-30m 3rd-Age Mage Robe bottoms: 25-30m 3rd- Age Wand: 20m 3rd Age Ring: 35m 3rd Age axe: 100-500m+ (depends on buyer) 3rd Age Pickaxe: 100-500m+ (depends on buyer) 3rd-Age Amulet: 10m God/Blessed D'hide Sets: Coif: 750k per Body: 1m per Chaps: 1m Boots: 1m Vambs: 250k Mage's Book: 5m Spiked Manacles: 3.5m Cosmetics Ankou Set: 20m+ Gilded Range Pieces: 2.5m Gilded Melee Pieces: 1m Gilded Skilling Items: 10m Golden Chef's Items: 5m Cape of Skulls: 10m Team Cape 0/l/X: 3.5m Mummy Set: 20m+ Royal Gown Set: 2.5m Musketeer Set: 2.5m Ring of Nature: 5m Ring of Coins: 5m Ring of Stone: 5m Holy Sandals: 4.5m Mole Slippers: 5m Frog Slippers: 2.5m Bear Feet: 3m Demon Feet: 2m Shoulder Parrot: 5m Monk Robe (g) Set: 10m Ham Joint: 10m Rain Bow: 10m Ale of the Gods: 3m Robes of Darkness Set: 3.5m Samurai Set: 5m Tuxedo Pieces: 250k Godsword Ornament Kits: 1m Weapon/Gear ornament Kits: 500k-2.5m Blessings: 250-500k Climbing Boots(g): 1m Rare Cosmetics Green Phat: 30m White Phat: 50-100m Purple Phat: 30-80m Blue Phat: 45-100m Yellow Phat: 50-100m Black Phat: 50-100m H'ween Masks: 25-100m Santa Hat: 50-100m Black Santa Hat: 50-100m Golden Phat: 40m Rainbow Phat: 55-125m Gauntlet Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed: 250m (Used to create Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen) Crystal Weapon Seed: 3.5m Crystal Armour Seed: 15-20m The Frozen Prison Necromancer Hood: 20m Necromancer Robe Top: 40m Necromancer Robe Bottom: 40m Dark Tome: 25m Armadyl Staff: 145-150m World Boss (Sea Troll Queen) Dragon Limbs: 15m Elder Twisted Bow Kit: 20m Kodai Twisted Bow Kit: 20m Clue Step Skip Page: 150k Onyx Bolts (e) 10k Grotesque Guardians Granite Gloves: 1m Granite Hammer: 2.5m Granite Ring: 3.5m Black Tourmaline Core: 75-250m+ (Quantity not high in server currently - Increased price) NEX Torva Platebody: 350m Torva Platelegs: 350m Torva Helm: 125m Zaryte Vambraces: 100m Zaryte Crossbow: 300m Ancient Godsword: 100m DUKE SUCELLUS Virtus Mask: 40m Virtus Robe Top: 100m Virtus Robe Bottoms: 100m Magus Ring: 50m
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    Easter Event Happy easter everyone! We want to celebrate easter with a new fun easter event! Talk to the Easter Child at home to start the event! He will ask you to find eggs located in main cities! The eggs are located at Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador and Camelot. With awesome rewards at the end! After you've completed the event every NPC you kill has a 1/25 chance to drop a easter egg. Eat the egg to get items from the droptable! You will be able to get: Between 5k and 10k Blood Money Between 5k and 30k GP Between 5 and 25 Purple sweets A hand egg The best reward... The easter ring! Fixed coal bag & added to shooting star event shop & vote store Added Ecumenical key to vote store for 20 points each Divine potions now reset upon dead 1 tick superglass spell delay added You can no longer drink the raid potion outside of raids Dice hosts can now use the mithril seeds Unsired now drops 1/100 Added a alch warning. Changed ::home coords to match the one in spellbook for the Edge home. You can now add up to 400 friends instead of 200 Added defense/magic levels to certain items Added Piscalirius fishing teleport Multiple clue fixes You can now craft Wrath Runes Added announcement about the vote lottery Purple sweets can now be eaten Jad Fest Next update you will be able to fight 4 or 6 or 8 jads with awesome rewards! Custom raid Some great work has been done for the custom raid. I think we're at around 70% right now!!
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    Hello, this is my attempt at making people run Chambers of Xeric. To everyone that wants to learn Cox or run it in the future, here is my guide at Olm. I will not (yet) cover the other rooms in Cox, because they are quite easy. If demand is there I can make a full Cox guide in the future. To start you have to understand how Olm is attacked and killed. There's the Left hand (mage hand) The head (Range it) & the right hand (melee hand). Olm has 3 phases if you are in groups of 7 or less and 4 if you are in groups of 8 and more. (I will have to check with Luna if this applies on LunaPS, if not stick with 3 phases. Each phase you will have to kill the Left hand (mage hand) and the right hand (melee hand) . You kill these by using the right Combat Skill against them. At the 3rd (Last phase) you want to kill the Left hand(mage hand) & the right hand (melee hand) almost simultaneously, because if you don't they will respawn with full health. After killing both Left hand(mage hand) & the right hand (melee hand) on the 3rd (Last Phase) you will be able to deal damage to The head (Range it). After killing the head Olm is dead and you will be able to get your loot from the chest near the exit, don't forget to grab your items in the stash unit. Phases During each phase, Olm will be able to do auto attacks (ranged and magic) and also special abilities. These are the following possible phases: Acid, Flame & Crystal. You're going to want to pray either ranged or magic, and changing prayer to the right one as Olm is using auto attacks, this is not like Jad, but quite random. Olm special abilities Crystal Burst: Olm throws a crystal seedling under every player in the chamber. A few seconds later, the crystals burst and shove the player to a nearby tile if they are on top of them for moderate damage. The left hand will briefly show a crystal icon when using this attack. Lightning: Shoots out lightning running north and/or south of the chamber. Getting hit by a bolt of lightning electrocutes the player, disabling their overhead prayers, dealing moderate damage, and binding them. The left hand will briefly show a lightning bolt when using this attack. Swap: Olm teleports the player(s) for damage. With one person inside the chamber, Olm will instead choose a random tile in the chamber. With two or more, Olm picks those two (or a random two if more) to teleport. To avoid damage, stand on top of the targeted tile/player. The further you are from the target, the more damage is taken. The left hand briefly shows a swirl when using this attack. The following attacks are Phase-unique. Acid: Acid Spray: Olm spits out several pools of acid around the chamber. Standing on top of an acid pool deals 3-6 damage per tick and inflicts a weak poison effect on the player. Acid Drip: Olm covers a player in acid, causing them to generate acid pools under them. Standing still will deal damage and moving will generate more pools, though it is not much of a deal in small groups. The pools are identically the same as the spray attack. Flame: Deep Burn: Olm shoots out a green fireball at a player, causing them to yell "Burn with me!". The targeted player takes 5 damage every few ticks, dropping stats by 2 each time this occurs, for five hits. If it spreads to other players, it will reset the timer and newly infected players will initially yell "I will burn with you.". Fire Wall: Olm shoots out two walls of fire at a player to trap them. If the player is on a tile that would be occupied by the fire wall, they will leap out and take light damage from it. After the walls are placed, the player(s) trapped inside will take heavy damage if they are not freed. To free the trapped player(s), cast a water spell or Humidify on a segment of the wall to douse the flame. This can be done outside or inside the wall. Crystal: Falling Crystals: Olm lets out a cry, targeting one player with a red aura. Spiked crystals fall from above, dealing damage to anyone in the targeted tile. Crystal Bombs: Olm shoots out a crystal bomb (up to three at most; two for smaller groups). The bomb explodes after being deployed for several seconds, covering a radius of four tiles. The minimum amount of damage dealt is 15. The closer you are to the bomb, the more damage is incurred, up to 60 at the center. You should now have a base understanding what attacks and abilities Olm can do, you are not expected to be able to do this first try. You'll learn along the way and that is good & fine! There are various Mechanics to kill Olm I'll have an attempt at trying to explain the 3+ people method. Earlier in the guide I have colored the Left hand (mage hand) The head (Range it) & the right hand (melee hand) With the picture below I want to try and explain where every individual in a 3 man raid should stay and stand. This image was taken as if Olm is at the blue/yellow/red squares. When you are assigned mage you are killing the Left hand (mage hand) somewhere within the blue marked tiles while using magic. When you are assigned melee you are killing the right hand (melee hand) from the top, most left red marked tile, as this is the only tile in the area to melee it from. When you are assigned head runner you are moving from the left to the right yellow marked tiles doing this requires a bit more understanding of Olm as you're the one dividing Olms attack to each player. Killing the Left hand (mage hand) & the right hand (melee hand) are quite simple, since you only have to stay within your colored tiles until your hand is dead. After killing your hand turn over to the other and help there. The Left hand (mage hand) will most likely be killed first, since the person altering Olms head direction will be Maging it while turning the head. The ''tricky'' part about this method. The runner that moves from the left to the right yellow marked tiles will have to turn the head, because the mager that is killing the Left hand (mage hand) & the meleer that is killing the right hand (melee hand) will be standing in their colored area's.(this is only possible if they stick in their area) If the Olm head looks to the Left hand (mage hand) he will not be able to damage the meleer on the right hand (melee hand) and vice versa. What the runner is trying to do is to do 2 spells on Left hand (mage hand) from the left yellow marked tiles, run back to the right yellow marked tiles to cast 2 spells on the Left hand (mage hand).(repeat this until Left hand (mage hand) dies) This way Olm will turn his head from left to middle to right & from right to middle to left all the time. Making sure everyone takes 50% of the damage they would without using this method. * to all that know olm, yes, I've marked the left yellow tiles 1 more tile west, since currently in LunaPS that's where Olm turns his head left* You can continue the method above when both hands are dead in the 3rd (Last Phase) but keep in mind you are ranging from your colored tiles, like this the runner can also divide the damage taken. Your inventory for Olm will consist +/- 4 restores, 1 Overload, 1 Prayer enhance, your runes(runepouch) a melee spec weapon, your melee, magic & ranging gear & filled up with Sara brews. I do not know if I've covered everything about this 3+ man mechanic that I know of, but I guess we'll find out coming days & weeks. *Of course there's melee & magic skipping, but that is something for in the future, as it's quite hard to understand. Thank you for reading my first guide, let me know what u think. If I've forgot to cover something feel free to tell me below! ~ Lullaby
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    Hitsplat tinting/max hitsplats Hitsplat tinting and max hitsplats have now been added! Wesley You can now ask Wesley to crush various items for 50 GP each, he is located in Nardah. Bug fixes/other fixes: Fixed barehand level ninja implings Replaced ice troll king in Nightmare Zone for Black Demon Edits done to tackle the issue with certain interfaces not appearing properly when the XP interface is visible Updates posted on Discord: Added all missing NPCs in the Wilderness slayer dungeon, Abyssal Demons, Jellies, Greater Nechryaels and Dust Devils - All the NPCs except for the Jellies require a slayer task to fight them within the Wilderness slayer cave Can now uncharge (c) Bow of Faerdhinen & Blade of Saeldor Fixed issue with drops from Phantom Muspah and World Boss Fixed issue GIM de-iron Fixes loot announcements Elvarg Other small fixes & improvements done to server
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    The time is finally here for one of the biggest updates on Luna so far! Before we start I would just like to mention this update will be huge, even tho we've tested lots there could still be issues we have not found, be sure to report these bugs, would be greatly appreciated! With this update we will be on the latest version. This will include things like Tombs of Amascut, Phantom Muspah & much more which will all be introduced in due time! We have updated our PC & mobile clients. New login screen: Our PC client has received many updates including a launcher with multiple ways to open it for mac, linux & windows also making it easier for us to update the client itself! Our runelite client has a plugin hub now, in this hub you may find 600+ different plugins you can put on, including plugins like 117HD! All new interfaces, this includes interfaces like: - Character selection - Quest tabs - Advanced settings - Collection Log - Items kept on death - New Arceeus spellbook - note: only reanimations & teleports will currently work, adding new spells at a later time! - Prayer filters - Equip character through bank interface - Skill lamp Wilderness bosses rework Vet'ion, Callisto & Venenatis has been completely reworked, they all have their own dungeon now and offer new variaties of weapons! Please note: At release only the multi variants of the bosses will be available, the easier single+ versions will be released somewhere after this update. And ofcourse we have also added the escape caves. After you leave a boss area you will be put on a random position in the escape caves, you have to find the exit through there to get out! Be careful of PKers lurking around. Voidwaker Similar to Korasi they have implemented voidwaker, and so have we! You can obtain a piece for every wilderness boss, put them together to create the voidwaker. Webweaver Bow An upgrade to the craws bow(u) this bow also has a special attack able to attack a player or NPC 4 times! Thammaron sceptre/Accursed sceptre Thammarons sceptre has been reworked, and now acts like a staff similar to trident and has been buffed overall! The accursed sceptre also has a special attack, which hits an enemy for 50% increase to max hit and accuracy and drains the targets defence and magic by 15% Ursine chainmace An upgrade to the Viggora's chainmace This mace also has a special attack. The special attack hits an enemy with doubled accuracy and upon a successfull hit also deals 20 damage over 6 seconds and prevents them from running for 3.6 seconds and reduces the target's agility level by 20. Pick your slayer task We have added a way to pick your own slayer task, not every NPC is added to the list but most are! Bank size We have increased the bank size currently to a limit of 1200. You may increase your bank size depending on your donator rank only currently. Normal players receive 816 spots, so 16 more than before Every rank after that will receive an additional + 40 space. Titles If you right click a player you will now see their title! Can no longer use blighted spells outside of the Wilderness Can now change directions of the wilderness obelisks properly with wilderness hard diary achieved Dwarf cannon can now hold 60 max ammo Added cadavaberry seeds to master farmers Added Ferox Enclave dungeon Duel arena has been taken out of the game for now. If players want it back we could always do this ofcourse but we can always think about doing something with the PVP arena instead I figured this would be fine considering we have FP and other means to gamble and duel arena wasnt used as much anymore
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    Added Swamp & bloodbark armour - The scrolls needed to create them are available in the skilling stores Fine cloth added in slayer & skilling store and you can now also create splitbark armour Fixed tournament viewing orbs Added golden prospector to skilling shop DWARF CANNON: Fixed dwarf cannon NPCs running away/appearing behind wall Re-enabled bunch of dwarf cannon spots that were disabled because of the bug Increased XP Dwarf cannon Trading post: With trading post you can now search specificly for players offers Doesnt show your own offers anymore in the list Donator zone 3 Donator zone 3 got a new map with lots of new extras! - A smithing area with close smithing & anvil & bank! - And much more announced as we go! Misc/new additions/bug fixes Fixed bracelet crafting Shooting star varrock mine now shows actual location Can now bury raurg bones Home stalls now give just coins Increased superior rate event Changed TPs dice and donator zone 3 Fixed ladders leading to gem mine in Shilo village Fixed GIM storage Increased XP dwarf cannon Changed dagannoth respawn time to match Runelite Changed aggressive level Prime Changed clockwork message Fixed FP items dropping too early & removed unnecesary messages Bonecrusher necklace fixed Added Shilo Village furnace Added no charges message for bonecrusher when you reach 0 charges Reduced discord clue spam Changed create anti venom+ at horse shoe mine achievement to anti venom at horse shoe mine Increased droprate for uniques in TFP Previous updates posted on Discord: - Trident now adds to collection log - Added Dragon Chainbody to collection log - Fixed aggressive level for farmer - Fixed issue with item charges not working properly after previous update - Renamed Relleka slayer cave to Fremennik slayer cave - Inadequacy received a bunch of edits - Edits done to highscores to support XP rates - Added message in chat when a totem/shard piece is dropped in Catacombs - Superior slayer monsters now 100% drop totem pieces in Catacombs - Fixed Dragon Harpoon - Fixed bludgeon special attack animation - Some fixes done to Rick's head puzzle - Hiscore edits - KBD heads now 1/127 - x100 XP rate Hiscore updated by Hello: + Filter by Game Mode & (NEW) XP Rate! + Display XP Rate under the Experience Column (main page & compare page) + Display XP Rate next to player Name (lookup page) + Replaced Ugly RS3 Skill Icons to OSRS + Further fixes to Page Counter + Fixed random occurrence of thematic line break above and below game mode options
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    Added pvm point system + shop How will the new point system work? If the NPC is a higher level than 374, you will always get between 1-3 points If the NPC is between level 274 and 374 you have a 50% chance for 1-2 points If the NPC is lower then level 49 you have a 1/50 chance for a point All other level NPCs will get you a 1/15 chance for a point Note: The shop will be changed as we go! - New custom, ornament primordials Added all 23 200m capes to Mac store Potion pack changes The potion pack has been changed and also gives you super restores now and much more! Misc/bug fixes Automaticly drop bird meat at bird houses Fixed prayer enhance in COX Renamed diary Chop dying tree in Morytania to Chop dying tree outside Slayer Tower Every 6 votes get 10 minutes bonus XP Bob the cat now exchanges cannon set Bob the cat can now unimbue a warriors ring Restricted ironman from using the traveler shop Yeti's has been made a little bit easier Fixed portal at donator zone 3 All warhammers now have a strength requirement instead of attack Lots of edits done to Grand Exchange & Droprate boost, should be released hopefully soon! Congratulations to: Hello & Smoke & Tikalo for becoming our first administrators ingame!
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    Changed price of toxic trident and trident in the wandering traveler Added sanguine scythe Added PJ timer in Last Man Standing Fixed level required to create dragon platebody in the dragonforge You can now mine the rock in Catacombs of kourend You now cant use ::dep in the high risk zone Wearing items that skull you now no longer skull you inside the high risk zone In the questlog you can now see current mobile players online too If you already own a certain pet you can still receive it again for only your collection log Fixes done to skill lamp so x1 doesn't get as much XP anymore At Zahur in Nardah you can now (unf) potions if your donator level is higher then $100+ Lots of work done to Theatre of Blood
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    Theatre of Blood Bloat now dies faster Corrected pillar positions at Nylocas Lots of work done on back-end of TOB to ensure a better overall experience - Dev note: There will be more fixes/content added to TOB Crystal crafting You can now talk to Reese or Conwenna next to the singing bowl to create crystal armour/weapons with crystal shards/seeds for an additional crystal shard cost to create the items without a crafting/smithing requirement. Corrected shard amount needed for crystal helm (was 40, now 50) Pets Mole perk 80% chance at additional mole claw and/or skins from the Giant Mole Potions Can now properly create battlemage & bastion potions and drink them Advisor Players can now talk to the Tower Advisor located at the home bank to receive a small compensation for recent issues Misc content/bug fixes Added ability to create jewelry at the dz3 furnace You can now use scroll boxes on Arthur the clue hunter to receive caskets Fixed attack animation of the abyssal bludgeon Galvek now counts as a red dragon for slayer
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    Wilderness keys Players can now receive a wilderness key from specific monsters inside the Wilderness (list below) When you obtain one of the three keys the key will have a "check-hint" option. When you complete this hint and dig with your spade at the right spot A very easy boss will spawn, when this boss is killed you will receive 500k GP and one of the items in the droptable gif! The clue keys will also have a "check-loot" feature to check the droptable out for yourself! All wilderness bosses have a 1/30 chance to drop the key. Ankou | Hobgoblin | Magic axes | Ice warriors Have a 1/200 chance to drop a key Hellhounds | Ice giants | Green dragons Have a 1/150 chance to drop a key Zombies Have a 1/400 chance to the a key Need a refresher? In ::help > Wilderness keys You can find all the info you need in regards of droprates + information! Added chinchompa explosive attacks Flaxkeeper Exhange flax for bowstrings Flaxkeeper at this moment only accepts unnoted flax and gives unnoted bowstrings in return. He is located at the flax spot in seers village. Added dragon 2h sword special attack Agility Added grappling for agility shortcuts Added ropeswings for agility shortcuts Fixed shortcuts: Rope swing to moss giant Island Grapple at Falador wall Stile into the beehive in Camelot Draynor stile into cabbage field Lumberyard stile Lumbridge stile into sheep farm Re-enabled bounty hunter Zulrah: Zulrahs aggro is now improved Transition delay has been increased Edits done to Zulrahs melee attack & jad phase Chambers Of Xeric: Scavengers now respawn Increased droprate seeds + secondaries inside raid, you sometimes didnt get seeds in raids. Chambers of xeric points per 1% buffed from 8675 to 6675 Olm: Small nerf with certain attacks Added check loot feature Added to: Wilderness keys Potion pack Mystery box PVP armour box Slayer chest Super mystery book Vote mystery book Some items have right names now, also for mobile: $10 scroll Vote mystery book Potion pack Vote ticket Multiple edits done to vote and mystery box and also super mystery book Granite maul Added Ornate Granite maul, the granite maul (or) and the version if you put the clamp and ornate together The clamp version and the ornate maul version has +1 attack accuracy increase The fully upgraded Granite maul (clamp and ornate handler) will have +2 attack accuracy increase Pet and experience boost scroll timer now sticks on logout Completed Bryophyta loottable & is now fully accesible. You can now create Xerician robes You can now make sinew with raw meat Added pure essence and mithril grapple to the general store Small edit to xp bonus time message Added brine rat dungeon teleport & you can also use a spade south of a tree close to the Keldagrim entrance You can obtain the brine sabre through the brine rats Replaced pot of flour with wine (elves pickpocket droptable) Temporary turned off minion spawn for Inadequacy and Necromancer in an attempt to fix some bugs in the TFP raid Bunch of edits done to costume room Construction in an attempt to fix some stuff Multiple edits done to Vorkath
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    Added barrow pets of all barrow brothers Note: The pets will be available to obtain really soon! 44aaa38ab7b99c94e9960aa285e588d4.mp4 You can now give your ice gloves, goldsmith gauntlets and cooking gauntlets to NPC at blast furnace and he will keep it for you, you can obtain it back at anytime. ce2d0207a3289f360d28d0e2317cc8c2.mp4 Added ability to exchange Pyromancer pieces and tome of fire for burnt pages 362b60152ff813b735c4f76c7a999354.mp4 Discord announcements for events - Active volcano - Shooting stars - Crystal trees - Wilderness bosses - Wilderness hotspot - Fountain of goodwill Misc/bug fixes Tome of fire beyond 0 charges fixed Added tool leprechaun to lletya added colour to text for totem drops fixed issue with lighting fires in rogues den Increased clue rate for barrows Removed broadcast for ancient shards Lottery rewards now go to bank (except UIM) added cakes back to cake stalls Bucket now removes and adds properly in Blast Furnace Multiple blast furnace edits Multi zone dagannoth lighthouse Kandarin headgear 1 2 and 3 fixes Added fishing spots to Al Kharid and fixed various spots around world Fixed enchanced crystal key creating Increased droprate to hit unique table Elven crystal chest added anti-safe spot for rune dragons You can now cut hollow trees for bark Wyvern shield combat check Multiple Grotesque guardian edits Lots of work done to Rise of the six, should be available soon!
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    High risk zone Noteable features: Custom map 4 fight rooms Warning before entering the fight rooms Pj timer Bank chest/presets You will be able to visit the high risk zone in three ways: ::hr ::highrisk Through the teleport interface PK/Wilderness -> high risk zone Last man standing Added interface ingame - Shows survivors remaining - Kills - Fog status (safe - approaching - danger!) Added more preventions to secure LMS Added more teleport spots on game start Replaced an out of place dragon claws ID- If you have these claws you will not be able to bank them. Let Luna know for a replacement! Added new items from the LMS chests/boxes: Vesta's longsword Zuriel's staff Morrigan's javelins Statius'warhammer Dragon claws Infernal cape Increased overall amount for items like dragon arrows Saradomin brews Super restores higher chance at more food Note: All pvp weapons will have the same stats as osrs while in LMS After you kill a player you will get food back aswell Fixed bug if both players died at same time the next game didnt start Misc/bug fixes Can now reset box traps on a success catch Fixed bond tab link Super combats now makes a (4) dose instead of (3) In the Wilderness after you killed a player your HP & spec got restored, this is now removed You can now create a dragon platebody at the dragonforge
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    This will be a very long post but figured I should post all the tasks before release - See what players think and maybe we can improve on some tasks! Ardougne: Ardougne Easy: Teleport to the RC caves talking to Wizard Cromperty Steal a cake at the Baker's stall in Ardougne Walk across the log balance at Ardougne Pray at the altar in Ardougne Church Chop dying tree at West Ardougne Give two pints, two pints Give picture north of two pints to Councillor Halgriv Fill bucket with sand Yanille Use fairy ring DJP Use Fairy Ring BIS Ardougne Medium: Enter Ourania altar Cast Ardougne teleport Harvest Strawberries at Ardougne patch Catch a shark at Fishing Guild Catch any imp inside Ardougne Smith Mithril bar inside Ardougne Craft some death runes Kill wolf inside Ardougne Pickpocket a Paladin Complete a lap of Ardougne rooftop course Catch a red salamander Check-health of palm tree at Gnome Tree Village Teleport to Watchtower Grow watermelons Ardougne patch Ardougne hard: Steal from fur stall Smith Mithril Platebody inside Ardougne POH through Yanille Smith a dragon square shield inside Ardougne Craft 28 Death Runes at once Talk to a zoo keeper while wearing a whip Give a salmon to penguin in Ardougne Zoo Use the grapple at Yanille After completing fishy situation quest talk to Fishing tutor Browse Wizard Sinina's store inside Mages' Guild) Ardougne Elite: Cook dark crab at Port Khazard Pickpocket a Hero Pick Torstol Ardougne patch Craft 50 Death Runes at once Hire a demon butler Light a redwood log inside Ardougne Create a rune crossbow at Witchaven Pickpocket Master Farmer north of Ardougne Desert Desert Easy: Catch a golden Warbler inside the Desert Mine five clay in the Desert Enter Kalphite Queen Hive Enter the Desert with desert robes equipped Kill a Vulture Enter Pyramid Plunder Sell some artifacts to Simon at Pyramid Plunder Open Bedabin Nomads shop Open Sarcophage first room Pyramid Plunder Kill a Ugthanki camel inside the Desert Use Fairy ring DLQ Desert medium: Climb to the shortcut leading to Agility pyramid Slayer desert lizard inside Desert Catch a orange Salamander Steal Phoenix feather Mine gold inside the desert Cook a lobster at Nardah Create a combat potion in the desert Chop teak logs in the desert Clean herbs Zahur Check what Simon sells items for Pray at Sophanem with smite active Kill Kalphite guardians Desert Hard: Mine some granite Slayer 50 kalphite soldiers Kill Kalphite queen Complete a lap Pollniveach Slay a dust devil at the Desert cave Complete desert treasure and talk to The Archaelogist Burn yew logs inside the Desert Create a mithril platebody at Nardah Get hit inside Pyramid Plunder Trade atleast 10k at Simon Desert elite: Obtain a Pharaohs Sceptre Bake a wild pie at Nardah oven Fletch dragon darts in Bedabin Camp Steal gold chest at final room in Pyramid Plunder Restore atleast 90 prayer points Speak with KQ head at POH Falador Falador easy: Drink Asgarnian ale Climb the Falador west crumbling wall View Sarah's farming shop Kill a white knight Fill a bucket at the waterpump west bank Falador Kill a Duck at Falador park Enter the mining guild through the ladder at Falador Create a mind tiara Mine copper at Rimmington Repair strut at Motherlode Mine Smith iron limbs at Doric's anvil Falador medium: Kill 10 black demons Use the lvl 70 shortcut rocks at Taverley dungeon Charge a fire orb Kill Mogre Pay Heskel at Falador park to watch over farming Grapple Falador wall Pickpocket a Falador guard Trade mole parts with Wyson the gardener Mine gold at the Crafting Guild Squeeze crevice in Dwarven Mine Show a dragon pickaxe to the lady of the lake Kill 50 Falador Guards Teleport to Falador Create magic string at a spinning wheel in Falador Falador hard: Craft 140 mind runes at once Kill Cerberus Kill giant mole Kill 10 Skeletal wyvern Complete falador rooftop course Grab torstol from herb patch at Falador Kill 25 blue dragons Crack a wallsafe Equip a dragon defender Deposit in Motherlode mine hopper Equio a prospector jacket Falador Elite: Craft 252 air runes at once Wear a white 2h sword Find atleast 2 magic roots at once when digging up your magic tree in Falador Jump the strange floor at Taverley Dungeon Mix a saradomin brew inside east bank Falador Perform a cape of accomplishment emote inside Falador Fremennik Fremennik easy: Catch a Cerulean Twitch Kill 5 rock crabs Craft a tiara inside Relekka Browse helm store at Relekka Enter the cave at Waterbirth Island Steal from Relekka's fishing stall Fill a bucket of water at the Relekka Well Enter Troll Stronghold using the Stile by the house Burn oak log inside Relekka Use fairy to Lighthouse Fremennik medium: Kill a Brine rat Jump fence in Relekka Mine coal at Relekka Steal from Keldagrim's crafting stall Travel to Miscellania using fairy ring Show Ice gloves to Foreman in Blast Furnace Smelt some ore at Blast Furnace Kill 50 Dagannoths inside the lighthouse Mine mithril at Relekka Fremennik hard: Teleport to Trollheim Kill 60 Market guards in Rellekka Mix super defence potion inside Rellekka Steal from Keldagrim's gem stall Mine five adamant ore at Jatizso Teleport to Waterbirth Island Smith a runite bar at Rellekka's oven Pump the pump at Blast Furnace 200 times Complete a lap of the Rellekka agility course Fremennik elite: Craft 56 astral runes at once Create a dragonstone amulet at Neitiznot furnace Kill Barrows General Kill Kree'Arra Kill Dagannoth Rex Kill Dagganoth Supreme Kandarin Kandarin Easy: Collect flax at Seers' village Open candle shop at Catherby Kill 10 fire giants at the Waterfall dungeon Complete barbarian agility course Harvest a strawberry allotment patch at Catherby Pray at the church in Seers Village with protect item active Use Fairy ring to McGrubor's Wood Catch a lobster at Catherby Fill a bowl with water at Camelot Drink 3 beers and get drunk at Seers' village bar Cross the coal truck balance log Kandarin medium: Chop a yew tree by the Seers' village church Kill a mithril dragon Mine mithril in the Ancient Cave Teleport to camelot Use fairy ring to Sinclair Mansion (east) Mine coal at the coal truck location Catch a leaping salmon Kill 10 wolves at White Wolf Mountain Wear a Angler hat Show a fighter torso to Captain Cain Chop a maple tree north Seers' village bank Craft a studded body inside Seers' village bank Catch Minnows Cook shark inside Catherby Kandarin hard: Create a zamorakian hasta at Otto Godblessed Kill a runite dragon Kill Cave Kraken Equip a uncharged trident Kill 20 Adamant dragons Trade atleast 30 sharks with Kylie at Minnows Cut a leaping sturgeon Craft a water staff at Catherby Craft a yew longbow at Barbarian Outpost Complete a lap Seers rooftop agility course Pray at the church in Seers Village with Piety active Kandarin elite: Show tormented bracelet to Caleb in Catherby Teleport to Catherby Show occult necklace to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight in Seers' Village Create rune platelegs inside Seers' village Create a rune hasta by Otto's anvil Pick dwarf weed at the herb patch in Catherby Create a stamina potion inside Catherby Karamja Karamja easy: Pick 5 bananas from the plantation located east of the volcano. Use the rope swing to travel to the Moss Giant Island. Mine some gold from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja. Travel to Port Sarim via the dock, east of Musa Point. Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven. Trade Zambo on Musa Point. Catch a lobster north of the banana plantation. Board the ogre boat back to Feldip hills. Attempt the Fight Caves. Kill a snake around Karamja volcano Karamja medium: Kill 10 pirates in Brimhaven Discover hidden wall in the dungeon below the volcano. Visit the Isle of Crandor via the dungeon below the volcano Kill Elvarg Enter Tzhaar area Kill a Tzhaar-Hur Enter Tzhaar Area's firecape zone Cut a teak tree inside Karamja Cut a mahogany tree inside Karam ja Catch a Karambwan Use fairy ring to Tzhaar Enter the Inferno Check health banana fruit tree in Brimhaven Show a Obsidian cape to Kangai Mau at Brimhaven food shop Chop vines in Brimhaven dungeon Walk up stairs in Brimhaven dungeon Go through pipe Brimhaven dungeon Mine gem rocks in Karamja Use fairy ring to south of Musa Point Karamja hard: Obtain a fire cape Mine red topaz Runecraft nature runes Cook a raw Karambwan Complete a boss task Steve Climb vines Brimhaven dungeon Kill 3 iron dragons Kill steel dragon Brimhaven dungeon Jump stepping stones Shilo village Kill Elvarg 10 times Karamja elite: Gamble a fire cape Craft 56 nature runes simultaneously Check-health Palm tree Create antivenom at horse shoe mine Jump on stepping stones in Brimhaven Dungeon Kourend Kourend easy: Catch a gray chinchompa in Kourend Kill a Kourend guard Steal from gem stall Kill a sand crab in Kourend Try Aerial fishing Enter the dungeon that houses lizardmen within Kourend. Enter The Frozen Prison raid. Enter the Woodcutting Guild located in Kourend. Use sawmill at woodcutting guild Browse Mount Karuulm axe shop Harvest some tomatoes in the Farming Guild Mine some iron ore on Mount Karuulm Kourend medium: Enter farming guild Use fairy ring to Chasm of fire Kill a lizardmen Use the Arceuus lvl 52 Runecrafting shortcut Use Xeric's talisman and teleport to Xeric's heart Kill Sarachnis Complete a game of Wintertodt Use level 73 rock climb by Arceuus RC mining Do any reanimation Fish anglerfish Cook Anglerfish Obtain a tome of fire Smith a mithril platebody within Arceuus Kourend hard: Check magic tree health inside Farming Guild Chop a magic tree within Woodcutting guild Kill 20 Wyrms Kill Seren inside The Frozen Prison Loot grubby chest Chop redwood inside Woodcutting guild Light a fire wearing Fire Tome & Bruma Torch Obtain 4000 wintertodt points in 1 game Kill Skotizo Kill 5 Lizardmen shamans Kourend elite: Complete Chambers Of Xeric Bind runes at soul altar Obtain a phoenix pet Wield a Dragon warhammer Complete The Frozen Prison Runecraft blood runes Reanimate a Abyssal Demon Kill Alchemical Hydra Lumbridge & Draynor Lumbridge & Draynor easy: Complete a lap Draynor Course Kill a giant rat in Lumbridge swamp Use Sedridor to teleport to rune essence mine Craft water runes Press total play time in the questlog Pickpocket a man inside Lumbridge castle Burn oak logs in Lumbridge castle Kill a zombie in Draynor sewers Catch anchovies in Lumbridge swamp Make bread in Lumbridge castle Kill a cow in Lumbridge Lumbridge & Draynor medium: Enter H.A.M hideout Complete a lap of Al Kharid course Use the rocks shortcut at the Al Kharid mine Wear Ava's Accumulator Travel to Wizard Tower using Fairy ring Cast Lumbridge teleport Catch a raw pike at Lumbridge Craft a coif inside Lumbridge cow pen Chop a willow tree in Draynor Village Pickpocket Martin the master gardener Go through the underwall tunnel near Draynor Village Catch Essence Impling in Puro Puro Lumbridge & Draynor hard: Cast bones to peaches spell in Al Kharid Palace Squeeze past Jutting wall in Zanaris Catch Ecletic Impling in Puro Puro Harvest magic tree in Farming Patch in Lumbridge Pray at the altar in Duel Arena with smite active Lumbridge & Draynor elite: Chop magic logs in the Mage arena training area Craft a rune platebody in Draynor sewers Craft 140 water runes simultaneously Perform the quest cape emote Talk to Yarlo after completing the Necromancer quest Enchant a Onyx amulet at Lumbridge Morytania Morytania easy: Kill a crawling hand inside Slayer Tower Use Fairy Ring ALQ Visit Barker's shop at Canifis Use a spade to dig down any barrow brothers cave Kill Nikolai within Canifis Chop dying tree in Morytania Cook a lobster inside Slepe Make a iron platebody inside Slepe Enter The Nightmare of Ashihama's zone through Slepe Use compost at the Allotment inside Morytania Enter Port Phasmatys Morytania medium: Take a row boat to Slepe Kill Ahrim the blighted Pray at the altar in Slepe with monk robes on Catch a Swamp Lizard Kill a Experiment Kill Dharok the Wretched Mine Daeyalt Essence Craft runes using Daeyalt Essence Visit Darkmeyer Pick ranarr weed at the herb patch inside Morytania Finish a lap of the Canifis agility course Morytania hard: Kill 20 Vyrewatch Sentinels Kill 10 Nechryael inside the Slayer Tower Make a super energy potion inside Morytania Obtain a piece of barrows equipment Kill 60 Cave Horrors Climb the spikey chain on the second floor Slayer Tower Teleport with the ectophial once Jump on the stones by the fairy ring west of Mort'ton Pickpocket vyres inside Darkmeyer Kill a Abyssal Demon in the slayer tower Morytania elite: Loot the barrous chest while wearing full Dharok Kill the Nightmare boss Complete a run of Theatre Of Blood Make a divine super strength potion inside Morytania Obtain a blood shard by killing Vyrewatch Sentinels Loot a abyssal whip from an Abyssal Demon within the Slayer Tower Varrock Varrock easy: Mine some iron ore at the Al-Kharid mine Browse Thessalias store Teleport to the RC caves using Aubury Mine iron in varrock south east mining area Make normal planks at home Enter second level Stronghold Security Jump the fence in south varrock Chop dying tree in the Lumberyard Put an item in trading post Catch trout in Barbarian village Drink tea inside Varrock Craft bowl inside barbarian village Use a vote ticket on Ur-tag at home Move your house to home Chop a oak in Varrock Varrock medium: Kill Bryophyta Play a tournament game Use teleport to Varrock spell Complete a medium slayer task from Steve Make 20 Mahogany planks at once Check health maple tree in Varrock Complete the Varrock Agility course Use spirit tree at home Wear a Merfolk Trident Change your respawn location Catch a impling inside Varrock Cook a shark inside Varrock Mine the shooting star ore in Varrock Varrock hard: Pray at the altar at Sophanem with smite active Wear Bryophyta's staff Complete a hard slayer task from Steve Chop a Yew tree in Varrock Light a gilded altar burner Check health Yew tree in Varrock Pray at the altar in Varrock Palace with smite active Squeeze through pipe in Edgeville Dungeon Have the Varrock estate agent decorate your house with Fancy Stone Create a rune battleaxe at varrock west bank Light a yew log inside Varrock Varrock elite: Create a Super Combat Potion in Varrock West Bank Fletch 10 rune darts Craft 100 or more earth runes at once Buy a cooking cape from the head chef Decorate your house with Deathly Mansion(Constr. Ivl 90) Western Provinces Western Provinces easy: Catch a Copper Longtail Complete a game in the Novice boat Pest Control Enter Stronghold slayer cave Complete a lap of the gnome agility course Climb down the rocks north of Gnome Stronghold Use the spirit tree to Myth's guild Enter Myth's guild Fletch an oak shortbow inside Gnome Stronghold Kill 5 terrorbird inside Gnome Stronghold Kill a level 1 gnome inside Gnome Stronghold Check health oak tree inside Gnome Stronghold Western Provinces medium: Use sandpit at Prifddinas Move house to Prifddinas Burn teak logs inside Prifddinas Complete a game in the Intermediate boat Pest Control Visit Llian's clothing shop inside Prifddinas Spin flax in Lletya Teleport to Ape Atoll Get hit by the Crystal tree skilling event Kill 10 blue dragons in Myths' guild dungeon Kill 5 red dragons in Myths' guild dungeon Obtain crystal shards at the Prifddinas agility course Climb agility rocks west Feldip Hills Chop a Magic tree in Gnome Stronghold Western Provinces hard: Check health magic tree Pickpocket a gnome Check health palm tree inside Lletya Fish monkfish Chop a Mahogany tree inside Prifddinas Complete a game in the Veteran boat Pest Control Cook monkfish inside Piscatoris Fishing Colony Open the Elven crystal chest inside Prif ddinas Complete a lap of the Prifddinas agility course Enchant any jewelry at the Fountain Of Uhld in Myths' guild Create Wrath Runes Kill 10 black dragons in Myths' guild dungeon Kill Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Western Provinces elite: Kill Zulrah Create a crystal platebody Create a uncut zenyte using the wall of flame at Ape Atoll Wear a full set of elite void (with void melee helm) Fletch a magic longbow on Ape Atoll Create a crystal halberd Create 24 Wrath Runes in one trip Wilderness Wilderness easy: Cast low alchemy at the Fountain Of Rune Enter Wilderness using the lever at home or Ardougne lever Use a bone on the west Chaos Altar Enter Chaos runecraft temple Kill a Mammoth Kill earth warrior Use a Super restore Potion at the Demonic Ruins Enter Kings black dragons lair Participate volcano event Mine any ore inside Wilderness Teleport to the Abyss Equip team cape 26 in Wilderness Wilderness medium: Mine mithril ore in the Wilderness Kill Wilderness event boss Enter God Wars Dungeon in the Wilderness Complete a lap in the Wilderness agility course Kill a Green Dragon in west Wilderness Kill a Ankou in the Cemetery Charge an Earth orb Kill King Black Dragon Smith Mithril ore at the Resource Area Open Larran's chest Obtain a Wilderness key Wilderness hard: Mine runite ore in the Wilderness Complete Wilderness Key Cast one of the 3 godspells on a player Charge a air orb Catch a black chinchompa Smith Adamant ore at the Resource Area Play a Last Man Standing game Kill Chaos Elemental Kill Chaos Fanatic Kill Crazy Archaeologist Kill Callisto Wilderness elite: Fish dark crab at the resource area Create a rune platebody in the resource area Kill 80 Battle Mages in the Mage Arena Steal from Rogues castle chest Kill a Spiritual Mage inside GWD Dungeon (Wildy) Kill Corporeal Beast
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    Your Name: Nick Age: 25 Your Location: Alkmaar, Netherlands Average Amount Of Gameplay: Three to four hours per evening, 12+ on the weekend Which role would you like: Player Support Why Should I Receive This Position: In my humble opinion, I think that I've accumulated alot of in-game knowledge over the past 2+ years and most certainly believe that in the position as Support that is something quite valuable. Not only that but I've been trying to be really helpful, warm-welcoming and understanding towards new players with all kinds of different questions. I also think I'm a reliable and known name throughout the playerbase and have always tried to help to stand up against people promoting ideas and motives that goes against general morale and the game rules. Last but not least, I also possess alot of the qualities in my character to fill out this position rightfully and accordingly. Staff Experience: 1.5 years of moderating and 7 months of being admin before the server got sold. Rs/Rsps Experience: I've been playing Rs2 since 2005 or 2006 roughly. Quit Rs2 about a year before EoC. Been playing RSPS' on and off since 2011, fully playing Luna since 2021. Goals: To be more knowledgable in the game's fine details and being more of a help towards Luna behind the scenes and thereby helping contribute to growing out this amazing server. Weaknesses: I don't let bullshit slip and will speak up on it. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would step in and offer my help continously throughout the process, try to keep the situation under control and offer my assistence over private message. If that wouldn't suffice and the player continues with the unwanted behaviour I'd handle out a warning for a mute and continue neccessary steps in that process whilst documenting that. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I will kindly ask him to stop that and why he would be doing that. If the response isn't well or this staff member continues with these actions I'd start documenting it and inform the admins of it. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I wouldn't do anything that would lead to more "begging" (by lack of better words) and help them on the way to achieve asked items on their own by advicing them on ways to make money. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? A fair warning like anyone deserves. If the person decides to continue this behaviour a mute and possible further steps according to the guidelines. All whilst documenting that. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I will always follow set-out guidelines and act accordingly. I'd take full responsibility for mis-judgment or any other case and will always try to be as kind as can be whilst handling these kinds of situations.
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    The Frozen Prison Multiple edits done to Seren to fix some bugs/attacks with her Multiple edits done to Inadequacy 6% chance at unique loot with most dmg and 2% chance for unique loot for The Frozen Prison raid GP Increased GP gain from Pyramid Plunder Added a pyramid plunder event with 40% increased GP while inside plunder Increased GP from coin box & slayer chest by quite alot LMS LMS received multiple edits and is now back available to play Lunar spellbook Added the spin flax lunar spell Misc/bug fixes Increased GP caskets obtained from crabs Wilderness key hint also shows through filtered chat now You now cant bank dark essence fragments You now cant bank pay-dirt Fixed the leaf bladed sword & mystic mist staff (banking for mobile users) Added total votes to questlog, you can also press it to announce to show off to other players! Fixed stairs at redwood trees inside Woodcutting guild Fixed pumps 30 strength requirement, you needed 31 before Changed ring of life coords Added runecrafting teleport to Aubury and all other mages that allow you to teleport to the runecrafting cave You can now craft bowls in Barbarian village properly Note: My apologies for the smaller updates past two weeks, We've been extremely busy with achievement diaries, we made quite alot of progress and should expect the diaries release to happen soonish!
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    Droprate boosts: The long awaited droprate boosts is finally here! Currenly uses droprate boosts: x1 XP rate receives a 6% permanent boost on all items x5 XP rate receives a 3% permanent boost on all items Level 75 village receives a 3% permanent boost on GWD items Level 85 village receives a 3% permanent boost on all items You can type ;;drboostlist in-game to see what is currently boosted. We plan to add more boosts as we go, but we would like to start low to see how things will go. Village edits: Miles now gives 50 XP per completed task Changed the church quest saradomin side Easy difficulty tasks now gives you 8 xp instead of 5 Hard difficulty tasks now give you 20 xp instead of 15 Added more dwarf IDs to the toolkit dwarf miles task Changed some tasks from medium to hard that requires a slayer requirement Added XP in questlog Lunar spellbook: Added plank make spell Added vengeance other spell Added cure me spell Misc Drakan medallion teleports now work while equipped too Decreased chance firewall at Elvarg
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    Create a new topic and answer all the questions below. (5 DAYS MINIMUM PLAYTIME!!) Your Name: Age: Your Location: Average Amount Of Gameplay: Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: Staff Experience: Rs/Rsps Experience: Goals: Weaknesses: Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? Will you follow the rules when you punish a player?
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    Age: 23 Your Location: Kentucky, USA Average Amount Of Gameplay: 3 - 5 Hours per day, usually more Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: Admin or Moderator/Server Support - I have been with Luna since the old source and I know the server in & out. I have always been a helpful member of the community and I have recently found more free time to start playing. I want to dedicate my efforts while i'm online to being an asset to the server and helping out in any way possible. Plus i'm #1 Voter this month Staff Experience: Plenty, Moderated many different servers, been a community manager, administrator, developer & donator for many servers over 12 years. Rs/Rsps Experience: Been playing RSPS for 12 years, RuneScape for around 14. I have developed my own few servers and have played so many I couldn't count. Goals: 200M all skills, Collection log completion, more YouTube videos, help Luna grow to be #1 Weaknesses: Still have some PvM mechanics to learn, I have a baby who is 9 months old also so sometimes I have to be afk for a couple minutes. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggressive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: "Luna ORS has a zero tolerance for the act of harassment towards another player as well as the use of disrespectful language. Think about a persons belief/religion, sexual preference, racial slurs etc." So according to the rule book on the first offense a 1 hour mute would be applied (if they are harassing or being disrespectful.) You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: Document all evidence and report to Luna immediately. If need be take appropriate action by kicking/muting/jailing. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: If they are new, Help the noobs! Also give them enough information to get started making GP. Refer them to the newly created ::Help and make sure they know they can always ask in the friends chat or pm a staff member directly for help. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? According to the rule book, the first offense is a 1 hour mute, followed by a 6 hour mute, before going to the gulag to report 500 ores. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? Absolutely, I love Luna and want nothing more than for the server to be ran right with a strong staff team!
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    Depending on the severity of the rule broken, We as a team are allowed to change the right to change or modify ANY of the rules listed without notice. All punishments are final, until they are appealed by the player! You are allowed to play another account while you wait out your punishment on your main account. If you continue similar behavior on your other account, this is what we call punishment evasion. Your punishment from your main account will follow on your alternate account your punishment will be severe. 1. Player harassment and inappropiate language and content Probably one of the most important rules We have a zero tolerance for the act of harassment towards another player aswell as the use of disrespectful language. Think about a persons belief/religon, sexual preference, racial slurs etc. 1st offense: 1h mute | 2nd offense 6h mute | 3rd offense: 24h mute and 500 ores jailed 2. Spamming Any form of spam will not be tolerated. Use the ingame auto chat feature if you wish to auto chat. 3. Advertising for other servers 1st offense: 48h mute | 2nd offense: Permanent mute | 3rd offense: Perm. ban 4. Threats Any type of threats will not be tolerated. Think about endangering someones life security or reputation. Minor offense: Perm. ban Major offense: IP ban 5. Encouraging others to break rules Regardless if the other party is aware of said rule, action will be taken. 1st offense: 2 hour mute | 2nd offense: 16 hour mute | 3rd offense: 48 hour mute | 4th offense: Perm mute 6. Backseat moderation If a player continuously attempts to insert themselves in the middle of any moderation duties they will be punished. This will only happen if a player CONTINUOUSLY does this. Players helping a mod in a conversation is allowed. We have a staff team for that for a reason. 1st offense: 2 hour mute | 2nd offense: 6 hour mute | 3rd offense: 24 hour mute 7. Clan chat rules invading and joining other peoples clan chats. Taking Clan issues out of the CC, and bringing them into Public Chat, yell etc Joining another Clan/CC for intent of advertising your/someones Clan. Any type of Clan on Clan public drama is not tolerated. 8. Rules main clan chat Do not advertise other CC’s in the main clan chat Please do not give misleading/false information when help is needed. Please use English in the help CC! 1st Offense: Kick from CC | 2nd Offense: 2h mute | 3rd Offense: Ban from CC 9. Third Party Software Any software that is used to allow the member to have an unfair advantage in any way will result in punishment. We want to create a fair environment where all players have an equal chance of all of our features. Software includes automation tools, macros, bots, and auto-clickers. This includes the development of scripts for said bots. Macro Farms (3+ accounts macroing at same time) will result in an automatic IP Ban for all accounts involved. We reserve the right to reset your stats if we deem it appropriate. Anyone found creating/using/distributing macros will be IP banned. 1st Offense: 4H Ban [Botted skills Reset To Level 1] |2nd Offense: 16H ban [Botted skills Reset To Level 1] | 3rd Offense: 48 hour ban | 3rd Offense: Perm. ban 10. Real World Trading/Account Selling The act of trading ccurrency, items, services, etc for outside currency is NOT allowed. This includes but is not limited to; RSGP, fiat currencies, IRL goods/services, online currencies, etc. Both parties will be punished if found to be doing so. The act of trading/selling, or the attempt of trading/selling, any account for other goods will not be allowed on the server, a ban will be issued for the account being traded off. 1st Offense: 24 hour ban | 2nd Offense: Perm ban 11. Bug Abuse Players must not use or attempt to use any bugs or glitches which they may find in our game. Any exploits a player finds is requested to be immediately reported to us through Discord or through any of the admins, Luna pref. Abusing a bug accidently once might occur, this will not be punished but if a bug is continously abused this will be punished. 1st Offense: 1h Ban | 2nd Offense: 4 hour ban | 3rd Offense: 8 hour ban | 4th offense: 36h ban + Account loses some levels and items 12. Safespotting NPCs Players must not safespot NPCs that you aren't able to on OSRS. You are, however, allowed to safespot NPCs that can be safespotted on OSRS. As with other bug abuse, any exploits a player finds are to be immediately reported to us through Discord or Luna 1st Offense: 1H Ban | 2nd Offense: 2H Ban | 3rd Offense: 8H Ban 13. Hacking The act of obtaining and/or using another member’s account information for any reason is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to; obtaining passwords from old DB’s, Brute Forcing, Social Engineering information, RATing, etc. If you are found to be guilty of such acts, you will be removed from our community IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Account & IP Ban 14. Scamming Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam 1st Offense: 1 hour ban | 2nd Offense: 4 hour ban | 3rd offense: 8 hour ban | 4th offense: perm ban 5th offense: IP ban 15. DoXing/Information Leak The act of intentionally mentioning/leaking private information about a player or staff member is NOT tolerated. You will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban 16. False Reports False reports are not tolerated, this includes using the CC/Yell, as well as in-game to spread drama that may or may not be true. These reports should be sent to a Server Support or higher. 1st Offense: 2H Mute | 2nd Offense: 6H Mute 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute 17. Impersonation Impersonating any member of our community rather it be for entertainment, monetary gain, persuasion, etc. will NOT be tolerated. Impersonation of staff will automatically be escalated to a 2nd Offense. 1st Offense: 2 hour ban | 2nd Offense: 12 hour ban | Perm. ban 18. System Security, Penetration Testing, and Exploiting Attempting to exploit and penetrate the security measures of Luna, hardware, or any other devices used by our users or operations of the overall system will be punished. Offense: IP Ban 19. RSPS/Malicious Discord Server Invites Sending other RSPS Discord server invites as well as Malicious Discord server invites that promote rule breaking is NOT tolerated! 1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums 20. Misleading Links Any link you send a member or post publicly must direct you to what it appears as. No link spoofing or redirect links are allowed. 1st Offense: 12 hour ban Ban on Discord/Forums | 2nd Offense: 16 hour ban | 3rd offense: Perm. ban 21. Farming kills Farmng kills for blood money/pkp is against the rules and this will not be tolerated. 22. Using alternative accounts for malicious use Using alt accs to camp wilderness teleport spots 24/7 Using more than one account to attack a player in the wilderness at one time. Using alts at gwd, raids or any high activity pvm related content ) [ including vb/wb. ] Using alts for lottery and tournament. ( You may gather resources [ skilling ] one multiple accounts up to 3x at once ) ( You may be on multiple clients doing different activities including pvm, just not at the same place doing the same thing at the same time. ) 1st Offense: 1000 rocks in jail | 2nd Offense: 1 week ban | 3rd offense: Perm. ban
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    Added Hespori: We've added Hespori, the Farming Guild boss. Hespori can be found through the teleport interface or at the farming guild dungeon. You can obtain Hespori seeds from all patches when you check-health or clear the patch. $500+ donators can claim a free Hespori seed everyday at ::dz2 475224b942bbeed4d29b5cbce6ebad15.mp4 Multiple fixes done to Zulrah: Fixed the arrow issue & fixes done to Zulrah phases and sometimes Zulrah got stuck when you killed her during phase swap, This is now fixed. Added ogre key coffins. The ogre coffins can be opened with an ogre key or You can picklock the coffin to obtain some starter items. + Teleport to Jiggig to access them Trading post is now integrated in Discord in #server-tradepost and shows items put in it. Bugs/Misc content Fixed multiple items Fixed Abyss DC issue Added chat announcement for mysterious emblem & Larrans key Fixed an issue with smithing silver and making rings Fixed the granite maul fast spec for all mauls Added range level to green d'hide vambs Fixes done to OSRS GP key event Elvarg loot announcements Replaced "Obtain phoenix pet" Kourend elite diary with "kill 5 Hespori" Replaced Ardougne medium agility course task to hard and moved Grapple Yanille to medium You now have a 1/3 chance to obtain an additional wilderness key with diary benefit Fixed Explorer's ring teleport coords Fixes done to Olm Kourend herb patch has been fixed
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    Deadman Mode-style Loot Keys Loot Keys for PKing! With this new setting enabled, you can opt to have your PvP opponents drop their loot in the form of a key That key will contain all of your target’s items, which would otherwise have been dropped on death You’ll need to purchase the ability to gain keys from Skully for 1 million GP You can also speak to him to toggle your ability off and on at any time You’ll be able to receive loot keys by killing players in the Wilderness Using the Loot Key on the chest next to Skully will allow you to see all the loot stored inside the Keys. You can also find a chest at home next to the brimstone chest by the slayer masters, donator zone 1 & 3. You can hold up to five Loot keys at any one time. Should you receive a key after hitting this limit, your next keys dropped will compare value with your others keys and swap your lowest value key with the new key You'll be able to customize your drops from the following options: Decide whether your opponent's food and potions go to the Loot Key, or are dropped normally, allowing you more survivability Change the value threshold of Loot Keys, so that items above a certain threshold will appear normally on the ground Skully is in Ferox Enclave, located slightly East of the banker Skulled players will have a Skull icon over their head that shows how many Keys they hold Tournament - Removed Golden boy from the schedule - Added 4 new presets in the tournament schedule! - Void ranged - Full bandos - Karil - Dharok combination - Ancestral NH Amulet of Avarice Amulet of Avarice will now spawn noted drops in Revenants cave & Wilderness slayer cave while wearing Fixed issue if you logged out/in while wearing avarice losing skull Fixed issue avarice sometimes not skulling you properly while equipping Yell command Player names will also be colored now depending on their donator rank If you ignore a player you wont see their yells anymore Zulrah Being able to hit Zulrah as she switches phases fixed Fixed issue zulrah dying as soon as she switches phases and freezing Prayer Corrected Wym, drake and hydra bones XP to match OSRS Mimic Fixed being able to safespot Mimics 3rd age NPCs Sarachnis Switched sarachnis attack style for one attack to match OSRS You can no longer safespot Sarachnis spiders Cooking Added ability to press the cooking objects (like cooking range) to open the skill dialogue with your current raw food in your inventory if you have the level for them to cook them a8c2bcb4b086dc13df2ebf2228ed0b61.mp4 Crystal Crown You can now properly change crystal crown into any color at anytime Trading Trade now checks if you exceed max value with gp so you can't accidently trade over the limit and lose gp Fixed spirit trees farming issue Added broadcast for Golden tench and slightly lowered droprate Fixed animation for dragon pickaxe(or) Fixed herb patch in Farming Guild Added sanfew effect to Nightmare boss Fixed granite longsword attack stats You can no longer put untradeables into your looting bag Edits done to Wintertodt that allowed you to gain KC outside of the zone Fixed servant hiring diary bug
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    Halloween event Death needs help to save Halloween! He is running out of candy and needs your help getting more candy. He will give you a shopping list and you have to collect these items! After the mini quest you can do various activities to get candy points which can be used at the Halloween cauldron (explained below) You can find him located next to the altar at home - Complete mini quest for 50 candy points! - Obtain candy from Pyramid Plunder! - Obtain candy from The Gauntlet! - Obtain candy from birdhouses! - Obtain candy from Tournaments! - Obtain candy by catching implings! - Pray at the ectofuntus to obtain candy! The Cauldron At home you can find a big cauldron First of a player can earn a reward every 90 candies. These rewards are: Halloween wig (frankenstein) Witch hat Witch top Witch robes Witch boots Witch cape Spooky robes Spooky skirt Spooky gloves Spooky Boots Halloween wig (medusa) 50x barrows reroll scrolls 2x XP scrolls 25x slayer skip pages 75x clue step skip pages 2x halloween mask set Super mystery book 5M 5M 10M Also the Cauldron can reach 4 different levels. This can be done server-wide when players donate candy. The first level is reached after 8000 candies server-wide The second level is reached after 20000 candies server-wide The third level is reached after 40000 candies server-wide The fourth level is reached after 80000 candies server-wide After reaching a specific level there will be a drop party at home. The rewards of this drop party varies depending on the level the prayer reaches with the cauldron. It can be barrows reroll scrolls, clue step skip pages, mystery box, vote mystery box, GP, double drop scrolls and more! Home has been changed with a halloween theme too! Farming guild Issue with patches not showing the correct stage at farming guild has been fixed Halloween discounts & deals: HWEEN40 - 40% off any item in store above 200 points - 12 available HWEEN30 - 30% off any item in store above 100 points - 10 available HWEENPERK - 35% off all perks in the store - 20 available HWEEN15 - 15% off any item in the store Deals: At certain threshold donated between now and end of the event (will roughly stay a month) you can earn extras with your donations. This includes: $30+ for super book, 2x XP scroll, 20 clue step skip pages $100+ for 3 super books, 2x XP scroll, 50x barrows reroll scrolls, 50x clue step skip pages $200+ for 3 super books, pet box, 4x XP scroll, 2x XP lamp, 100 barrows reroll scrolls, 100 clue step skip pages, 10x slayer skip scrolls $300+ for 5 super books, pet box, 6x XP scroll, 4x XP lamp, 100 reroll, 100 pages, 40 clue reward caskets, 50 enhanced crystal keys, 25x slayer skip scrolls
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    Grotesque Guardians Atop the Slayer Tower in Morytania a new threat has been reanimated. Two grotesques have awoken after they have heard too many of their brethren die in the tower below. To get access to the grotesque guardians you will need 75 slayer and obtain a key to the roof by killing gargoyles when on a gargoyle task. Once you have unlocked the roof and your slayer master has given you a task to kill gargoyles you can opt to take on the fearsome grotesques instead. However, if your slayer master feels like giving you a challenge he may assign the grotesque guardians as a task. Unique drops from Guardians: Granite hammer: Requiring level 50 Attack and Strength to equip, the granite hammer is an excellent primary weapon for low level players. It also comes with an offensive special attack, allowing you to increase the damage of your next hit by 5, and increase its accuracy by 50%. When equipped it will auto-smash Gargoyles (akin to the Gargoyle Smasher perk), though it will act as an ordinary rock hammer when in the inventory. Black Tourmaline Core Black tourmaline cores are rare drops from the Grotesque Guardians. They can be attached to Bandos boots to create Guardian boots. Guardian Boots Requiring 75 Defence to equip, guardian boots provide a strong defensive boost in combat, and offer a noteworthy counterpart to the offensive stats of primordial boots. Granite Dust and Granite Cannon Balls Granite dust drops from the grotesque guardians and can be applied to cannonballs in order to increase their max hit from 30 to 35. Granite dust is stackable, and so are granite-coated cannonballs. However, granite dust and cannonballs are NOT tradeable. Creating granite-coated cannonballs is done by using granite dust on cannonballs. Combining the two has no requirements and can be done with any quantity. Be aware it is not possible to reverse this process. 57098c445810d07bbdbc8903bbb6b859.mp4 Granite Ring The granite ring offers low defensive bonuses across the board, with the exception of a modest ranged defence which comes at the expense of magic defence. It requires level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength to equip. The ring can be imbued in the Nightmare Zone for 500,000 points and as a result will see its stats doubled. You can also use a imbue page to imbue the ring. Granite Gloves Granite gloves offer appealing stats for a mid-level, tradeable pair of gloves. To equip these you will need level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength. Fixes done to ensure more stability for the server Desert amulet 3 teleport fix Fixes done with Galvek/prince black dragon pet Fixed Jelly protect from melee Fixed issue with random vorkath head appearin from a random npc Dragon harpoon while equipped fixed Fixed players being able to use multiple spellbooks due to a bug Fixed bounds for teak log diary desert Fixed bounds for pickpocket master farmer in Ardougne You can now eat cheese You can now use the water taps at Farming Guild Added HP level requirement for NM staff Changed requirements quest cape to 11 points Fixed quest log information for Rick's head puzzle part Multiple fixes done at farming guild & contracts Updated home map allowing quicker entrance to the church
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    Home Renamed all npcs at home to what shop they are/use of npc Added normal map back again (no more halloween map) Added icons in the combat store Arthur the clue hunter Increased amount of daily clue skips at Arthur for donators, even allowed f2p players to skip 3 clues a day up to easy Fixed issue with clue hunter not properly showing how many clue skips you have left after doing it the day before Bloody Merchant Bloody merchant has been re-added and better than ever! Reworked most of how the shop works Added way more teleport locations the merchant can teleport to Added a max quantity per item & new items added to the merchant! Keris dagger & Keris partisan It deals 33% bonus damage against all kalphites and scarabites and has a 1/51 chance of puncturing a hole in their exoskeleton, dealing triple damage. The Keris dagger can be obtained through the pvm store The Keris partisan is obtained through ToB/TFP! New pet perk Tangleroot now has a 90% chance to save compost when compost is used on a patch while pet is out (This also works for bottomless bucket) Wilderness Edits done to wilderness counter If there are 0 players in Wilderness, counter says 0 If there are between 1 and 5 player(s) in the wilderness, the counter shows 1+ If there are 5 or more than 5 in wilderness, show actual counter Added KC overlay interface Misc/fixes/additional content Increased alchable rewards inside gauntlet to make it more profitable Added jar of smoke to smoke devil & ability to create the display at construction home Fixed moving donator store issue with null items appearing occasionaly Increased aggressive level ammonite crabs Scythe is now a chargeable item Fixed certain items not having correct stats/arms going through the armor Reduced impling jar reward for impling scroll amount from 2 to 1 Added seers ring (i) to pk chest Create crystal armor fixes & killing a player wearing crystal armor now gives you seeds & other player loses the armor Clue caskets give +1 count now for collection log instead of after completing a clue so the count goes up claiming a vote casket etc too Added beginner clue count in collection log Fixed scorpia's offspring pet issue
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    Wandering trader The wanderer trader will be found at home, close to the gnome child. She will buy your items for a very high price, close to player sell worth. The items are limited and new ones will appear every 8 hours, with 10 new items. The shop has a total of 250+ items right now. We will edit the prices of the shop as we go, depending on the economy at that moment all for GP. This is ment as a way for players to earn some extra gp, Its also a decent item sink! Staff of armadyl: Replaced defence requirement with 50 attack Removed death runes requirement with charging Now needs: 2 blood runes, 6 water & 250 GP each charge Collection log: Fixed Vorkath head not appearing properly in Collection Log Fixed Kalphite head not appearing properly in Collection Log Chambers of Xeric dark relic & torn pray scroll also adds properly to Collection Log Chambers Of Xeric: You can now also create a party at the door of Chambers Of Xeric Fixed right click options old tools at Chambers of xeric You now cant use dice bag before you enter inferno End portal fixes for the frozen prison & rise of the six Temporarily disabled viewing orbs in tournament Fixed some diaries You can now properly put zamorak d'hide boots in costume chest You can now eat tomatoes Removed defence requirements blessed d'hide chaps Fixed lizardman shaman coin/slayer chest appearing in wall Multiple performance fixes done to Sire Fixes done to creating books (like holy book) so all your pages dont dissapear when creating book Double drops & droprate scroll timers fixed when going offline Monkfish now requires a big fishing net instead of a small one Warning message bird nest falling out of tree now has a colour Multiple performance fixes done to The Nightmare Great work has been done with Grand Exchange Shooting star and crystal tree event timer increased before they go away Also increased both amount you can get overall Fixes done to Pyramid Plunder Decreased chance at obtaining just GP from clues You dont DC when you examine hard clues anymore Multiple dropvalue fixes PKP tickets are now tradeable Hotfixes done previous update: Rise of the six now properly allows you to exit the stairs after you are done for all party members Performance fixes We've done great work on Grand Exchange and hopefully are able to release it soon after extensive testing! Same goes for the long waited drop boosts, we're confident it should be done within the upcoming updates! There has also been work done on the christmas event and should be released later this week!
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    Pet perks: This is just the beginning of pet perks. Eventually we will build a system to obtain multiple perks with one pet & a level system. Every pet will have an unique ability, and here is the first bunch of pets with perks! KBD & Galvek: 10% Increased damage against dragons Vorki: 10% increased damage against undead Callisto cub, Vetion Jr, Scorpias Offspring, Venenatis Spiderling: 20% chance at double drops at Revenants Bloodhound: 1/14 chance to complete your entire clue when a step is completed Giant squirrel pet: Increased run regeneration Little Nightmare: Increased all pvm melee damage by 5% Lil' Karil: Increased chance at double hit wearing full karil with amulet of the damned Lil' Dharok: 20% retaliation damage instead of 15% wearing full Dharok with amulet of the damned Added Galvek pet + Metamorphosis and dialogue Skilling events: Tree/rock threshold removed that it goes away after reaching certain shards Event shops: Increased & decreased certain items sell value Overhaul donator store Removed lots of "bis" items and replaced the donator store with lots of new bundles! - 5x Super Mystery books in both static shop & wise donator shop - Complete elite void set (including helms & gloves) - 25 slayer skip pages - 100x Dragon bones - 10x Clue step skip pages - 30x Stamina Potion(4) - 100x Black Chinchompa - 150x Anglerfish - 3x Ancient shard - 100x Burnt pages - 100x Crystal shards - 5x Herb boxes - 500x Cannonballs - 25x Crystal keys - 200x Cooked Karambwan Super mystery book: Took all Phats/santa hats/Halloween masks out except black phat & black santa hat Replaced phats etc with new items including druidic 3rd age & more! Misc/bug fixes Sir Palodemus asks for you to take off your gear first before you can reset a level AFK rock no longer gives clues Slayer skip scroll will check wether you have a task or not Unholy symbol can be made instantly now after you string the symbol Fixed issue if players put in a unique value in GIM chest the value dissapearing Added $ value of donator ranks in ;;benefits Added benefit to ;;benefits Wintertodt: Added more delays to certain attacks so they arent spammed Took Scythe out of wise donator store
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    Theatre of Blood Fixes done if entire party dies at the same time Slightly increased Vasilia pillars HP Other small fixes to ensure a smooth run Other fixes/misc Fixed Al Kharid shortcut by the palace You can now properly enter the lighthouse and go down the stairs & enter through the door Fixed superior basilisk NPC not being able to get attacked Added Elvarg discord messages with certain loot Fixed some clue steps with wrong location Added animations for ogres When you enter Armadyl boss at GWD you get teleported a bit further now so she doesnt just kick you out of the room Zalcano is finished & will be released soon Multiple other fixes done to ensure a better overall experience in the server
  32. 3 points
    Revenants cave: The cave is now single+ Revenants are spread around the cave Spawn ticks of Revenants matches osrs now Revenants cave has the same PJ system as OSRS for attacker & defender Blighted sacks & food can now be dropped Revenants Amulet of Avarice: 20% increased damage and 20% increased accuracy against Revenants Permanent skull while equipped Noted items revenants Added a new special PK store with some simple supplies to get started quick Includes blighted super restore & blighted saradomin brew Pkp shop changed (picture below) - Cape of skulls (skulls on equipped too) Added blighted sacks - Blighted ancient ice sack - Blighted bind sack - Blighted snare sack - Blighted entangle sack - Blighted teleport spell sack - Blighted vengeance sack Added blighted food - Karambwans - Monkfish Changed pkp amount you can obtain killing players 10 pkp killing a player 5 additional pkp for kill of the day 500+ donors receive additional pkp Killstreak 25+ receives additional pkp Increased timer farming PK check Farming: Curry tree now shows as curry tree not apple tree Dragonfruit tree farming added Added Crystal Tree farming in Prifddinas Misc/Bug fixes Fixed alot of connection issues regarding players waiting to get kicked offline Added XP Hespori after killed 1/30 chance for looting bag from all NPCs in the Wilderness Fix done for Mage arena 2 boss able to be locked and stuck Fixed teleport Dareeyak Reduced gmaul price from 2m to 1.5m Enhanced crystal chest added to home Added DHL damage to olm hands Increased repair price for Void Multiple prices in shops are changed You get pkp tickets instead of points now You can now use looting bag inside Ferox Enclave
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    Phantom Muspah Phantom Muspah has officially been released! Thank you for everyone participating in the beta to help fix bugs! Muspah at the moment has one small bug left, whenever he does his shockwave attack be sure to stand at least 2 tiles from any spike. Muspah is a med boss and drops lots of great alchables as well making the boss a solid gp method! You may access Phantom Muspah by typing either ;;muspah or through the teleport interface. Some features of Muspah: Just south of Muspah entrance you can find ancient essence crystals The essence changes place every 90 ticks, this is a new way for skillers to earn some extra GP selling ancient essence which is needed to charge the Venator bow or the saturated heart. Venator bow The venator bow has a passive effect that requires ancient essence to use. When attacking a target in a multicombat area, the bow will try to fire another arrow into a nearby target, dealing damage up to two-thirds of the original max hit, rounded down. Then, the attack can bounce again, either to the original target or a third one nearby. Bouncing arrows will only hit targets in a range of two squares from the target's centre tile (north-east tile for even-tiled NPCs). Additional hits roll their own accuracy checks instead of using the one from the initial hit. Ancient sceptre The ancient scepte is an upgraded version of the ancient staff. The sceptre has increased combat stats & has a passive effect, increasing all effects of Ancient magics by 10% Saturated heart The saturated heart is a upgraded version of the imbued heart. The heart grants a 5-minute temporary boost that increases the player's Magic level by 4 + 10% of their level, rounded down (compared to the imbued heart's 1 + 10% boost). In addition, the player's Magic level will not drain below the maximum boost of the heart when used, though it can still be decreased by the use of certain potions or by attacks from an opponent. After five minutes, the player's Magic level will return to normal. The saturated heart has a five minute cooldown, 2 minutes shorter than the imbued heart; however players cannot use both simultaneously. Muspah Pet/Charged ice And ofcourse we cannot forget about the cute pet! You can obtain Charged ice from Phantom Muspah only once if you kill him within 3 minutes. If you use the charged ice on the pet you can metamorphosis the pet to all 3 versions of Muspah! Summer event Our summer event is here! First of the World boss (;;wb) has increased chance for unique loot & alchables. The world boss also temporarily gives way more village XP than before now! You can obtain summer tokens to spend in the shop by doing most of our mini-games. Think about mini-games like.. Tournament.. Last man Standing.. Pest Control.. Gauntlet.. Pyramid Plunder.. Wintertodt.. Barrows.. Rise of the Six.. Even Nex, CoX, ToB and TFP! There will also be a new summer sale and new items to obtain like Mystic cards, a void ornament kit set and much more which will be announced soon. The rainbow sweater can be changed to 8 different colours. The rainbow tie can also be changed in 8 different colours. The hat with the bird can also be a different style! Updated Fountain of goodwill The fountain has received a massive overhaul! You can pick between four events. You will now also see recent donators and the timer can be stacked now! Also fixed issue with the "Wet" title, it will now count all the mills you've put in instead of having to put it 10M everytime. Thralls Thralls are now available in beta. Certain players will gain access to thralls for testing purposes. All thralls are available, the magic one, ranged and melee. The lesser, greater and superior are all available. Thralls should be fully finished already but prefer to get it tested properly first! Blood altar Added the True blood altar which you can access through the Abyss. Also after this update the plan is to mostly work on bug fixes for a while on Luna. After some critical bugs are fixed we plan to start on Tombs of Amascut! Bug fixes/misc Fixed a few clue steps Fixed issue at tournament Reworked how items are dismantled Started on Arceeus spellbook Increased chances for lizardmen fang/Xeric's talisman to drop from the stone chest Fixes done to boss timer so it doesnt show "5185815 minutes" now Added info how to obtain Ash sanctifier in ::help at "achievement diary" Lots of other improvements and small fixes done to various things, including lag fixes too to make the server feel smoother. Fixed issues with XP lamp requiring level above 99 Gilded axe woodcutting level requirement from 71 to 41 Fixed the barrier at the PVP arena New bingo A new bingo which will start soon! The previous bingo rewards will be handed out as soon as this bingo begins. It will begin as soon as the update hits on world one Previous bingo winners: 1. Bopedaccy - All lines except prayer scroll 2. Mysti and wdn second place 3. muggles and qwedax third place 4. iron soldier 5. erik and dry ice 5th 6. Wood 7. Loopielump & firebite 8. Bailey, DxD, Chaomatic Updates posted on Discord: Re-added bestiary npc & item search, you can find it at the quest tab or using the interface itself Reworked alot of how Nex loot is dropped and added more checks so a low level cant just leech Fixed animations mammoth Added beginner scroll as guaranteed drop Obor You can now create teak stocks with teak logs Fixed hide roofs problem Fixed issue when relogging getting stuck on "loading please wait.." Fixed Zaryte crossbow special attack problem Fixed Ancient godsword special attack problem Fixed Sraracha pet attackable Added Mystic Cards Added Nex Event Certain random dialogue fixed, typos, too many spaces etc Added new items Done some more lag improvements Fixed some clues Fixed issue with ranged in pvp Unique drops from Nex are now easier & added lots of alchables/supplies to Nex droptable Changed some of Nex mechanics in bigger teams Added lots of protections against "leeches" in Nex Slightly reduced DWH/SWH defence reduction against Nex with big teams Fixed issue with magic in white portal pvp Fixed issue with nex npcs Added Nex items to x1/x10/village boost Fixed a fairy ring teleport Added ;;nexloot (can also examine nex now)
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    Last man standing: Fixed all ladders & outpost ladders & basicly all objects in LMS, including crossing the water Added 30+ more spawn points Fixed issue spellbook being weird after a game Your rune pouch runes doesnt go in bank now when you start a LMS game Fixed infernal cape & elder maul in LMS Note: The LMS map has been moved. Be sure you have restarted your mobile/runelite client before entering after the update! Misc / bug fixes Added Dinh's bulwark special attack Multiple npc fixes Fixed Xerician armour level requirement Replaced vorkath head in donator store to the correct id Changed price inquisitor's helm in traveler shop Fixes done to music player, your music should update more often now as you run through the world Added jad fest challenge - Available soon! You dont lose your kill streak at the high risk zone anymore Added rug merchant traveling in the desert Added torva & virtus armour. The armour is not yet obtainable
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    New ashes In one of osrs new updates there were new ashes added, with these ashes you can scatter them for prayer XP. - Fiendish ashes (dropped by Imps, pyrelords, waterfiends, ice demons & more) - 20 XP - Vile ashes (Dropped by Chronozon, Bloodveld, Greater demon, hellhounds, Lesser demons & more) - 40 XP - Malicious ashes (Dropped by black demons, blood reaver, Demonic gorilla, Nechryaels & more) - 120 XP - Abyssal ashes (Dropped by Abyssal Sire, Abyssal Demon) - 120 XP - Infernal ashes (Dropped by Cerberus, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Skotizo, Zalcano) - 140 XP Ancient Godsword & Zaryte equipment Ancient Godsword special added Zaryte crossbow special added Zaryte vambraces added & pretty much everything else Nex drops is added and ready to go! Able to create bandos components & torva Misc edits Reduced aggressive level of Dagannoth Prime Added loot & NPCs in the Ancient Prison Fixed teleporting to ::dz3 World boss edits TOB is now back open Added god wars protection in Ancient prison Increased Astral rune stock in Baba yaga's shop to 20000 Reduced item prices in the pkp store Fixed animation crystal axe Lots of edits done to player death mechanics Fixed AFK dust, now stackable again
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    Halloween event Death needs help to save Halloween! He is running out of candy and needs your help getting more candy. He will get you a shopping list and you have to collect these items! After the mini quest you can do various activities to get candy points which can be used at the halloween shop to get either GP or exclusive items! You can find him located next to the altar at home - Complete mini quest for 50 candy points! - Obtain candy from Pyramid Plunder! - Obtain candy from The Gauntlet! - Obtain candy from birdhouses! - Obtain candy from Tournaments! - Obtain candy by catching implings! - Pray at the ectofuntus to obtain candy! - Obtain candy from any npc after completing the mini quest! Items obtainable from event: Haunted wine bottle (also has 16 dialogue chats!) Sauce pan Dragon claws (or) Ugly halloween jumper (can reverse the jumper to make the jumper black!) Dragon warhammer (or) Jack lantern mask Pumpkin lantern Skeleton lantern The home map also been updated to a halloween theme! Theatre of Blood There will be more fixes coming for the Theatre, but heres a few right now! - Fixed Maiden bloodsplat attacks - Fixed multiple safespots - Fixes done to bloat & Nylocas - Fixes done to loot - More performance fixes Misc/fixes Added ::daily command to claim your daily chest Editted ::commands with new commands Added correct animation for scattering ashes Added third age specials for third age axe & pickaxe Ancient godsword fixes Fixed shooting star issue dz3 fixes Made AFK dust stackable again Fixed mining mineral at certain spots that werent correct Changed mineral droprates to match osrs Temporarily disabled bloody merchant till further notice Fixes done to Eldritch staff for prayer regeneration against NPCs using special attack Fixes done to all NPCs in terms of npc aggression, making it easier for us to fix safespots & more
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    Fake XP drops After 200m XP you will now see fake xp drops. Your xp rate turns to x2 for the 200m skill aswell. Frozen Prison Frozen prison: Increased chance at obtaining bow of faerdhinen World boss World boss: Your loot now appears in your inventory if you have space & the item message what you got works properly Added bank chest next to barrier Boss doesn't drop bombs anymore under 350 HP Increased HP to 3000 from 2850 World boss has a small chance to damage players using melee Fixed issue with bomb causing players to DC All players that hit boss gets KC count now Changed most of world boss droptable to increase chances at better loot like: Added dragon limbs for dragon crossbow Added Mahogany logs Added Teak planks Added adamantite bar Added runite ore Added multiple herbs Added green d'hide Added mystics Added cannonballs Added Onyx bolts (e) & way more! Changed the way certain spells are used & overall behind the scenes fixes & improvements Added ::wb (worldboss tele) or ::worldboss Increased quantity of most items Misc/bug fixes Fixed issue players stuck online after x-log update
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    Benefits: COSTUM GRACEFUL OUTFIT FOR DONORS, BOUGHT IN Donator Zone! More mage skillcape book swaps a day for donators Note: DZ3 will have more added, this is just what we have right now!
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    God wars: Wilderness god wars now checks your armour for npc aggression Fixed multiple npcs still attacking you while wearing armor in normal GWD dungeon Clues: Big update for clues! You now receive 2 clue caskets from voting 6 times - Also has a chance for beginner clues Added beginner clues Beginner clues will have Map/Anagram/Cryptic clues One clue will have a total of between 1 and 3 steps Beginner clues uniques: Bear feet Mole slippers Frog slippers Demon feet Sandwich lady outfit Rune scimitar ornament kits (Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix) Trimmed Monk's robes Amulet of defence (t) Jester cape Shoulder parrot You can get beginner clues through these ways: Baby/young implings Fishing clue bottles Geodes Birdnests Birdhouses Voting There are way more new items, the full list can be found below! Nightmare zone: Shop interface has been added When you reach 1 million+ points in your dream you wont receive any more points till you create a new dream You now receive more points in nightmare zone You can now use overload in the nightmare zone aa68f72fa6fa1e2416b3eee40ec184bf.mp4 Misc/bug fixes: Fixed Amethyst mining Donator zone 3 portal fix All new clue items: All clues: Increased amounts firelighters holy blessing unholy blessing peaceful blessing honourable blessing war blessing ancient blessing Nardah teleport Mos le' harmless teleport Mort'ton teleport Feldip hills teleport Lunar isle teleport Digsite teleport Piscatoris teleport Pest control teleport Tai bwo wannai teleport Lumberyard teleport Iowerth camp teleport Master scroll book (empty) Easy: Chance at master clue Black shield (h1) Black helm (h1) Black platebody (h1) Black shield (h2) Black helm (h2) Black platebody (h2) Black shield (h3) Black helm (h3) Black platebody (h3) Black shield (h4) Black helm (h4) Black platebody (h4) Black shield (h5) Black helm (h5) Black platebody (h5) Medium: Chance at master clue Ancient stole Armadyl stole Bandos stole Ancient crozier Armadyl crozier Bandos crozier Wolf cloak Wolf mask Gnomish firelighter Yew comp bow Adamant shield (h1) Adamant helm (h1) Adamant platebody (h1) Adamant shield (h2) Adamant helm (h2) Adamant platebody (h2) Adamant shield (h3) Adamant helm (h3) Adamant platebody (h3) Adamant shield (h4) Adamant helm (h4) Adamant platebody (h4) Adamant shield (h5) Adamant helm (h5) Adamant platebody (h5) Hard: Chance at master clue 3rd age plateskirt Dragon boots ornament kit Rune defender ornament kit Tzhaar ket om ornament kit Berserker necklace ornament k Saradomin d'hide shield Guthix d'hide shield Zamorak d'hide shield Bandos d'hide shield Armadyl d'hide shield Ancient d'hide shield Dual sai Magic comp bow Thieving bag Rune shield (h1) Rune helm (h1) Rune platebody (h1) Rune shield (h2) Rune helm (h2) Rune platebody (h2) Rune shield (h3) Rune helm (h3) Rune platebody (h3) Rune shield (h4) Rune helm (h4) Rune platebody (h4) Rune shield (h5) Rune helm (h5) Rune platebody (h5) Elite: Chance at master clue Gilded coif Gilded d'hide vamb Gilded d'hide body Gilded d'hide chaps Gilded pickaxe Gilded axe Gilded spade Rangers' tights Royal crown Royal sceptre Royal gown top Royal gown bottom Fremennik kilt Giant boot Uri's hat 3rd age ring
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    New home: The home got a new improved look! The entire home got a makeover and also got some new stuff added! - More trees, rocks, fish, hunter birds at the starter zone! - Added roofs for a future agility course at home for quick starter levels! + Way more, be sure to check it out! Credits to @hex - Changed spawn locations - Replaced NPCs - Editted tutorial camera - Replaced objects - Replaced tournament The Frozen Prison: Multiple fixes done to Seren Multiple fixes done to Inadquacy Multiple fixes done to Necromancer Added Zahur the herb decanter in Nardah You can make unfinished potions Clean herbs Decant Using Zahur! Bug fixes & more Added Dagon' hai robes to Larrans chest Added DDS and Gmaul to weapon store at home Added grapple shortcut Yanille Fixed air orb ladder Fixed a map clue Armor defense level fixes for multiple (g) and (t) items Killing spree now displays the current killing spree, not total Less announcements Bloody Merchant Tournament prayer fix Fixed going inside the walking house in Lunars isle bug you if you click too fast You now need 90 construction to obtain the Deathly Mansion decoration Achievement diaries progress Varrock - Fremennik - Ardougne - Desert - Wilderness are 100% completed and tested We are working on Kourend & Karamja & Western Provinces right now! Home agility course Theatre Of Blood We finished the party system for Theatre Of Blood, the spectator & dead mechanics and all rooms are connected with eachother First boss is pretty much done and second we're working on right now!
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    Presets: We've added presets! If you right click the booths at home and press "presets" you can create your own presets of both inventory and gear. You will be able to access the preset at these locations: Home - The booths at home bank White portal fun pk - Bank chest Ferox Enclave - Bank chest Chambers of Xeric - Presets totem at bank The Frozen Prison - Presets totem at bank All three donator zones - Bank chest You also get more presets depending on your donator level Free: 3 presets $50+ 2 additional presets $100+ 3 additional presets $500+ 2 additional presets $1000+ 2 additional presets $5000+ final preset You can now check all achievement diaries info & benefits in ::help or by talking to any of the diary related NPCs that hand out rewards You can now right click Sigmund and press "Prices" to see what all he buys at increased price Chambers of Xeric Olm his head movements has been fixed to match OSRS Changed max damage Skeletal Mystic to match OSRS Fixed raid herblore You can now create the raid chest with a DWH Reduced damage praying mage while crossing the line The Frozen prison Changed explode damage Doubt from Inadequacy boss Multiple other fixes done to Inadequacy Reduced distance & chance headbutt from dragon Misc content & bug fixes Increased superior rates with each donator rank Bronze donator 2% increased Silver donator 4% increased Gold donator 6% increased Platinum donator 8% increased Diamond donator 10% increased Master donator 12% increased Godlike donator 14% increased Legendary donator 16% increased Milkman 18% increased Richkid 20% increased Attack level and magic level added to toxic staff of the dead (uncharged) Removed defence level & replaced to ranged level Black d'hide(g) Kalphite queen head now drops guaranteed at 256+ kills Added strength level Scythe of Vitur Fixed obtaining a bronze axe at Bryophyta from the object Increased chances obtaining totem & shard drops in Kourend Catacombs Fixed hunter area shortcut at home Fixed Pyramid Plunder achievement Armadyl staff tradeable Desert Treasure quest fix Fixed acquire tome of fire achievement The $25 and $50 scroll now show right name, on mobile too You can now use Dragon Warhammer on the god wars doors We've done multiple edits to Theatre of Blood and we're getting closer and closer to testing phases!
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    **** NOTE: DUE TO ICONS & MOBILE UPDATES YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-INSTALL THE MOBILE APK AND ALSO RUNELITE. RUNELITE CAN BE UPDATED AUTOMATICLY WITH THE LAUNCHER **** MOBILE: https://lunaors.eu/downloads/Luna.apk RUNELITE: https://lunaors.eu/downloads/Luna.jar RUNELITE LAUNCHER: https://lunaors.eu/downloads/Luna_launcher.jar Icons will now appear in chat for donators and support aswell for both mobile AND runelite! Mobile: Added a new background Changed the start up icon You can now press the buttons in the shop (1, 5, 10, 50 and price check) to purchase items. Added vote gambler - Every 12 hours - 1 player entry = 50k Buy vote ticket at vote store Can also be exchanged for vote points Added daily clue skipping depending on your donator rank We are now on Revision 193 Wilderness Slayer Cave Added new sets: Graceful (T3) twisted 20th anniversary Sigmund: Revenant Teleport = 8000 Yew seed = 30k Bandos tassets = 15m Bakery stall now gives more cake Fixed Shayzien armor Fixed NPCs that drops the Shayzien armor they are now attackable Decreased some ore amount in Blast Furnace Antidote++ now sures venom correctly Increased chance for clues while fishing Moved Graceful donor to ::dz2 instead Made donor grace a little bit cheaper Donator graceful now has -3 less weight then normal grace Changed location crystal tree event by Castle Wars Added some items to Trading Post make them untradeable Edits done to Super Antifire Changed home a bit made it a little bit better Journal has an extra tab now for future achievement update Icon fix for quest tab ALOT of custom items now have actual names also on mobile Think about double drops scroll, $10 scroll etc Elvarg now spawns less fire Fixed unmovable tile at home You now cant make a offer on TP with 0 value
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    Blast Furnace A long awaited update, blast furnace is now here! Nightmare HP bug fixed Added melee attack for Nightmare You can now cut Barbarian fish. Prifdinas renamed to Prifddinas Took off Morrigan NPC nerf Added killcount on item drop announcement Added blue dragon scale ground spawns in Taverley blue dragons spot Added damage cap for ruby bolts You now get a message when you get ailed how much you need to mine Changes to hot/cold for Mage Arena 2 making it easier to find the bosses Added teleport to Blast furnace & Nightmare Zone Altar at home! DHCB now has the increased damage against Elvarg and Galvek Reduced some attacks/things for Elvarg making him a little bit easier.
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    Two new skilling events + shops to buy awesome items! These events will appear every few hours (shown in questlog) at different places. (Announcement will tell you where) You can earn different type of currency with both events to use in the event shop at home. These shops will be updated with more items with players suggestions! The events can damage you. Be sure to bring food, if you dodge the attacks you wont lose HP, be careful! With the release of Nightmare I figured it would be a good time to release Sarachnis because he has a pretty good crush weapon to use at Nightmare and other things, and a good loottable in general. Now available in Forthos Dungeon. Teleport added for Forthos Dungeon in the teleport interface. Desert Treasure quest The Archeologist needs help! He needs you to defeat multiple monsters because they are pestering him! Rewards: Holy Wrench 250k GP 15 min XP scroll Ancient staff Full ghost robes Minimum req. to start quest: 60 magic Nurse A nurse that heals you or gets rid of poison/venom etc. Will be used at duel arena, donor zones, funPK andmultiple other spots. Blade of Saeldor Will be released soon! Fixed quickprayer for runelite & mobile Changed savings of donator ranks for support staff being able to have donator rank & staff rank at the same time. Nightmare lag fixes (deletes map after and other small things) Temporary removed spores for phase 3 Nightmare. Nightmare orbs are now tradeable You now need a mirror shield to fight Basilisk knights Dragon spear fixed Wyverns dropped a really weird fire rune, fixed now. Fixed several drops, made alot of items drop noted instead of unnoted instead. Fixed second singing bowl at Prifdinas. Hide hair is fixed for multiple items now DFS special fix, you sometimes get stuck after using it. Weapon poison++ with abby dagger fixed All the teleport tabs now got their correct teleport coords and you can teleport with them now. Removed Revenants cave cannon restriction Position changed Taverley teleport Position changed Mos le harmless teleport Cows will now Moo! Instead of moo. (The ! added) Crystal Halberd PVP fix
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    A angry monkey escaped Ape Atoll and is causing havoc in Karamja. Stop him before its too late! A new boss to defeat to obtain various great items! The boss has alot of different supply items, ranging from herbs to seeds to much more! Also drops the Dark Dye to obtain black graceful And Morrigans! Boss location: The monkey is a very strong boss and is ment to be a "world boss", you will be able to defeat him with multiple players! General tactics: He has a 5 minute respawn timer for now. The monkey is immune for all melee attacks. His weakness is range. The monkey has 4 different type of attacks. Attack 1. The monkey throws a rock at you, this is a range attack and also his main attack. Be sure to pray range. Attack 2. Prepares a spell - as soon as you see purple flying towards you, pray magic. Attack 3. Reanimated monkeys will be summoned by the boss, run from these to avoid splash damage. Attack 4. A huge boulder is thrown by the monkey, dodge this boulder because the boulder will do high amount of damage. Bug fixes & Misc Kree'arra combats now match with OSRS. All custom items have names on runelite only right now (runelite names soon available) Added Baba Yaga shop. Available in the moving house on Lunar Isle. Added cannon restrictions to Zulrah, Jad Inferno + some other misc places Slayer chest & coin box drop should now spawn in correct positions (for bosses like Kraken) Fixed all the weird drop tables for every NPC, removed some of the shit items like "beer" Tradepost fix randomly crashing Serpentine colored helms now have their correct stats. Fixed mythical cape object in Construction not giving back the cape. $500+ Donators now have access to ::deposit (or ::dep, ::depositbox) With a few restricted areas like Wilderness, tournament, duel arena and many considering too OP places. We've done alot of work to upcoming projects. We are currently fixing icons appearing in chat for both mobile & runelite Zalcano is close to completion done alot of work on him. Also done quite some work on GIM. We hope you enjoy the updates!
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    Mage Arena 2 mini-quest We added the official mage arena 2 quest from OSRS! Use the hot/cold item you obtain throughout the quest and look for the minions Around the Wilderness! All the bosses have their original spells from OSRS and you must attack them with magic! Obtain the Imbued god capes through the statues you get the normal capes from after the quest. Updated timers for volcano rocks to hit you so you have time to run away Added more tool leprechaun spawns Roots noting at leprechaun Fixed noting & unnoting on banks Added more items to broadcast Added combining for Brimstone Boots Changed respawn time of Chaos Elemental You will no longer receive x2 fish Added Darklight & rock cake to slayer shop (120 points Darklight, 50 points rock cake) - Increased bot protection on the MEE6 and Dyno Bot to prevent bots joining and immediately being able to DM people and / or type in #General. - New users no longer get Luna Member tag immediately upon joining, forcing them to go through #Rank-Request to ask for a rank. - Very offensive words have been censored by the bot to avoid people spamming it at night when Luna and clutch are not on. -Organization of channels, roles, and permissions within the discord. Big thanks to @Falcon @Clutch for the Discord help
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    Active Volcano A Wilderness Event every 45 minutes you can mine the boulder at the place in the picture below to obtain Blood Money. Be careful for the falling rocks, you can dodge these! Wilderness changes Players In Wilderness in questlog will now show <5 less than 5 and only counts up if there are 5 or more players in Wilderness. Bounty Hunter will now be toggled disabled as standard for everyone, you can enable it to do BH in the questlog You can now combine easy to elite clue scrolls to obtain a master clue. You can now get roots from clearing tree patches. Added max hit dummies undead and normal at home You can now enter Ice Queens dungeon to receive Ice Gloves by killing her. The Ice gloves are added as preparation for the soon to come Blast Furnace. And also handy in other situations ofcourse! You need a Rune Pickaxe to be able to mine the rocks to get to the ladders. The place is filled with ice giants and the Ice Queen does barrage spells as attacks! Replaced Tbow scythe and sangui staff from donator store with new items for now. You can now get roots from clearing tree patches. Zamorak GWD boss correct stats now Removed the option for normal accounts to de-iron when you're not ironman Updated combat moss giants combat Combat dummy doesnt give XP anymore Added stopwatch to runelite (coming soon) Attempt at fix nulled drops Alot of work done on Blast Furnace, Mage Arena 2 and Nightmare (Coming soon)
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    The server has officially launched for about a week now. And so far things has been going great! Lots of bug fixes and fun!
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