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Prifdinas, Slayer chest & coinbox, The Pirate quest, Jad, Bug fixes

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We worked really hard on Prifdinas and almost completed most of the city.
Not everything is done yet, like Zalcano, gauntlet farm patches and some minor things.
But wanted to get this update out for you guys to get a feel how amazing the city is!

Agility course for best Agility XP Ingame right now

Red Chinchompas north of Prifdinas
New slayer cave!
Mahogany trees & teaks & willow & Sawmill close to the trees!
Spinning wheel
Crystal Implings
You have countless shops
All small things fixed
+ Much more I didnt mention!


You can now just press stores at home to open store instead of an annoying dialogue beforehand.
Added slayer skip task pages in slayer shop & donator shop
afbeelding.png.abb39a0ad30c52e0789954ad6ec57e9d.png (Secret Page)
Added Imbue page, imbue your gear! (Berserker ring (i)) for example!
Found in multiple shops including donator, slayer.
afbeelding.png.23d0d9d005b03677a0c3905c191ad0b7.png (Mysterious Page)

Free players start at wave 41 at Fight Caves now & Donors different waves
Coinbox & Slayer Chest added to slayer to make the skill more profitable
Slayer Chest also contains crystal key, half key and some other cool stuff.
Added The Pirate quest
You now get GP and 15 min XP scroll EVERY quest.

Get skull at emblem store guy now, right click "skull"

Added dark dye in store to use on graceful to obtain black graceful.
Re-added Sanguin staff to donator store for a short time


+ Fixed CoX saying TOB completion
+ Fixed Null drop bloodveld
+ Fixed multiple items visually
+ Dorgeshuun Crossbow now obtainable going through normal way in OSRS
+ Fixed bridge leading to mythic guild
+ You can now eat anchovies
+ Updated ::commands with working commands for players/donors

+ Fixed a bug with special attack & magic
+ Added revenant hob goblin
+ Added 15 min XP scroll
+ Temp disabled cooking karambwanji
+Added cannon restriction to myths guild dungeon
Lowered overall damage of Xmas bosses
Safe spot fix for Xmas bosses
Fixed showing xp rate before tutorial
Added multiple commands & more fixes
Scavenger Beast now give guaranteed Mallignum planks
Volcano timer is now 2 hours
You can now get 50k+ Blood Money every event from Volcano and you mine between 400-650 instead.
Changed strange floor shortcut in Taverley dungeon from 80 to 10 agility


More bug fixes ofcourse!
More added to Prifdinas & fixed
New website homepage!




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